Langkawi itinerary 3 days — What to do in Langkawi for 3 days & How to spend 3 days 2 nights in Langkawi?

Despite the fact that it has been a long time, my impressions of Langkawi remain indelible. I recall once riding a motorcycle to get away from the rain, then remembering the regulations of driving on the left side of the road here, which I still haven’t gotten used to after spending several days riding. This island is well worth a visit, not only for couples looking for a change of scenery or honeymooners but also for explorers. So, what to do in Langkawi for three days and how to spend three days and two nights in Langkawi – Malaysia’s emerald island? To find out the solution, visit our Langkawi 3 days 2 nights blog, which has a detailed suggested Langkawi vacation itinerary for 3 days (Langkawi itinerary 3d2n, Langkawi 3 days 2 nights itinerary) on how to spend 3 days in Langkawi correctly!

Beautiful white sand beach and clear blue water, Langkawi is a truly paradise of sea and island of Malaysia | langkawi itinerary 3 days


Aerial view of Kuah Town


Street food
Swimming with the small fishes here is also very great

Langkawi is situated in the northern Malacca Strait, close to the Malaysian and Thai borders (bordering with Phuket Island). Kuah, the archipelago’s capital, is home to the massive Eagle statue, main streets, hotels, and retail complexes. The terrain of the main island is primarily undulating grasslands. The major island in the archipelago has a surface area of 320km2, which is far greater than Ly Son or Co To Island in Vietnam (approximately 10km2), so you may ride all day and yet not explore the entire island!

The Eagle statue, the symbol of Langkawi


Pantai Cenang Beach


Kuah town

What to do in Langkawi for 3 days? Suggested Langkawi 3 days 2 nights itinerary (Langkawi itinerary 3 days) and traveling cost

The trip itinerary to visit Langkawi for 3 days 2 nights (Langkawi itinerary 3d2n) includes:

  • Day 1: Hanoi – Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi: Exploring the area around the hotel, nearby beaches.
  • Day 2: Visit Telaga Harbour Park, visit Indochina village, cable car and waterfall area, visit the zoo in it.
  • Day 3: Take a tour to watching dawn, neighboring islands. Then go back to the Eagle square, wandering around the central area. In the afternoon, take a taxi to the airport to return to Hanoi.

Traveling cost for 3 days 2 nights in Langkawi (3 days in Langkawi): Air tickets: $211.56/person; 2-night in hotel: $38.86 (2 people); Eating and shopping: $64.76/2 people.

Total cost: $259.03/person.

A street in Pantai Cenang
Wildlife in Langkawi.

Map of Langkawi Island:

Langkawi 3 days 2 nights itinerary: How to get to Langkawi?

There are two ways to get to Langkawi.

Option 1: One option is to travel with AirAsia from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur, then stay in the Malaysian capital for 1-2 days before taking a bus to Kuala Perlis or Kuala Kedah in Penang and then a motorboat to the island. You may get information on high-speed boats to Langkawi here.

You can travel to Langkawi by taking the flight of cheap airlines like Air Asia

Option 2: Second, you take a direct flight from Hanoi to Langkawi for very low costs, with a stopover in Kuala Lumpur. Typically, airfares for the Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi route (domestic flights) are quite low; when I did my trip, AirAsia’s pricing was 144 Ringgit/round trip, which was less than $45.

Langkawi International Airport

Private Luxury Langkawi International Airport Transfers (LGK) for Langkawi

The climate here is quite similar to the southern region of Vietnam, you should come here from March to June, from the end of June onwards, it’s very often raining so it hinders your journey quite a lot.

Skywalk Langkawi. The place has a number of trees and fresh air. Surely, you will enjoy your vacation at Langkawi, Malaysia.


Langkawi night-market | langkawi 3 days 2 nights itinerary

Langkawi 3 days 2 nights blog: Where to stay in Langkawi?

Berjaya Langkawi Resort

The Malaysian government has actively invested in tourism on Langkawi, thus there are several hotels, resorts, and guesthouses, as well as homestays. There are 5-star resorts of recognized hotel brands such as Sheraton and InterContinental, as well as modest, inexpensive hostels. For those with a lot of money, you should stay at a huge resort since they have contracted all the lovely beaches, with villas going down to the beach and romantic meals just over the sea for newlyweds. However, there are still public beaches with long sandy beaches for locals and tourists to bathe on in other regions.

