Hunting clouds at the top of Lao Tham

In recent years, there are more and more riders and young people traveling to Y Ty to be able to explore the high peaks like Lao Tham peak. What is special about cloud hunting on the top of Lao Tham? Let’s explore right away!

Geographical location

Lao Tham Peak is known as “the roof of Y Ty”, located at an altitude of 2860 meters above sea level. This mountain peak is about 360km from Hanoi, in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. After Sapa, this place has become a new conquest of young people who love trekking and moving.

A place for those who love to conquer and explore

Time to hunt for clouds in Lao Tham

Lao Cai is the most beautiful cloud- hunting paradise. But the best time for you to climb the mountain and enjoy the scenery is from September to November every year. The weather is cool now, neither too hot nor too cold. In particular, you also have the opportunity to watch the golden season of the ripe rice during your journey back to Lao Cai.

Cloudy paradise for passionate feet

If you want to hunt clouds on the top of Lao Tham, you can go climbing in the afternoon and stay overnight on the mountain. The next morning, get up early to see the dawn and watch the white clouds. Because the mountain is high so a day trip to Lao Tham is quite difficult, especially for those who do not have much experience in jungle trekking.

To start your climbing journey, you go from the center of Bat Xat district to Phin Ho village at the foot of Lao Tham mountain. Here, you can contact the guides of the local residents who have had experience going up and down the mountain to guide the way. You should not go alone to avoid going astray.

Journey to conquer the top of Lao Tham

The trekking to the top of Cao Tham is considered a challenge for young people. As you slowly step up upside down the mountain, following the guide, you will gradually get lost in the dark forests, no longer see the rice fields or the villages of the local people.

The cliff on the top of Lao Tham

Virtual living rock on the top of Lao Tham

Means of transportation

From Hanoi, you can go to Lao Cai by bus or train. After that, continue to rent a motorbike and move about 70km to Y Ty. Renting a motorbike helps you to easily move in hilly terrain, as well as more convenient in conquering and exploring beautiful destinations of Lao Cai.

Check-in at the top of Lao Tham definitely does not disappoint

Just once coming here, you will feel the magnificent beauty that the nature has bestowed on the Northwestern highlands, to love more the homeland and the country.

What are you waiting for without carrying your backpack and going Lao Tham right away!