Travel Hacks: Top 8 Tips for Your Japan Visa Application

Japan visa and the tips on how you can get the best chance for your visa to get approved. Are you ready to begin? Well, my friend – you are in the right place. Let shed some light on the process to enable you to prepare and smash the timeline in advance. Here are 8 tips for your Japna Visa Application.

Guide for multi visit Japna Visa


Now that you know how to apply Japan Visa – this is probably the most important consideration you need to take note of – what are the most useful tips when you apply Japan tourist visa? There’s a ton of advices everywhere online, and I wanted to give you something fruitful as you came to my site. Below are my personal tips to you, so you can also have the great chance to get your visa approved with no sweat!

Tip #1: Plan your travel 1 month before you apply your Japan visa (and yes, I mean from flight dates,  hotels, places you’ll visit, up to the specific tourist spots you’ll see) – it will make your life easier if you plan ahead, nothing beats being a good travel planner.

Tip #2: Make sure to print out the requirements checklist, and cross-check all the documents as you got it. Always submit an authentic and original files, and provide photocopies as required to the embassy when applying your Japan visa.

Tip #3: Before you apply and submit documents – do not ever forget to read all of the details from your application as the Consul from the embassy will definitely ask you about your travel plans to Japan. Few questions they asked me:

  • When are you travelling to Japan?
  • Where are you going in Japan? (Specific cities you’ll visit)
  • What are the tourist spots you’d like to see? – This is really important, you need to know some of the places in your bucket list by heart. If you didn’t create your itinerary, that’s totally fine, but make sure you at least read them and know some facts about them.
  • How many days are you staying?
  • How long will you stay?
  • Where are you staying in Japan?

In all of the questions above – just answer confidently and don’t rattle yourself. They won’t ask you questions that is outside of your Japan travel plans.

Tip #4: Use Pinterest for planning your holiday. There are also some related articles there that you can read for your visa application. I don’t know, but I am just so obsessed with this social media platform – I can share and get all the information about my travels there. You can check almost every idea in the world, seriously!

Tip #5: During your scheduled appointment in the embassy – be 15 minutes early! Always applies to all visa applications. In Japan Embassy when I applied, there’s not much queue, so it took me just 20 minutes in total I think when I submitted my application.

Tip #6: Do not staple any document, sort them out nicely and have a clean and neat envelope. You don’t want your papers untidy and crumpled.

Tip #7: Your Japan Visa Application Form: Do it online and print it directly from the web. Do not leave any fields blank. If it is not applicable, then just put Not Applicable. It is important that you also paste your photo already in the form. Again, do the glue thing, and not staple!

Tip #8: Have enough funds in your bank statement to ensure that you can show you can support yourself when you travel to Japan. It doesn’t really mean you need to have a huge amount of money, but the amount you have there should be enough for your entire trip. There’s no exact amount is required to be honest.

There you have it, I hope you find the above tips useful for your Japan visa application! Let me know if ever you have questions, I will be very happy to help you as much as I can!

Safe travels, loves!