Guide to the Ha Giang Loop

The Ha Giang Loop has recently become one of the most well-known routes/attractions in Northern Vietnam, if not the country as a whole.

The loop is in the province of Ha Giang, and travelers depart from Ha Giang Town, either going north to Quan Ba or east to Bac Me. Since you must buy a travel permit in Ha Giang Town, you must begin here, but once you have done so, you can take any route you like, but most visitors take the route outlined in this post, which is also known as “The Loop.”

Before we get to the path itself, it’s worth discussing HOW to do the loop. There are a few choices available depending on your level of adventure. The simplest and most relaxing option is to book a guided tour of the province (we recommend at least 3-5 days), which will allow you to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery without having to think about any of the specifics.

The second choice is to take a bus from Hanoi (which departs twice daily) and rent a motorcycle in Ha Giang Town when you arrive. As this has become a common mode of transportation, there are plenty of rental places in town, and you should have no trouble finding a good place to rent one here.

In terms of timing and temperature, the best times to visit Ha Giang are either in the spring months of March to May, when the rice fields are lush green, or in the autumn months of September to October, when the fields turn a deep golden hue.