Coron itinerary 3 days — How to spend 3 days in Coron & what to do in Coron for 3 days perfectly?

Despite the fact that the trip was filled with incidents that resulted in significant losses for me, life is such that everything has a cost. In exchange, I’ve got a plethora of unforgettable moments and once-in-a-lifetime events. That was the start of my bravery to leap into the sea, swim and dive, and take my hands off the float for even a few seconds. All for the chance to view the underwater wonderland, complete with bright coral reefs and fish swimming about me. I enjoyed four unforgettable days in the Philippines. So, what should you do in the Philippines for four days? Check out our 4-day Philippines itinerary to visit the capital of Manila and Coron, one of the most beautiful islands in the world. We recommended a three-day Coron itinerary (Coron three-day itinerary) on how to spend three days in Coron and what to do in Coron for three days, as well as what to do in Manila in one day before traveling to Coron to find out the answer!

Photo by: el nido vs coron 2017 bog.
Sea and island paradise of Coron | coron itinerary 3 days


Coron island twin lagoon
Kayaking on Twin lagoon, Coron

Even now, floating on the sea makes me feel ethereal, recalling the cold blue ocean, white sandy beach, and colorful boats. Filipinos on this island, too, appear impoverished but are polite, courteous, conscious, and eager. Even if the flavor was not what I had hoped for, it was a memorable 5-day-6-night vacation…

coron palawan-philippines4

Coron overview

Coron is an island located in the northern Philippines and is part of a city of the same name. It is located about 170 nautical miles (310 km) from Manila and is known for many Japanese warships wrecked during World War II.

coron philippines
Coron seen from above

Shipwrecks abound along the limestone islands, several of which are up to 80 feet (24 m) long. Coron is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the Philippines. Tourists come here to enjoy nature by scuba diving to observe wrecks situated at depths ranging from 10–30 m to 120–140 feet (37–43 m), the majority of which are between 60–80 feet.


The islands’ natural beauty, with caves, limestone islands, coral reefs, crystal blue sea, virtually no waves, and various flora and wildlife, creates a refreshing mood. Forbes magazine has also named the region one of the top ten diving destinations in the world.

resort in coron-philippines
Very blue clear water


coral in coron island-philippines2
Coron is one of the best diving spots in the world.

Coron 3 day itinerary, Coron itinerary 3 days: Some experience and traveling tips for a trip to Coron

Sunset in Coron
  • You should exchange Vietnamese currency to USD in Vietnam first, then after arrival at the Philippines airport, the exchange to Peso will be more beneficial. Exchange rate of USD1 ~ 50.62 Peso.
  • Fully apply sunscreen, as good as possible, if you do not want to have African skin when returning home.
  • Cebu airline flights are often delayed or change the departure gate so do not be foolish to sleep at the airport … try to stay awake, open your eyes, ears focused on listening or the plane will fly at any moment.
  • The courage to overcome fear to swim if not want the money spent becomes meaningless …
  • If you stay in Coron, definitely do not miss “tour D”, when taking tour D, you can skip Pass Island to focus on Lusong, snorkeling, fishing, searching for Japanese ships wrecked in the sea.. extremely wonderful.
  • Taxis in the Philippines come in two types: fixed price (white taxi) and meter taxi (yellow taxi), the fixed price type is usually 2 to 3 times more expensive than the other one. When you exit the airport, quickly turn right there will be a queue of taxis running in meter type.
  • Must have underwater shooting equipment.
  • When leaving Busuaga Airport – Coron, an airport fee of 100 Pesos per person is required.
  • Before reading online, someone shared the experience that when you leave the Ninoy International Airport in the Philippines, you have to pay a fee of 550 pesos/person, but this time I didn’t have to pay it, I also don’t know why. Maybe there has been a change in policy?
  • Food in Phillippines is inexpensive, in Coron Island is also very cheap, but seafood is not rich, vegetables in the restaurant are few, people here mainly eat Western fast food, they prefer American and Korean..
Cebu Pacific Airlines
Cebu Pacific Airlines


white Airport Taxi Terminal
White taxi (fixed price taxi) and yellow taxi (meter taxi) in the Philippines.

Philippines itinerary 4 days: A quick introduction to some places to visit and things to do.

Manila capital

  • The SM Mall of Asia is very large and is home to many restaurants and shopping outlets.
  • Intramuros Old Town: Very large, free admission everywhere except for Fortress which you have to pay 75 pesos/person, 1 bowl of douhua (tofu, bean curd) here costs about 25 pesos.
SM Mall of Asia

In Coron Island

  • Kayangan Lake: The surrounding scenery and the aerial view is very beautiful with clear blue water, many boats. There are mountains here, sea, to reach the lake you have to climb a little distance. The lake is also very clear with blue water.
  • Baracuda Lake: A clear blue lake but deeper than Kayangan Lake. Here I met a group of 6 very lovely and hospitable children, playing with them very happily, they also taught a few sentences but I could not remember. Very fun!
  • Twin Peak: There are lots of fish here, which feels very good.
  • Twin Lagoon: To reach here, you must swim in yourself and then navigate an extremely small passage only wide enough for your hip to squeeze through. Because I couldn’t swim, I gave up and sat on the boat, admiring the landscape. The people here are always polite and cheerful; sitting on the boat, they turn on loud music and dance enthusiastically; even remaining in the boat is not dull.
  • Skeleton Wreck: Scuba dive to watching a Japanese shipwreck. Captain Wilson jokingly said when you dive do you see ghosts, haha.
  • CYC beach: This place is small, but the white sand beach and the sea are very clear.
  • Lusong Gunboat Wreck: Diving here also has a lot of fish, which is where the most visible shipwreck and you can stand up on the hull.
  • Lusong Coral Garden: Going to Coron without stopping here is a mistake since it is a great site to see corals of various colors and sizes, as well as many fish swimming about… very fantastic.
Lake Kayangan, Coron | what to do in coron for 3 days
Aerial view of Coron

Unfortunately, it was not enough time so I could not go to Banana Island and other places, but in short, choosing Coron for summer is a wise decision, and no regrets.

