Tay Ninh and unique locations

Ba Den Mountain – Roof of the Southeast

Ba Den Mountain is located in Thanh Tan commune, Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province. With a height of 986m, Ba Den mountain is the highest one in the South and is also an attractive place for “cloud hunting” for the backpacker community.

From a distance, Ba Den mountain sometimes stands out in the blue sky, sometimes hidden under the cloud mixed in the mist. The mountain fascinates tourists, evokes spiritual legends, hides many cultural features of a sunny, windy Tay Ninh land …

Stretching from the foot to the top off the mountain is an architectural complex of electricity, pagodas, temples, towers, bearing the characteristics of Buddhist culture and folk beliefs. In particular, for pilgrims, the destination on Ba Den mountain iss Linh Son Tien Thach Pagoda, where Ba Den is worshiped.

The higher it is in the mountain, the cooler it is. On the top of the mountain, you will see the view of a wild land. There is a flower garden for visitors to take photos.

Ba Den Station – The largest cable car station in the world

Starting the journey to conquer the majestic Ba Den mountain, visitors can visit the Departure Station – by choosing a cable car to the top of Ba Den mountain or admire the spiritual complex of Ba Den pagoda. Ba Den Station is the largest station in Ba Den cable car system with a total area of ​​10,959 m2. On January 18, 2020, Ba Den Station was recognized by the Guinness World Organization as “the largest cable car station in the world”.

Located at an altitude of 42m, Ga Ba Den has a roof design shaped with 3 wave columns. Looking down from above, 3 clusters of roof protrude to represent three mountains: Ba mountain, Phung mountain and Heo mountain. The central hall of the station consists of 5 large, stylized pillars like 5 old trees protected by Mother Mountain, making visitors feel like standing in a large forest.

Buddha Statue Tay Bon Da Son – The tallest bronze Buddha statue in Asia

With a total height of 72m, cast by more than 170 tons of bronze in accordance with European high-pressure mechanical engineering technology, the statue of Buddha Ba Tay Bon Da Son in Tay Ninh has set a record of Asia’s tallest copper and the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam.

The Buddha-sama wears a crown engraved with the image of Amitabha Buddha, honoring the Buddha’s diligent wisdom and compassion for all sentient beings to the world. In the left hand, the statue holding the vase of nectar is sloping down, symbolizing the act of giving blessings and saving people from suffering. The right hand is raised to hold the Karana Mudr Seal of Culture, which means leaving evil karma.

In the early days of the new spring, pilgrimage to admire the majestic but compassionate Buddha statue, walk among the beautiful scenery of the flower streams flowing on top of Ba mountain, enjoy the culinary quintessence at Van Son restaurant at the top Mountain, conquering the roof of the South and praying for a prosperous and happy new year, there is nothing more desirable than that.

Tay Ninh Holy See – The biggest sanctuary of Cao Dai religion

Tay Ninh Church is a religious building of the Cao Dai religion, located in Hoa Thanh district, about 4 km from Tay Ninh city. Cao Dai religion was born at the end of 1926. The sanctuary is more than one square kilometer wide with immense streets connecting the architectures.

The Holy See is considered as the family house – the central level of worship of Cao Dai religion. Construction started in 1933, completed in 1947 but inaugurated in 1955. The Holy See has an area of ​​more than 2,000 m2, featuring two bell floors and a 25-meter-high drum.

In the campus of the Holy See, there are nearly 100 different large and small architectural works, built with bamboo-reinforced concrete. The entrance to the Holy See includes 12 gates, which engraved with the images of the four spirits (dragon, unicorn, and phoenix) and lotus. In which, the main gate is the largest door with a different decoration bearing the image of a bipolar painting.

As the largest holy site of Cao Dai religion, Tay Ninh Holy See attracts millions of visitors and pilgrims every year. In the afternoon, this place becomes a relaxing and strolling spot for local people.

Dau Tieng Lake – the largest artificial lake in Vietnam

This is the largest artificial lake in Vietnam, playing an important role in the water coordination of Saigon River, East and West channels. Dau Tieng Lake was started construction in 1981 and completed in 1985 after more than four years of construction. In addition to providing water for the Saigon River, it waters more than 93,000 hectares of agricultural land in Tay Ninh as well as neighboring provinces such as Long An, Ho Chi Minh City. The lake also provides water for domestic use and industrial production.

Tay Ninh

The lake has a charming landscape and a unique ecosystem. The romantic scenery on both sides of the lake, creating a beautiful scenery. With such a large area, Dau Tieng lake is also known as “Bien Ho” of Tay Ninh.

Tay Ninh

Coming to Dau Tieng Lake, immersing yourself in nature is such a peaceful life. In addition, this is also a “virtual living” place that is “checked in” by young people.