Ba Den Mountain has a cool and pleasant climate all year. With an elevation of approximately 986 meters above sea level, the top of the mountain is frequently covered in white clouds, which is another unique feature that draws tourists to Ba Mountain.

Mùa săn mây trên 'nóc nhà Nam bộ'- Ảnh 2.

Panorama of Ba Den mountain and part of Tay Ninh province seen from above, in the distance is Dau Tieng lake- Source: Thanhnien.vn

Ba Den Mountain, also known as “the roof of Ha Nam of Ha Nam feet,” is approximately 110 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City’s city center, and about 11 km northeast of Tay Ninh, has long been a symbol of Tay Ninh province and a destination not to be missed through Buddhist followers.

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Source: Collected

Tourists used to make pilgrimages to Ba Den Mountain to visit Ba Den Pagoda (or Linh Son Thien Thach Tu), which is located on the mountainside at an elevation of 200m. Originally, this location served as a small temple dedicated to Linh Son Thanh Mau. After 300 years, it has evolved into a spiritual convergence point revered by Buddhists worldwide.

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Tất tần tật thông tin chi tiết về ga cáp treo núi Bà Đen

Trekking Ba Den and Ba Den cable car line – Source: Collected

The modern cable car line and a complex of Buddhist architectural works, most notably the Tay Bo Da Son Buddha statue (the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Southeast Asia), have made this location even more appealing to tourists than ever.

Previously, only those in good health could climb to the top of Ba Den mountain, but thanks to the modern cable car system, children and the elderly can now do so as well. In less than ten minutes, anyone can conquer the “roof of the South” with a beauty that is wild, charming, modern, and sacred.

SỔ TAY du lịch núi Bà Đen Tây Ninh chinh phục “Nóc nhà Nam Bộ”

Khu du lịch Núi Bà Đen - Điểm đến hấp dẫn trên “nóc nhà Nam Bộ”

Check in Ba Den with clouds around you – Source: Collected

Ba Den Mountain, the highest mountain in the South, boasts a charming and majestic natural landscape in addition to its impressive height. From the top of Ba Mountain, we can see a vast plain covering the outskirts of Tay Ninh City, the city illuminated at night, and the vast Dau Tieng Lake… Especially if we are lucky, standing at the top of the mountain allows you to watch the white clouds drift slowly right next to you.

As a result, Ba Den Mountain is a popular cloud hunting destination for tourists and photographers alike. The best time to hunt clouds is from May to January of the following year, in the early morning and evening.

Cloud hunting season on the 'roof of the Southern region' - Photo 4.

Cloud hunting season on the 'roof of the Southern region' - Photo 5.

Moments of sunrise and sunset at the top of Ba Den Mountain – Source: Collected

According to locals’ experience, the likelihood of clouds increases when it rains the night before and the following morning is clear with little wind. Low layers of dew can form easily at this time due to high air humidity and large temperature differences. Looking down from the top, you can see the entire Tay Ninh area covered in a blanket of white clouds, floating like a heavenly scene. On certain days, the entire peak of Ba Den Mountain is covered in white. If you look closely with a drone, you will notice that the Buddha statue of Tay Bo Da Son appears to be riding on magical white clouds, much like in a fairyland

Cloud hunting season on the 'roof of the Southern region' - Photo 10.

View of Ba Den Mountain at night – Source: thanhnien.vn

Tay Bo Da Son’s Buddha statue on top of Ba Den mountain is Southeast Asia’s tallest, standing 72 meters tall and made of 170 tons of red copper. The statue was inspired by numerous “national treasure” statues of Avalokiteshvara Buddha. In the North, there is a compassionate face; his head is covered in a crown engraved with the image of Amitabha Buddha, his right hand holds the Karana Mudr, and his left hand holds a vase of nectar. The presence of the Buddha statue of Tay Bo Da Son in a place where natural energy is in harmony appears to strengthen the belief in the “spiritual mountain,” which is a symbol of wisdom and altruism that encourages Buddhists to live for the greater good.

Cloud hunting season on the 'roof of the Southern region' - Photo 8.

Cloudy season on Ba Den Mountain – Source: Collected

The best time to visit the summit of Ba Mountain is between December and April of the following year. The weather is clear, the air is cool, and everyone can enjoy themselves while taking photos as souvenirs. In addition to the majestically and delicately built religious architectural complex, visitors can enjoy colorful flower parks.

On full moon days or major Buddhist holidays throughout the year, Ba Den will hold a lantern offering ceremony on top of the mountain and release flower lanterns with Buddhists from all over to pray for peace and luck.