Explore Jeju Island – The paradise of love

Not being noisy and busy like Seoul, Jeju Island is peaceful and fresh. Known as “the paradise of love”, Jeju Island tourism has long been the choice of many tourists around the world due to its unique destinations.

Jeju Island Travel - Explore the paradise of love

Dokkaebi spooky road

For KoreansJeju Island has long been a familiar choice to relax. The island also appears in countless Korean films with the beautiful natural scenery. From the airport to hotel, you can see many attractions. The first is the spooky path- Dokkaebi. Only about 100 meters long, Dokkaebi is a road that has caused many scientists a headache with the phenomenon of “auto shutdown car crawling up the slope”. You can do the experiment by yourself by turning on all gears, releasing the accelerator, stopping the car at the bottom of the slope, the car will automatically roll up the slope.

Jeju Island Travel - Explore the paradise of love

Loveland Park

At the end of Dokkaebi Road, Loveland Park is located on the left hand side. Only welcoming guests over 18 years old, Loveland is “chosen by many parents to send gold” to sex education for their children. This park is a place where you can freely talk about sex while admiring more than 140 statues, both delicately and daringly depicting sensitive love poses, with puns like “Alice in Wondickland”.

Jeju Island Travel - Explore the paradise of love

Seongsan Ilchulbong Mountain

Over hundreds of thousands of years, Seongsan Ilchulbong peak, which is a dormant volcano, has now become a UNESCO world natural heritage. Also known as the sunrise peak, Seongsan Ilchulbong is also the most beautiful sunrise viewing spot and has sweeping views of Jeju Island. Here, you also have the opportunity to see Jeju mermaids – they are seaweeds capable of diving to find seafood under 20 meters deep, without using an oxygen tank for 2-3 minutes.

Jeju Island Travel - Explore the paradise of love

Soung-Up Cultural Village

Korean movie buffs may not be unfamiliar with the movie Dae Jang Geung, but few know the Soung-Up cultural village is the place that was chosen as the main setting of this TV blockbuster. The village retains the unique culture of Jeju as houses built of lava rock walls, placing idols Harubang island, toilets cum black pigsty Jeju, etc.

Jeju Island Travel - Explore the paradise of love

Jeju Tangerine Garden

If you travel to Jeju Island in October, you should not miss out the experience of visiting the wrong tangerine gardens available across the island. The owner of the garden will prepare gloves, scissors and bags for guests to “play the role” of real farmers in the harvest season, bringing back bunches of succulent berries as gifts.

Jeju Island Travel - Explore the paradise of love

Sumokwon Theme Park

Another entertainment area you can choose is the Sumokwon theme park with indoor activities such as visiting 3D museum, ice museum or 5D cinema to the details, which is an interesting experience that you and your loved one should try when traveling to Jeju Island

Jeju Island Travel - Explore the paradise of love

Visit Jeju Island horse farm

Another experience you can try in many places while traveling to Jeju Island is to visit a horse farm. The endless grasslands on the island are the perfect place to enjoy the feeling of freedom on horseback.

Jeju Island Travel - Explore the paradise of love

The Horse Riding Club in Ma Park

If you are an adventurous person, you can visit the racecourse or visit the Horse Riding Club in Ma Park.

Jeju Island Travel - Explore the paradise of love

Yongduam’s dragon head stone teeth

In addition to the god of Harubang Island, Jeju also has a spiritual symbol associated with the Yongduam Dragon Head Rock. According to legend, a child trying to fly into the sky was petrified and lay on the coast of Jeju Island .

Guests traveling Jeju Island can choose direct flights from many cities in Korea, about an hour with flexible schedules. In particular, Vietnamese tourists can explore this island in 5 days without a visa. See cheap flight tickets and attractive Jeju Island tours at:  https://focusasiatravel.com