Top 7 Halong Bay activities you must-do

Are you considering a trip to Halong Bay, and if so, do you know what to do to have the best experience possible? Every year, millions of visitors from all over the globe visit Halong Bay, but not everyone understands what to do to get the most out of it. So here are the top seven things you should never miss when visiting “descending dragon bay” — Halong Bay.

1. Kayaking

halong bay kayaking

Skipping such a good chance of exploring Halong Bay by kayak will sure be a huge miss of your travel here. So just simply paddle a kayak moving on the crystal water at your own relaxing pace, float to anywhere you want to see.

Kayak Halong bay, vietnam
Photo: meghandunn

Halong Bay is ideal for this activity due to its thousands of isles and islets, clear blue water, and quiet tides.

National Geographic Adventures named Halong Bay one of the top 25 finest kayaking destinations in the world. Hiring a kayak in Halong Bay is available at numerous stores for approximately 100,000 – 200,000 ($4.5 – $9) per hour, depending on whether you want a one-seater, a two-seater, or a three-seater.

Kayak Halong bay, vietnam
Photo: matadorfelipe

2. Taking an overnight cruise

Ideally, cruises here are mini-hotels with all the amenities you could want: individual rooms, clean and comfortable linen, air conditioning, and separate toilets. Furthermore, this will bring you closer to the lively splendor of Halong Bay’s marine nightlife.

overnight cruise Halong bay, vietnam
Photo: cindar_bong

You may lie in your own room’s bed and gaze out the glass window at the towering sight of mountains and water lighting lights to the bottom. With flocks of fish and jellyfish “flying” out your window, it’s also a fantastic time to study the overwhelming diversity of marine life.

overnight cruise Halong bay, vietnam
Photo: janeatwaiwera

Or you then maybe like to climb up on the decks to watch the sky with thousands of stars above or the sparkling waves moving to the horizon of Halong. And it’ll be great if you do such things with your “honey”, experiencing a time of love: The lovers stood, hand in hand, gazing at the starry sky. How romantic!

Taking a tour on L’Azalée Cruise, you’ll then be offered free kayaking, visiting some old caves, and exploring Sung Sot Grotto (Surprise Grotto).

LAzalee cruise, Halong bay Vietnam
Photo: L’Azalée

3. Getting a bird’s eye view by taking a helicopter tour

If you’ve ever enjoyed the splendor of Halong Bay on cruises, yet your urge to explore isn’t at its peak. You will not be disappointed if you soar above in a helicopter to see the ultimate splendor of Halong as it has been depicted in films and commercials.

seaplane, halong bay, vietnam

Flying over Halong in a helicopter would not only save you time but will also provide you with a bird’s eye perspective of nature’s marvel. It’s almost as if you’ve been teleported! It is possibly the most expensive thing to do in Halong. However, if you are concerned about the expense, it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event.

seaplane, halong bay, vietnam
And it’s when you mostly get to know how breathtakingly spectacular Halong really is. Photo:

In Vietnam, Hai Au Aviation is the only seaplane airline in Halong, providing visitors with breathtaking and top-notch seaplane flights. The helicopter has two seats for the pilots and twelve seats for passengers, as well as large glass windows that allow passengers to see the wonders of nature and capture unbelievably vibrant shots of memorable moments in the charming Halong at altitudes ranging from 150m to 3,000 meters above sea level.

seaplane, halong bay, vietnam
You will feel totally mind-boggling and breathtaking seeing the ultimate beauty this enticing paradise. Photo: haiauaviation

Another special thing to know is that The New York Times once recommended exploring Halong by a seaplane flight as one of the most attractive services in 2015.

4. Climbing up on rugged cliffs

If relaxing activities aren’t your style, or if they’re simply warm-up activities, hiking up on several steep cliffs will satisfy your knees. Halong is popular among visitors who enjoy adventurous activities because to millions of years of limestone production and change, which has resulted in the Bay being studded with magnificent mountains.

climb, halong bay, vietnam
Photo: clousey

There is some bolted route climbing out on some of the islands like Moody’s Beach, Tiger Beach, Saigon Wall, The Face, etc.

climb, halong bay, vietnam
Photo: Boulderoz

5. Exploring incredibly beautiful caves

Be prepared to be delighted by the numerous surprises that await you before beginning your journey to the caverns here.

Many natural caverns have evolved here throughout time, in addition to limestone islands. Nature will look to be extremely wonderful in your imagination at this point.

While Heavenly Residence Grotto (Thien Cung), Surprise Grotto (Sung Sot), and Three Palace Grotto (Tam Cung) are among the most well-known, there are many more with unusual names such as Luon Grotto, Dau Go Grotto, and Hanh Grotto. And there’s more. In Halong, there are several karst formations of all forms and sizes, including ones that resemble a tortoise, a rooster, and a soldier.

caves, halong bay, vietnam
Photo: imole

6. Visiting local floating fishing villages

It is highly suggested that you spend some time seeing the basic life on the sea of certain Halong fishing villages; otherwise, your trip will not be as fulfilling as it might be. Separate from the beautiful lights and frantic pace of congested cities, fisherman here continue to make a living in little antique floating boats as if nothing has changed.

fishing villages, halong bay, vietnam
Photo: 3v3sound

You may visit Vung Vieng village, Cua Van village, Ba Hang village, and many more to learn about their way of life. These floating towns have been comfortable homes to many generations of fisherman all year round, rising and falling with the natural tide.

fishing villages, halong bay, vietnam

Feel free to pay a visit to one of those charming villages, meet playful kids or some locals, chat with them and you can know more things to explore Halong.

7. Traveling on a double-deck cable car

After two years of development, Halong’s cable car system was inaugurated and placed into service on June 25. The system is part of a 6.000 billion dong project that stretches along the coast of Bai Chay and over Ba Deo hill (Hon Gai).

cable car, halong bay, vietnam

The cabin of the cable car will run from the first point in Bai Chay Ward(Halong City), starting at Cua Luc Bay to the hilltop of Ba Deo (Hong Gai Ward).

cable car, halong bay, vietnam
Sitting in the cabin, passengers get a panoramic view of Ha Long City.

The cable vehicle, which debuted this year, has already smashed two records. Its 230-passenger cabins will be the largest on the globe, and its 188.8m tower (on Bai Chay) will be the highest. The Ba Deo hill tower stands 133 meters tall. Inside the cabins, guests will find chairs, grips, and grab bars. The cable stretches 2.2 kilometers over Ha Long Bay, with two roughly 190-meter-tall pylons. Travelers will have 15 minutes to take in the picturesque scenery.

So, on your next trip to Halong, don’t forget to check them out for one of the most amazing travel experiences of your life!