My hotel room in Langkawi. | langkawi 3 days 2 nights itinerary

The top and premium resorts extend much of the western shore, near to Langkawi airport and the Eastern Village to the northwestern, where the Skybridge cable car is located. Room costs for one night here range between $150 and $200 per day.

Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort

langkawi beach resort

Furthermore, you may pick more cheap choices than the hotel where I stayed, such as smaller but fully equipped and pleasant hotels built in the form of a two-story wooden house and located near the beach, such as in the Pantai, Tengah, and Pantai Cenang areas. The double rooms here are reasonably priced, ranging from $20 to $30 per day. The island’s residents and trading regions are typically located in the center and eastern parts of the island. Some opulent resorts include:

The Datai Langkawi: Located in the Northwest of Langkawi, an exceptional resort with a top-down view isolated from other areas, surrounded by primary forest ensures very fresh air. Price range 3.000-12.000MYR/night.

The Datai Langkawi

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi: Also located in a secluded northeastern part of the island, with private beach and mountaineering tours for anyone who likes this sport. Price range 2.500-7.000MYR/room/night.

Four Seasons

The Andaman: Exceptional resort overlooking the sea, very beautiful.

The best way is that you should book in advance to choose the best price. You also can cancel the room before departing. You can refer to our room for 2 people at T Star Cottage Langkawiocated right at Pantai Tengah beach. The rooms here are arranged like rooms in a resort. The rooms are entirely made of wood, divided into 2 rows in the middle with a path with green trees and artificial streams, making the atmosphere extremely airy and cool. The furniture in the room I think is extremely good compared to the price of $38.86/2 nights, nice layout, wonderful bathroom.

| 3 days 2 nights in langkawi

Langkawi 3 days 2 nights itinerary: Getting around Langkawi


From the minute you arrive into the airport’s arrival hall, you will see a plethora of information desks and tourism posters in Langkawi. Step outside and you’ll find a parking area full of automobiles and motorcycles for hire in a variety of styles and rates. We took a cab to the hotel because the taxi charge here is fairly low, costing roughly 20-25RM for a distance of around 15km, but when I returned to the airport from my hotel, I requested the hotel owner to assist me hire a motorbike for 10RM/person.

You can rent a bike with an affordable price

A vehicle usually costs RM100-200/day to hire here for a day, whereas a motorcycle costs RM15-30/day. The rental condition is that you have an international driver’s license, but the owner of the rental shop still accepts Vietnamese driver’s licenses, and they are also very smart, as they will flip behind your license and look at the numbers to see if your license is for a car or a motorcycle, and for which vehicles. For renting a car or motorbike, you can rent it right at the hotel that I stayed, there is also a full range of vehicles for you to choose. If you meet a shop is too strict about the driver’s license, you can walk out and catch many people renting on simpler terms.

Taxi in Langkawi


Driving around Langkawi by car

A motorcycle is a comfortable and easy-to-use vehicle that allows you to fully experience the sea air in Langkawi. However, you will need to familiarize yourself with the traffic laws when riding on the left side of the road here; it took me a day to get used to this regulation, and it is still occasionally misinterpreted on the right, as it is in Vietnam. Furthermore, while refueling, you will have to walk to the counter to pay for gasoline and then take the faucet yourself to refuel, which is quite polite. It’s also worth noting that fuel in Malaysia is extensively subsidized by the government, with the average price being less than half that of gasoline in Vietnam.

| langkawi itinerary 3 days

Furthermore, you may pick a cab as a mode of transportation on the island, which is not only safer if you are not used to driving on the left side of the road, but also more pleasant because the weather in Langkawi is fairly variable, sunny but rain can fall unexpectedly. Taking a cab also makes us feel more comfortable when we go over the twisting passes, which have only primeval forests on both sides and are especially dangerous at night.

Men on scooters in Langkawi, Malaysia
Men on scooters in Langkawi, Malaysia

What to do in langkawi for 3 days: What to do and where to go for 3 days in Langkawi?

Tourist places, as well as hotels, are concentrated in the west of the island, so it’s also convenient for traveling and playing here.

