Historic destinations in Binh Dinh

Containing artifacts demonstrating the heroic past of Binh Dinh martial land, Binh Dinh Museum, Quang Trung Museum and Lang Song Church are historic destinations for those who love history and culture.

Binh Dinh Museum

Located in the Quy Nhon city center, the museum preserves and displays more than 10,000 artifacts about the history and culture of the land and people here. There are many ancient artifacts from the period of Sa Huynh, Cham Pa, Tay Son period, to the period of the resistance war against France – America and modern times.

The museum has an area of ​​3,960 square meters and is divided into 3 main areas: the exhibition area of ​​2,000 m2, the administrative block and the souvenir block. This museum was built in 1980.

It is a place to keep the quintessence, historical and cultural values ​​typical of the nation and the locality, such as Han pottery, Canh Duc Tran pottery (China), Champa pottery, Ly – Tran pottery.

Not only exhibiting objects indoors but also on-site display, so the garden has created an impressive point attracting visitors to explore and learn. Those who love to travel about history, please come here, there are a lot of wartime objects stored here.

River Village Church

About 10 km from the Quy Nhon city center, passing a roundabout road, fragrant with the scent of rice, Lang Song Church appears among the hundreds of years old star trees singing hymns in the early wind.

The church has an ancient look, bold European Gothic architecture with pointed arch lines and many windows. One of the highlights worth noting that church premises measuring approximately 2,000 m2 with 200- year- old trees. Under the old canopies, each flock of birds chirping to welcome the new day.

Because of its poetic and ancient beauty in the midst of charming nature, many couples have chosen this place as a place for wedding photography. The fence surrounding the church alone has aroused a lot of emotions for the photographers.

Quang Trung Museum

Located in Tay Son temple area, Tam Kiet city, 42 km from Quy Nhon, in Kien My village, Binh Thanh commune, Tay Son district, the museum displays more than 11,000 artifacts related to Emperor Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue and the Tay Son uprising movement from the 18th century.

Three highlights to attract tourists here are Tay Son Tam Kiet shrine, ancient wells and heritage tamarind trees, all of which are classified as National Monuments in 1979.

According to historians, the Tay Son shrine area is not unique in architecture, but in its historical and humanistic value.