Lee ‘Hilside picnic – “Little desert” attracts young people

Located at 55 Street 3, Village 8, Cu Chi Commune and about 7km from Buon Ma Thuot city center, Dak Lak province, Lee’s House homestay is an ideal destination for travelers who want to escape from the the hustle and bustle in life.

What’s so special about Lee’s Hillside?

Traveling to Buon Me Thuot, we have the opportunity to explore famous tourist destinations with the special beauty such as Mother Elephant Mountain, Gia Long Waterfall, Dray Nur, Dray Sap, etc. All these places bring a wild and majestic beauty of nature. So when Lee’s Hillside appeared, this place quickly created an attraction because of its very different space.

What Lee’s Hillside brings to visitors is the white sand hill, a camel that is truly different from the inherent space of the Central Highlands. Just standing here, you will be lost in a miniature desert – something is really different and has never appeared in Buon Me Thuot before.

In addition to the camel’s appearance, you can rent colorful outfits to check-in at the various spaces of this venue. Small tents built on sand or colorful rocks at Lee’s Hillside will be factors that make your photos much more vibrant.

The rooms are designed impressively

Built in the form of a homestay, it would be a mistake if you miss out the rooms designed in a unique style with natural materials such as wood, rattan … in Lee’s House resort .

Specially, there are 5 small houses spread evenly on a green hillside, with the design combined from the typical rustic wooden house style of the Central Highlands and modern bungalow architecture, looking small and very eye-catching. Meanwhile, the path up to the rooms is made of wood, the two sides are two rows of green trees, making everyone fall in love.

Moreover, by designing the glass door spreading on one side and looking towards the valley, the rooms are always dyed gold in the bright sunshine of the mountains and hills.

In particular, the space inside is not inferior. Despite being small, the interior is extremely comfortable, with lovely rattan drinking tables, chairs and a unique brocade bed. There is even a room with a wooden bathtub and a view of the pool where visitors can chill and relax.

The secret to beautiful virtual life at Lee’s Hillside

As a tourist destination designed in the common style of Middle Eastern countries, the choice of costumes to “match” with the space here is extremely important. When you come here, you should rent Bohemian outfits to best match the space here. Looking at the photo you took in Lee’s Hillside, no one would think it was taken in a familiar place like Buon Me Thuot!

Lee’s Hillside has just been opened to become an entertainment and photography destination, so there is no place to rest for long-distance travelers. So please prepare all the necessary items when you come here to be able to comfortably check-in without worrying about other issues!

The resort is open from 8am to 5pm every day. However, to get the most sparkling photos as well as to prevent your body from being affected much by the hot sun, you should come here before 10am or after 2pm.

Bringing extreme chill moments

It is located deep in small trails, completely separate from the bustling  town outside. There will be no phone ringing, alarm or dealine, but the chirping birds singing in the rustling sound of leaves in the wind … peaceful and poetic like a dream.

Going to Lee’s House will be a pity if you don’t sit on the balconies and sip a cup of scented hot tea while ponder a good book and take a deep breath of the fresh, pure air in the highlands early in the morning.

And when night falls, sitting under the grass and hear the hum of insects, watching the starry sky shimmering like a galaxy and chat with friends, or having a BBQ party by the pool under the blazing lights, singing and dancing together in vibrant music will definitely make your travel unforgettable.

You can bring your own food and drink or pre- book the homestay. Furthermore, this place has a team of professional chefs who serve dishes from Asia to Europe, so it is very popular with visitors.


Some information about Lee’s House resort

Opening hours: 7:00 to 23:59. However, the check-in time is usually around 14 hours and check out is 12 hours.

Room price: Double view pool room is priced at 800.000 VND / night / 2 – 3 people (suitable for couples or small families). Bunk bed room is 1.200.000 VND / night / 6 people (suitable for large groups of friends and large families).

How to get: from the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, you move to Pham Ngu Lao Street, just go straight through the intersection with the ring road 10/3, turn to the left side of the first 3-way intersection to village 8 of Cu Ebur commune. Here, you can find an intersection where there is a market and Co Huong grocery store, then go into the concrete street opposite the shop to Lee’s House  .

or you can use google maps to see the road but it is best to ask the local people to go quickly because village roads are difficult to find and easily get lost.

So now, why don’t you give Lee’s House resort in Dak Lak a date and enjoy the moments in there.