Explore Pattaya city

Pattaya is a more famous city than Bangkok. It is located in the East of the Gulf of Thailand. Perhaps all the basic information about Pattaya everyone can search through the media, but if you explore Pattaya thoroughly, you will see special things that no other place has.

Explore the city of Pattaya – “A city sleeps during the day”

Photo: Pattaya in the late afternoon

If you set foot in Pattaya during the day, you will probably wonder, “I believe that Pattaya is so bustling, but why are all the shops closed as sleepy?”. Your local guide will definitely answer for that. Day is the time when the shops are closed for rest. At about 6pm, the city will wake up and be more vibrant than ever: from the tumbling bars, the sidewalk bars to the restaurants. All are eagerly inviting customers to spend the night. Therefore, visitors can hardly resist and often have fun at least until 1-2 am to return to the hotel room.

Explore the city of Pattaya – Feeling like being in Vietnam

Photo: A street vendor in Pattaya

In general, when traveling to Thailand,  you will not feel too strange because it has a similar culture to Vietnam such as eating on the sidewalk or bargaining when buying things. Not only that, you will be surprised because most of the people here know a few Vietnamese phrases. The reason for this is because the majority of visitors coming here are Vietnamese. In addition, Vietnamese who come to Thailand to do business contains a large proportion. At Coral Island (Coral Island) of Pattaya, the street vendors will walk along the beach and invite visitors to eat boiled corn and take pictures.

Explore the city of Pattaya – Sexy and charming guys

Photo: Dazzling night signs

In Pattaya , phrases like “sexy”, “hot” are not only for girls but also for boys. Along Beach Road or Walking Street, not only the girls coolly dressed, there are also many muscular boys who are naked or wearing T-shirts to stand inviting visitors to the bar with music and lights. If no one is calling, at least the bars will attract attention with posters of sexy boys. Therefore, local guides often joke that not only men but also women are satisfied and interesting in Pattaya .

Show of transgender people

Photo: Alcaza show

Don’t miss the chance to watch transgender shows which is also known as “lady boys”. Surely you will surprised when admiring the lady boys dancing, performing music performances from traditional to modern super beautiful, super majestic like true artists. Typically, the Alcaza show, the program has a unique combination of many iconic performances for different countries such as: the vibrant music and sexy dance of Korean Kpop. Furthermore, Ao dai Vietnam and pedicabs are brought up on stage performing.