What to eat in Prague? — 9 must eat food in Prague & best places to eat in Prague

There are numerous wonderful street delicacies buried deep in the little nooks and crannies and narrow alleyways of Prague, which are always intriguing things to find. Meat dishes, particularly pig, are highly popular in Prague, and may be found in a variety of savory meals. So, where should you dine in Prague and what should you eat in Prague? Let’s have a look at our recommended best cuisine to eat in Prague and must eat in Prague, which includes traditional food in Prague, must eat food in Prague, must try food in Prague, finest street food in Prague, and best restaurants to eat in Prague. Now, come along with me while I experience and explore.

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Prague traditional food | food must try in prague


Dining in Prague

Must eat food in Prague: Traditional food in prague

Ice Cream

| food must try in prague

We ate ice cream several times in Prague, of various flavors, and the most of it was tasty. Although not as good as Italian gelato, the ice cream in Prague is simple and easy to enjoy. You may easily find an ice cream on the center city’s pedestrian strip or visit some well-known ice cream shops such as Angelato and Crème de la Crème.

Prague fresh ice cream | food must try in prague

Trdelnik Doughnuts (Chimney Cake)

A classic Czech cake called as Trdelnik Doughnut in the region. Trdelnik can be made in a variety of ways, including with chocolate covering, fruit, strawberries, or even ice cream within… The basic type will just contain chimney-shaped cakes composed of flour, sugar, cinnamon, and some nuts. The more varieties you wish to try, the more costly it will be, especially with fresh cream inside.

Traditional cake in Czech | best street food in prague

Trdelnik with fresh ice cream

Prices: Only cake costs 60Kc, add Nutella plus 80Kc, add chocolate is 75Kc, add fresh cream is 80Kc.

Parek v rohlíku

Párek v rohlíku (1)
Párek v rohlíku

The Párek v rohlku sausage sandwich, a basic cuisine consisting of sausage, tomato sauce, and mustard wrapped on crispy hot bread, is arguably the most familiar and easiest to eat. It’s quite fashionable to eat a hot and aromatic sandwich while going along the street. They may be found at Malostranská (near the metro), Andl (in front of Daichman), and Narodni Trida (next to Tesco MY).

| must eat food in prague

Svíčková na smetaně

A classic meal of sirloin steak cooked with vegetables, black pepper, bay leaf, and thyme, spices, and simmered in double cream, served with gravy (meat sauce) and toast.

Then there are Obloené chlebky (Chlebek) (garnished breads), which are offered as side dishes, and several must-try beers including Pivo gold beer and Kofola fizzy drink.

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Beer at Sunset at T Anker Craft Beer

It would be a shame to visit Prague without sampling a few beers at the Riegrovy Sady beer garden. It’s like a cultural hub and beer festival, especially in the summer afternoons, with a wide variety of brews. The local females are all natural and like hot sausage and a variety of other delectable foods.

Czech beer is just as tasty as German beer. When in Prague, don’t forget to taste the X-Beer 33 beer, which is said to be the strongest in the Czech Republic.

Beer, a must-drink in Prague | must eat food in prague


Pivo beer
Pivo beer


Riegrovy Sady beer garden
Riegrovy Sady beer garden | best street food in prague

Food tour

Prague food tour by Taste of Prague
Prague food tour by Taste of Prague | must eat food in prague

These cuisine excursions teach you about local foods while also introducing you to the city’s history. The Prague Culinary Trip, a four-hour food experience that walks through the streets and samples seven different traditional foods in Prague, is a noteworthy tour. The tour costs 75 euros, which includes sampling and eating meals. More information may be found on their website here.

Prague food tour by Taste of Prague

Tip for a budget meal: Restaurants in Prague often have discounted meals during the week from 11AM to 2PM, you can come and ask for more information from them, but note the menu usually Czech, you just speak English they will advise you.

Best places to eat in Prague: Experience some restaurants in Prague

Restaurace u Labuti

| must eat food in prague

On my way down the mountain from Prague Castle, I stopped at this eatery. Labuti is housed inside the grounds of a huge structure. The area is incredibly peaceful, open, and there aren’t many tourists.

We ate simply with some ham and fries (also a must-try dish in Prague) and squid cake served with mashed potatoes, both of which came with sauce. In general, it is simple to prepare and suited for Asians. The cost of this lunch is 465Kc.

| must eat food in prague

Address: Hradčanské nám. 61, 118 00 Praha 1-Hradčany, Czechia
Hours: 11AM–10PM
Phone: +420 220 511 191

Svejk Restaurant

| must try food in prague

This restaurant is smack in the heart of Prague’s most vibrant neighborhood. As a result, the price may be somewhat more than the standard price, and the line may be lengthy. The environment is rather boisterous due to the dining outside, which is busy with visitors going back and forth.

We ordered the typical Czech meal “Peené vepové koleno,” which is a large roast pork knee, often known as a pig knuckle. We didn’t believe it was so huge; it was too much for us, and we couldn’t complete it; there was still a third of it left. Simply chop the meat and dip it in the sauce to make this meal. This dinner with beverages costs 650Kc ($30) for two persons, including VAT.

| must try food in prague


The extremely famous Czech grilled pork leg
The extremely famous Czech grilled pork leg

Address: 28. Října 378/15, 110 00 Můstek, Czechia
Hours: 11AM – 10PM
Phone: +420 776 330 026

Restaurant at Dancing House Hotel

This is the restaurant on the top floor of the well-known Dancing House hotel, where we stayed on our trip to Prague. Actually, I didn’t have any big meals here; instead, I simply tried the breakfast buffet and went to the bar once. It should be noted that the restaurant and bar are different establishments. The bar is on the roof, while the restaurant is on the ground floor.

The restaurant’s design is eye-catching and elegant, echoing the distinctive style of Dancing House. We stayed at the hotel, therefore we received two complimentary drink tickets for the hotel bar in the evening. The city and the lovely Vltava river may be seen from here.

Dancing House | must try food in prague

| best places to eat in prague


| best places to eat in prague

Rooftop bar
The view | best places to eat in prague

Address: 6, Jiráskovo nám. 1981, Nové Město, 120 00 Praha, Czechia
Phone: +420 720 983 172

Restaurant Mustek

| best food to eat in prague

This restaurant is also in the center area and near to the Svejk Restaurant, which I described before. Mustek, on the other hand, is located on a tiny street and has a more intimate ambiance, similar to that of a little basement.

Soup and a huge quantity of fried chicken were ordered, along with additional bread and beer. The familiar taste of fried chicken is quite similar to the taste of fried chicken in Vietnam. Overall, the meal was excellent, and the experience was well worth it.