Many tourists from all over the world, including Vietnam, are drawn to Japan tourism. This harmonious combination has resulted in breathtakingly beautiful scenes as well as an extremely rich ecosystem that attracts tourists. Furthermore, the people’s creativity, ingenuity, tenacity, and discipline have resulted in one-of-a-kind art and architectural works, as well as a culture that the rest of the world admires. So, why should you visit Japan at least once in your life?


top tourist attractions in Kyoto

Kiyomizu dera

In Japan, there are hundreds of volcanoes with dangerous explosions that are still active. Mount Fuji, a well-known tourist attraction and a symbol of Japanese tourism, is the most well-known. Furthermore, Japanese architecture has been around for over 400 years, bringing many mysterious and ancient places that foreign tourists want to visit, such as Tokyo Japan, Daigoji Temple, Jigokudani Park, and Karachi Garden. … Fuji… Tourists typically visit Japan during the cherry blossom season to enjoy the beautiful flowers; the season attracts a large number of visitors.


When it comes to traditional Japanese dishes, everyone around the world probably thinks of the famous Sushi dish. Sushi in Japan is very different from sushi in other countries.
Japanese cuisine consists primarily of raw, fresh foods; they prefer to use natural ingredients rather than flavor enhancers.


Japan has a fairly simple way of life; they appreciate traditional beauty and natural objects.
The Japanese way of life is neat and tidy, and everything appears to be in order. People in Japan value self-awareness, responsibility, and affection. The Japanese way of life is an example for young people from other countries to emulate. They are progressive and sensitive to global changes, with a strong sense of community, frugality, and hard work.


Because Japan is a densely populated country, parking spaces are scarce. As a result, bicycles have replaced automobiles as the primary mode of transportation. You are free to ride your bike anywhere and park your car outside of commercial centers, train stations, and other locations.


In Japan, this is regarded as one of the “crazy” inventions.
Rooms in Japanese hotels are designed as special accommodations rather than standard rooms. They are built in the shape of capsules, so they do not take up much space. These hotels cater to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, whether they are wealthy or impoverished, or of high or low social standing.