Na Hang ecological lake, located in Tuyen Quang province’s Lam Binh and Na Hang districts, is well-known for its beautiful natural landscapes, scenic relics, traditional culture, and ethnic festivals that have been preserved.

The mysterious beauty of Na Hang ecological lake

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Na Hang is located more than 100 km from the center of Tuyen Quang city, known as “the green pearl in the Tuyen Quang sky” and “Ha Long Bay in the mountains”, this place possesses beautiful natural landscapes, with The area is up to more than 15,000 hectares. Na Hang has enough mountains, forests, lakes, islands… including more than 8,000 hectares covered by water. Na Hang ecological lake connects waterways from Na Hang town with 8 communes of Na Hang district and communes of Lam Binh district, connecting to Ba Be National Scenic Area of ​​Bac Kan province. Na Hang is famous for its rich natural scenery with many majestic and magical landscapes. Na Hang is rich with a unique culture of 12 resident ethnic groups, each with its own culture creating a vivid cultural picture.

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Na Hang in the Tay ethnic language means “last field” where there are green rice fields interspersed with limestone mountains. Primeval forests, especially mountain lakes, create charming scenery. Na Hang has all the elements that make up a national-class eco-tourism complex and can develop various types of folk culture tourism, eco-tourism, adventure tourism, and Tuyen hydroelectric lake tourism. Quang.

Chiêm ngưỡng vẻ đẹp trên hồ thủy điện Tuyên Quang

Tuyen Quang hydroelectric lake – Source: Collected

Visitors to Na Hang can explore the Tuyen Quang hydroelectric lake, which was previously known as the Na Hang hydroelectric lake. Located on the Gam River, in Na Hang town, the hydroelectric lake is as beautiful as a watercolor painting that nature has bestowed amidst vast mountains. Visitors can admire a diverse ecosystem with many rare flora and fauna (over 40 mammal species, 70 bird species, numerous reptile species, and rare plants). Visitors should especially take a cruise on the vast Na Hang lake to immerse themselves in the vast nature of rivers and waters surrounded by endless mountains and forests. Standing on the side of the boat, looking out into the distance, each visitor feels small in comparison to Na Hang’s natural mountains and forests.

Cẩm nang chi tiết kinh nghiệm du lịch Na Hang, Tuyên Quang Điểm qua 5 địa điểm du lịch Na Hang (Tuyên Quang) độc đáo

A cruise on the vast Na Hang lake and Waterfall – Source: Collected

During the journey along the river, visitors can hear about the legends associated with each place, visit Coc Vai Pha, which stands out among the blue water, visit Pac Ban waterfall (Thac Mo), which has poetic beauty, It has been designated as a national landscape due to its magical nature and association with the lake’s legend. During the cruise, visitors will admire the Tat Ke – Ban Bung Nature Reserve and its extremely rich ecosystem, as well as visit majestic waterfalls such as Khuy Gun, Khuy Nhi, and Khuy waterfalls, then come to Phia Vai (Phia Vài) Cave. Some places still have traces of ancient Vietnamese people…, and you can visit primeval forests with thousand-year-old trees and snub-nosed monkeys listed in the world’s Red Book.

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Pac Ta mountain – Source: Collected

In particular, on the boat, looking far into the distance, visitors can also admire the majesty of Pac Ta mountain with the image of an elephant standing next to a wine bottle, and admire Xa Ta mountain (also known as Con Lon mountain). Visitors can visit and burn incense at the sacred Pac Ta temple. Tourists can not only learn about the painful legend, but also offer incense to worship the wife of General Tran Nhat Duat. Coming here, visitors can admire the entire lake landscape along with the simple, rustic lifestyle of the people here.

Extreme cooling was at Khuoi Nhi Tuyen Quang waterfall - Vietnam Tourism
Khuoi Nhi waterfall: A natural fish massage spa

During the journey to explore Na Hang ecological lake, visitors cannot miss Khuoi Nhi waterfall in Thuong Lam commune, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang. Visitors immerse themselves in the Khuoi Nhi waterfall flowing in the middle of the cool ocean, sit and relax their feet in the clear water, and have their feet massaged for free by schools of extremely unique stream fish.

From the yacht, visitors climb a few hundred steps up the mountain slope, following a small path surrounded by many shady trees, until they are immersed in the waterfall space. Khuoi Nhi Waterfall is approximately 3 kilometers long and 3 floors high. White water cascades from the mountain, visible from a distance. Along the path to the waterfall, butterflies fly in flocks, creating a very poetic scene. The path to the waterfall is not a road at all; there are no long roads or steps, just indentations carved into the rocks and soil along the way up to accommodate the feet of other pedestrians. The road up has many steep sections, rocks with water flowing through them, many small water streams, and puddles of water stagnating in the rock crevices; visitors only need to stop to rest, sit by the puddle, or sit at the foot of the waterfall, and drop their feet down. After about a minute, the fish returned, competing to nibble each other. The fish here are quite bold; with a simple wave of their feet, they scatter, but in less than a minute, the entire group returns, chirping and rushing at the feet of tourists.

The fish here live completely naturally; they are not raised, cared for, or released, and they do not go anywhere; they simply hang out near the waterfall. Many tourists were astounded and excited because, in other places that offer fish massage services, the fish are typically placed in the tank while the customer sits on a chair and places their feet in the tank. Here, in the space of pristine nature, flocks of natural fish sit on large, smooth rocks under the canopy of ancient forest trees, giving visitors a refreshing and impressive feeling.

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In addition to exploring “Ha Long Bay in the Mountains,” visitors to Na Hang can enjoy a foot massage with stream fish. Another interesting thing is that on the journey to visit Na Hang ecological lake, visitors can also learn about a cultural region with 12 ethnic groups living together, creating a cultural treasure rich in identity, People’s hearts are captivated by the region’s rich and unique folk music, including sli and luon singing, as well as the sounds of the guitar and flute. During the discovery journey, visitors can sample Tuyen Quang’s unique and well-known cuisine, which includes sticky rice cake filled with ant eggs, black pork, Soi Lam sticky corn, goby salad, fish sauce, and more.