Nha Trang beach — Top 12 best islands & best beaches in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is not only the city of the Vietnam Garment, which has the coast in the center of the city with a magnificent natural landscape, but it is also one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world. It also has several bays and gorgeous and well-known islands. Now, let’s explore Nha Trang beach — the top 12 finest islands and beaches in Nha Trang with Focus Asia Travel.

The beautiful city – Nha Trang with the beach stretching system, behind ci the city center

It can be said that this bay and island did not know the time to born, only know over the years. Despite with the many changes but the bays, islands are kept intact its inherent beauty.

tourists on nha trang beach
Crowed tourists on Nha Trang beach


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Skylight view of Nha Beach


Nha Trang Bay

nha-trang coast

1. Van Phong Bay


It is considered as the princess is sleeping on the high seas, the lovely Van Phong Bay attracts the traveler to visit the unspoiled beauty, idyllic and so difficult to describe.


van phong bay nha trang

van phong bay nha trang

van phong bay nha trang

van phong bay nha trang

Van Phong Bay is also known as the most beautiful bays in the world while owning a mild climate, beautiful beaches, white sand and surrounded by majestic mountains.

2. Ninh Van Bay


Ninh Van is a town in Khanh Hoa province that was once known as island town due to its proximity to the island. You must travel by boat, however you may subsequently transfer to Ninh Van through another route, facilitating tourist and mining operations.


The natural color of Ninh Van Bay change continuously, from quiet space to fresh air, bringing a beautiful for Ninh Van which can’t have in another place


Despite the fact that it has been developed for tourists, Ninh Van Bay retains its natural charm. You may leave all of your worries and anxieties behind when you visit Ninh Van Bay. You may participate in sports such as snorkeling or go surfing on the waves to fully appreciate the splendor of this beautiful island.

3. Hon Tre Island

Hon tre-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang1

Hon Tre is located approximately 5 kilometers from downtown Nha Trang, far enough away from the beach that Nha Trang Bay becomes airtight and mild waves. Hon Tre is recognized as one of Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches due to its remote position. Furthermore, the vegetation in the region is generally pure, with a moderate temperature that is conducive to the growth of ecotourism and marine travel.

Hon tre-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang

Ecotourism Zone – Hon Tre is quickly attracted many tourists by the side of the resorts area, coming to Hon Tre, you can also join many tourist activities, entertainment on the island, that’s is exciting

Hon tre-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang2

4. Hon Mieu Island

Hon mieu-island-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang1

Hon Mieu, also known as the Bong Lai island, is one of the closest islands of Nha Trang bay, so that Hon Mieu also have lot of population

Hon mieu-island-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang2

Hon Mieu is not only famous for the pristine beauty when coming here, but tourists can unleash immersed in the sea also, visit two famous tourist attractions are the Tri Nguyen Aquarium and Gravel Beach.

5. Hon Tam Island

Hon Tam-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang1

Hon Tam, the biggest island in Nha Trang, is 110 hectares in size and is home to one of the world’s 29 most beautiful bays. Getting to Hon Tam takes only 10 minutes by canoe, and the first impression of guests is a beautiful green tropical forest, soft beaches, and hotel systems concealed in the subtle blue.

Hon Tam-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang2

6. Hon Mot Island

Hon mot-island-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang

Located to the southeast, around 9km from the coast, with about 200 households living, Mot island people live mainly base on fishing and aquaculture.

Hon mot-island-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang1

Mot Island is not only famed for its beaches in emerald green water, but it is also a favorite for its richness, with numerous types of coral and unique marine foods. Tourists come here to partake in beach snorkeling activities, which is one of the most popular tourist activities on this lovely island.

Hon mot-island-snorkeling-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang1

7. Mun Island

Hon Mun-island-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang1

Approximately 12km from the coast, it takes 50km traveling by ship with an area of approximately 1.2km2. Mun island is considered the first protected area of Vietnam, and it concentrates a variety of corals, marine, and species of fishes.

Hon Mun-island-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang

8. Bai Duong Beach

Bai duong-beach-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang

Bai Duong is located in the scenic Hon Chong, Nha Trang is a seductive and beautiful beach which attracts tourists comes to swim, relax.

Bai duong-beach-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang1

With a coastal length of approximately 2 kilometers, half of Bai Duong has swirling greens and the other half is an ancient oil tree, which draws people to call it Bai Duong or Bai Dau. Visitors can explore the beach from Bai Duong and appreciate the lyrical beauty of this beach.

9. Dai Lanh Beach

dai lanh-beach-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang

It is located in Dai Lanh commune, Khanh Hoa province, Nha Trang city about 80km north. Dai Lanh Beach is intact pristine beauty, its lovely. Therefore, this beach is also one of the most popular beaches in Nha Trang.

dai lanh-beach-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang1

We may say that Dai Lanh, like a fairy, is still sunk in deep sleep. The beauty and serenity of Dai Lanh definition allows the tourist to forget their weariness and enjoy the vast expanse and magnificent majesty of this beach.

10. Doc Let Beach

Doc let-beach-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang13

Doc Let’s look at a popular tourism spot for visitors to Nha Trang. Doc is located in Ninh Hoa commune, Khanh Hoa province. It will remind you of the tough routes and the need to pass through high sand dunes. Every time you pass, it is a difficult moment, exhausting yet inspiring.

Doc let-beach-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang

If you can get beyond the towering sand dunes of Doc Let, the romantic charm of this beach will make you much more appealing. When you visit this gorgeous beach, the white sand extends smooth and the curving coconut lines offer you an infinite sense.

11. Hon Chong Promontory

 Chong Promontory-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang1

Hon Chong Promontory’s population, which includes huge rocks, has been heaped for ages. If you arrive to Nha Trang, you will easily discover a method to travel to Hon Chong Promontory because it is extensively transmitted.

 Chong Promontory-Nha-Trang-Beach-beautiful-beaches-and-island-nha-trang12

A favorable position is rivers surrounding which make inanimate rocks into soulful. This unique beauty creates for Hon Chong Promontory quickly become the favorite place for many frequent travelers.

12. Nha Trang Beach


We can claim that, of all the bays in Vietnam, Nha Trang Beach is the only one located in the city center. With a length of around 7 kilometers, Nha Trang beach is believed to resemble a crescent moon, mixed with the blue sea of the picturesque Nha Trang bay.

Hidden in its romantic splendor, blue poplars and smooth stretches of white beach would give you enjoy perfect beauty that nature favors, a gift of Nha Trang city.


tourists on nha trang beach
Crowed tourists on Nha Trang beach

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