The singer revealed that a month after their wedding, she and her husband had a short vacation together. Ha Tram was so happy to introduce to her lover – Mr. Vikas – beautiful scenes in Da Nang such as the famous Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hill, etc.

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Vo Ha Tram said her life has not changed much after getting marriage. She talked with a happy smile that she was so lucky to have such a caring and responsible man coming in her life.
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‘He helps me a lots with the housework such as doing dishes, cleaning houses or even setting my lipsticks in order. He does not mind whether they are women jobs or men’s jobs” Said by Ha Tram
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On the upcoming Valentine’s Day 2019, Vo Ha Tram sings the sweet song “Sanam Re”(means Darling) in Indian for her dear husband. The accompanying video captures the sweetest moments of this couple during their wedding in January.
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Vo Ha Tram was born in 1990 in Ho Chi Minh City. She won many awards in music contests such as: The immense age 2005, The singing cicada 2006, The Superstar on television 2007, Your face sounds familiar 2016 and Listen to me 2018. Ha Tram’s partner is 12 years older than her and has a granite business in Vietnam. They had 1 year being together before offically getting marrage.

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