How to get around Singapore — 6 means of transportation in Singapore for tourists

With a wide network of stations located across the city, MRT seems to be an absolutely perfect solution for traveling in Singapore. However, there are still other vehicles in the city that you can use in other cases such as taxis, buses, or rental cars, motorcycles, or even walk. With the range of only 50 cents to less than 10 SGD, you can easily travel around the city. How to get around Singapore? Let’s explore 6 means of transportation in Singapore for tourists when you traveling in this beautiful and bustling nation. Transport guide in Singapore city on Focus Asia Travel will help you find the most convenient solution.

Marina Bay Area Singapore from above.


how to get around Singapore
Singapore bus is the most convenient and cheapest vehicle. Credit: cheapest transport in Singapore blog.

The bus will be the first mode of transportation in Singapore city since it is inexpensive and easy to obtain a seat on the bus from any street corner in the city. A bus ride costs between 60 cents to 1,2 SGD, depending on the distance traveled. If you’re planning a bus trip in Singapore, you can pick up a copy of the TransitLink Guide (roughly SGD 1.5 per copy) at most bookstores. Similarly to the MRT, you may purchase tickets at the time of departure or use the EZ-link card and recharge it to use gradually. You may take the bus or stroll to local attractions.

How to get around Singapore
EZ-link card

Another option is to use the hop-on-hop-off bus service. If you want to take a stroll around the city, this is the ideal alternative. This service allows guests to “jump” down at any of their favorite locations, enjoy the magnificence of the views at their leisure (no time restriction), and then take another Hop-on-hop-off bus to continue their journey.

How to get around Singapore
Hop-on-hop-off tour around Singapore


how to get around singapore
Air-conditioned taxis present all corners of Singapore streets. Credit: cheapest transport in Singapore blog.

Singapore boasts approximately 15,000 air-conditioned taxis that may be found on the city’s streets at all hours of the day and night. The majority of cabs feature a meter. The first 1.5 kilometers cost 2.4 SGD, with an additional 10 cents each 240 meters. However, you will be charged an extra cost during peak hours (07:30 – 09:30 and 17:30 – 19:00) in the downtown area or straight from the airport to the hotel (normally about SGD 2, but may be more expensive depending on the specific situation). Traveling a taxi at night will cost approximately 50% more.

Cruise on the river

how to get around singapore
Sightseeing at Clarke Quay on luxury cruise trips

From 09:00 to 19:00, cruises will depart from North Boat Quay and Clarke Quay every hour. Some will cost around SGD 7 each journey. Aside from traditional boats, cruise ships are now modern yachts that provide a luxury experience. Aside from the diners on the traditional Chinese tongkang, sailboats, or cruises around the islands, a journey by boat typically costs around 20 SGD and approximately 35-80 SGD with meals.

Rental cars

How to get around Singapore
Enjoy Singapore with comfortable rental cars. Picture: how to get around Singapore blog

You should rent a car if you wish to go comfortably and quickly without being reliant on any variables. The city provides high-quality and prestigious automobile rental services. You just need to complete the appropriate processes, hold a valid driver’s license, and observe all traffic regulations. Some fundamental regulations include driving on the right and wearing a seat belt (quite similar to Vietnam). Furthermore, the maximum speed permitted in the city is 50km/h, and on the highway is 80km/h.

Airbus – A transportation to airport

How to get around Singapore
Airbus helps your trip easier than ever. Picture: how to get around Singapore blog

This is a service available only to new clients arriving at Changi Airport. If you opt to use the Airbus (one trip every 20 minutes), you can go to one of three locations: the Central Business District, the Colonial District, or Orchard Road (the shopping road in Singapore). Adults pay 5 SGD each journey, while minors pay 3 SGD.


How to get around Singapore
Getting around a corner of Singapore street on Trishaw. Picture: how to get around Singapore blog

Trishaws, or tricycles with rear cages, were formerly a popular mode of transportation in Singapore. However, finding this vehicle on Lion Island might be challenging at times. If you’re looking for a nostalgic experience, go to Chinatown or Little India. The majority of trolley drivers will wait for guests on Waterloo Street, and each 45-minute ride will cost between SGD 25 and SGD 45.

Trishaw tour
Exploring Singapore more interesting with Trishaw

Duck Wacky Tour

Marina bay
Ducky Wacky tour

The Duck Wacky is another one-of-a-kind way to see Singapore. The capacity to swim and be decorated in the shape of ducks is highly unusual. A duck crazy tour costs less than SGD 40, but riding on this entertaining boat and exploring Singapore’s streets is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Segway electric car

Segway electric car
Segway electric car – a new and weird experience. Picture: means of transport in singapore blog

It is a new and appropriate vehicle for young people who have the passion for experiencing new things. Only operating at Sentosa with the price of less than SGD 15, you will have the opportunity to experience the excited feeling when “conquer” this electric car. Especially, during that journey, you can also explore the beautiful Sentosa coastal road of Singapore city.

Singapore flyer
Segway around Sentosa coastal road of Singapore city. Picture: means of transport in singapore blog

It is a novel and ideal medium for young people who are eager to try new things. Only available in Sentosa for less than SGD 15, you will be able to experience the thrilling sense of “conquering” this electric automobile. Especially during that travel, you may also explore Singapore’s gorgeous Sentosa coastline route.