Explore the famous Khmer temple in Soc Trang

Soc Trang is known as the capital of pagodas. In addition to cultural and religious activities of Khmer people, temples are also indispensable destinations for visitors to explore the southwestern region. Each temple has a completely different style, bringing visitors surprise. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Bôtum Vong Sa Som Rong Temple.

Located at 367 Ton Duc Thang, Ward 5, Soc Trang city, Som Rong pagoda, is not only famous for its cultural and religious activities but also its magnificent beauty like a palace.

History begin

Som Rong pagoda dating back to over 600 years, was originally built with bamboo, wood and simple leaf roofing. After many times of restoration, the architecture of the present Som Rong pagoda has bold cultural characteristics of the Khmer ethnic people. Ancient but magnificent features and timeless walls will surely attract you.

According to the monks, Som Rong pagoda was built in 1785 and has spent 12 abbot. Initially, it was made of temporary bamboo, after many reconstructions, it was as spacious as it is now. Regarding the name Som Rong, the reason for this is that in the past, there were many wild trees named Som Rong growing around the temple, since then the pagoda has named this tree for hundreds of years. Currently, the pagoda only has 2 Som Rong trees that are developing very well.

The spiritual landscape of the Khmer

When entering the pagoda, in front of the temple is a pagoda gate decorated with many Khmer cultural symbols such as Naga snake, Krud bird, traditional pattern … covered with gold. Above the gate, there are 05 towers, a symbol of Mount Meru (ie Mount Tu-di), where five future Buddhas become enlightened according to Buddhist conception and is also where the five deities usually dwell according to doctrine Brahminism.

From the main gate of the pagoda, go about 100m to the temple yard. But a surprising thing is that on the way to the temple, there are many ancient trees.

Located parallel to the main hall, the Bao Thap tower is a very prominent place attracting young people when coming to Som Rong Soc Trang Pagoda. Built in a large campus with unique architecture, the beauty of the “fairy scene” of the Stupa is as beautiful as the famous stupas of Thailand Golden Temple.

Som Rong pagoda is also built in the same architectural style as other Khmer Southern temples with an area of ​​5 hectares, including: main hall, sala, house for monks, and an additional book library with more than 1,500 books, serving local students, local people and Buddhists. The architectural works inside the temple are harmoniously combined with each other.

The largest reclining Buddha statue in Vietnam

Especially in the temple grounds, there is a majestic outdoor nirvana Buddha statue with 63 meters long, 22.5 meters high, placed about 28 meters above the ground, which is considered as a largest Buddha in Vietnam.

With both majestic and ancient beauty of the sanctuary; Both delicate and unique in the architecture bearing Khmer ethnic cultural identity, Som Rong Pagoda is the ideal destination for young people who love photography or are looking for a unique “check-in” place.

In the bustling five-tone music inviting guests from far away, in the penetrating shade of ancient palaces, blending spacious modern new houses. In the distance is the compassionate gaze of the statue of Buddha Shakyamuni entering Nirvana, calling for kindness, harmony, and love to help people around. All of these make visitors fall in love easily when coming to Som Rong pagoda. Som Rong pagoda is also a place for visitors from near and far to explore and experience the unique cultural and religious quintessence, the unique architectural art of Soc Trang Khmer people in particular and the South in general.