Oriental Village and Skybrigde bridge

Oriental Village | langkawi itinerary 3 days

This settlement is located in the northwest corner of the island, and getting there requires a lengthy twisting hill route. The hamlet is created in the style of a carnival, with several stalls offering souvenirs, brocade, and even branded items. The booths have a fairly distinctive construction, resembling a genuinely serene countryside. Here are some fantastic services, such as horseback riding and crocodile displays.


The Skycable cable car area is located farther into the hamlet and costs RM30 per person to enter. The cable car has two stops, and from the top, you can overlook the entire Langkawi Island and its neighboring islands, as well as the entire shoreline. You may stroll on the Skybrigde suspension bridge, a small bridge that connects two mountain peaks with beautiful design. This bridge has been considered one of the most distinctive in the world.

Sky Cable car | langkawi itinerary 3 days

Impressive architecture of Langkawi Sky Bridge | langkawi 3 days 2 nights blog
Seeing Langkawi from Skycable | langkawi itinerary 3 days

Pantai Cenang beach and Telaga Harbour Park

Langkawi is also known for its lengthy, white sand beaches. Cenang is a beach that reaches all the way to the west, with some free beaches for locals and visitors alike. These beaches are frequently neglected and untidy. Walking down the beach, you may explore the private beaches of other resorts; however, there are some resorts that lock their beaches to prevent others from visiting.

Cenang Beach | langkawi itinerary 3 days


Pantai Cenang Beach


Telaga Harbour Park may be found driving from the south to the north along the west side of the island, past the airport area. With hundreds of boats, large and small, parked here, the view is as lovely as the high-end harbours of Europe. These yachts are frequently privately owned and hired to visitors who wish to see the islets surrounding Langkawi. In addition, trips such as dawn tours and tours to adjacent islands to watch eagles may be purchased here. I believe that travelling to Langkawi on these excursions is worthwhile, although the beach is not as gorgeous as envisioned.

Eagle Square

Eagle Square is Langkawi’s icon, with the eagle monument facing the sunrise. If you travel by speedboat to Langkawi (public ferry), you will notice this eagle statue in the distance. This is the eastern half of the island; if you stay here, you will have the opportunity to see gorgeous dawn as well as live in a more lively location because this is the island’s population concentration center.

It will be a big mistake if you come to Langkawi but forget to take a photo with the Eagle statue


The Eagle statue, the symbol of Langkawi | langkawi 3 days 2 nights blog


Langkawi itinerary 3 days — What to do in langkawi for 3 days? What to eat and shopping Langkawi

Dining in Langkawi is also highly diversified, with Muslim specialties and fast food establishments aplenty, as this is a tourism-oriented island with a duty-free zone. When Vietnamese people come here, they are usually unfamiliar with Muslim foods since they eat with their hands and without silverware, and the dishes are frequently spicy and hot. But, hey, KFC and McDonald’s are frequently present. During my trip, I frequently ate at KFC.

langkawi street food
Langkawi street food | langkawi 3 days 2 nights blog


Furthermore, the seafood here is really tasty and reasonably priced, not much more costly than in Vietnam even if you go to places that appear courteous and sophisticated. Walking along the beaches in the evening will bring you to several close-by eateries selling seafood. The servers here are eager and attentive, speaking three languages: English, Malay, and Chinese. On our last night here, we went to a restaurant and ate seafood, roasted crabs with tamarind and grilled shrimp; the dinner cost only around $15 for the two of us, and we were pretty filled.

A street food stalls in Langkawi | langkawi 3 days 2 nights blog


Watching the sellers making their foods is like a show | 3 days in langkawi


Nasi Kandar | 3 days in langkawi
The street food stalls in Langkawi with a great diversity
Pia's the Padi langkawi (1)
Rendang at Pia’s the Padi | 3 days in langkawi

In addition to purchasing souvenirs in Oriental Village, you may visit the Pantai Cenang center store to purchase Langkawi delicacies. Chocolate is a popular Langkawi delicacy among both local and international visitors, and the price is acceptable for purchasing as a gift. Furthermore, you can easily purchase island trips at this grocery.

A street in Kuah town | what to do in langkawi for 3 days


Coming to Langkawi night market a bit early can help you avoid hustling in the crowd


chocolate in langkawi
Langkawi chocolate | what to do in langkawi for 3 days
Cigars Langkawi
Cigars Langkawi


langkawi wine
Langkawi wine | what to do in langkawi for 3 days


night market langkawi