Exploring the benefits of hiking- Take a hike day

The exciting hiking day helps people disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, re-connect with the peacefulness of nature, and encourage healthy exercise habits. It turns out, there are a lot of benefits from a mental point of view as well.

Below are 5 key benefits from engaging in Take a Hike Day.

1. Improve your mood and ability to manage stress

Shot of a young woman using headphones while relaxing on the sofa at home

Humans are hunters and gatherers by nature. Our bodies were built to pass, search, sprint, and leap. We are designed to work out, and we know that exercise is beneficial to both our physical and mental health. When we work out, our bodies emit hormones that make us feel healthy. Have you ever been through a difficult training session that you wished was over but feeling great afterward? Mind you, I appreciate it!

Using the example of a cup and water (water representing stress), life is full of water, and it can seem as though our cup is about to overflow. Rather than emptying the cup, exercise allows us to create a larger tank that can hold more water until it overflows – exercise strengthens our capacity to deal with the life stressors we encounter.

2. Being amongst nature

Have you ever felt cluttered, distracted, or as if there were just so much going on? Life can get hectic because, with the advancement of technology, our minds are always on the move. When we are in nature and on a trail, we will be more in the present moment when exercising, enjoying the scenery around us, the sounds of the trees, the wildlife (hopefully not snakes), and so on. The hustle and bustle suddenly subside, and we become completely immersed in what we are doing.

Isn’t it incredible? Who wants to work out on a drab old treadmill? Unless that is your thing, which is also well. Nature also serves as a valuable diversion for me from the heaviness of my breathing and the sensation that my lungs are going to collapse.

3. Alleviating the emotional strain of COVID-19

Unfortunately, we have all felt the consequences of COVID-19 this year. I’ve been lucky enough to live in Vietnam, where we’ve had manageable limits or interruptions to everyday life, but I know there have been moments when I’ve tried to survive within my own bubble. As previously said, going on a walk is an excellent way to get out of the house and work out rather than feeling alone or cooped up at home.

4. A chance to engage with friends and family

The advantages of exercise for mental wellbeing are not limited to the exercise itself; we recognize that exercising with others provides an additional dimension of value. Hiking alone can be a difficult experience; why not share it with others? Instead of going to the bar, get a group of friends and go on a walk today or this weekend.

Social interaction is invaluable in assisting us to maintain our mental health. Enjoy a profound chat while admiring the natural beauty surrounding you. When we work out alongside others, it will help us stay motivated to complete the mission. Why not get together with friends and do something that will make you feel comfortable afterward, as opposed to going to the bar, where the next day is usually a little rough?

5. Feeling a sense of achievement

When we go for a walk, it is usually a physically demanding activity. It might be a leisurely walk, but it can also be challenging. When we complete a difficult task, we get a sense of pride, as if we had accomplished something. Anything new can provide us with a sense of excitement and inspiration to keep moving, particularly if it is anything out of our usual routine, such as hiking. We prefer to have a sense of pride and success, which is a wonderful feeling to have. One of the secrets to living a psychologically healthy life is having a sense of control over our lives and believing that we can do something. Finishing a hike reminds us of our own power and capability.