3 days in Coron: The detailed itinerary

Money: Our group of 4 people decided to exchange a small amount of VND into Peso from Vietnam first with an exchange rate of 1 peso = 550 VND, and the remain we bring USD to exchange at Philippines airport with an exchange rate of 1 Peso ~ $ 0.02 (more beneficial).

Hotel: To booking hotels in Manila or Coron you can go to online booking websites.

resort in coron-philippines1

In addition, you can refer to one of the best Airbnb in Coron: Hacienda Paragua at $51/night or Buena Vista Lodging, Culion Island at $22/night.

Coron itinerary 4 days 3 nights — Day 1: Manila

Our party landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila after a four-hour flight from Hanoi (from 1 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.). With no checked baggage, our group dashed out of the airport to catch a cab to the hotel. Exit through the arrival hall entrance, turn right, and cabs will be waiting on the platform. We take a yellow cab (taxi meter), which is less expensive than other fixed-price taxis (about 200 pesos cheaper). Our party did not have to wait in line because we arrived early in the morning, and thankfully, our group met the driver who was extremely amusing and energetic. A cab to the hotel costs 300 pesos (it would be cheaper if this driver did not go the wrong way).

Yellow taxi (meter taxi) at Ninoy Airport | what to do in coron for 3 days


Jeepneys, signature means of transport in Philppines.


| what to do in coron for 3 days

We stayed at the Leez Inn Manila in Manila. This neighborhood is primarily Indian, and while the dwellings are small, the streets are clean and open. The cost of two rooms for one night, including breakfast, is $51. The room was clean, but there was no elevator, so we had to walk the steps to the fourth story. There was also a market nearby, but because we did not like the flavor of Indian cuisine, we opted to eat breakfast at a nearby 7 Eleven (convenience store franchises are common in Southeast Asian nations such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia), eating while observing the bustling scene at the market. The cost for 4 cups of noodles is 162 pesos.

Leez Inn Manila

After that, the whole group returned to the hotel to take a rest.

In the afternoon, we took a taxi to go to the ancient city of Intramorous for 200 pesos (remember to bargain with the driver). Just arrived we had to find Chic-boy restaurant (Address: Dante Ang Bldg, No. 409 A. Soriano Ave, 656 Zone 69, Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila, Philippines / Hours: 9AM–11PM) to have lunch. Food is generally cheap, and meals including:

Sisig dish | what to do in coron for 3 days
  • A quite delicious grilled fish, 1 sisig (mixed rice, meat, egg, onion on a stone pan like beefsteak, eat quite well, 2 cups of halo halo sweets (not very good).
  • 1 stir-fried vegetable dish + 1 Batchoy (similar 1 bowl of cabbage soup cooked with egg, liver, and meat, eaten normally).
  • 1 rice with barbecue … 1 cup of tea or something.

Total costs about 659 pesos.

Fruits at fruit stands cost about 30-40 pesos/package. The entrance fee for the Intramurous zone is free, only going to the fortress area will cost 75 pesos/person, the horsecart service here is 300 pesos/trip, clearly costly but also quite interesting, riding through 2 circled the adjacent yard and was promoted to watch filthy horses again. The funny thing is that while the horse was walking and the horse keeper saw a strange expression, so he jumped right down to grab the bucket and … catch horseshit, LOL!!! Horse manure kept on rumbling out… and then the horse cart continued to riding around the yard.

Manila street fruit stall | what to do in coron for 3 days

Intramuros is a very large complex with more than 20 attractions. The construction of Intramuros lasted for hundreds of years. Having tired of our feet, it was nearly 5 pm so we decided to walk to Manila Bay hoping to watch the sunset on the bay. But unfortunately, life is not like a dream, having to walk a long way, crossing a very wide park to reach the beach, but we found it not so beautiful as expected, so we decided to hire a taxi to get to SM Mall – the largest shopping mall in Southeast Asia. To enter the Mall, from any door you have to go through the security checkpoint, security staff will check your bags, check your belongings like security checks at the airport. There are so many zones, lots of eateries, clothing shops, and if spend a whole day here also is not enough. In the Mall there is a very smart map system like Google map, just point and touch where you want to go and it will show you the way.

Intramurous aerial view


| what to do in coron for 3 days

Horse drawn carriage | coron itinerary 3 days

After more than 2 hours of shopping and wandering around the mall, we have dinner at an Italian restaurant right in the Mall, spend an amount of 575 pesos. Still, not enough, we come to another Coffee bean nearby, drinking 4 cups + 1 plate of cake that costs about 735 pesos. At nearly 10pm we take a taxi from the Mall to the hotel, costs about 200 pesos.

Event hall at SM Megamall on Sep 10, 2017 in Manila, Philippines
Event hall at SM Megamall | 3 days in coron

Coron 3 day itinerary (Coron itinerary 3 days) — Day 2: Coron

We have booked air tickets from Manila to Coron, flying at 12:10 pm and arrived Coron at 1:20 pm. After a free breakfast at the hotel (including jam and butter bread), we took a taxi to the airport. The airport is in the Philippines located right in the city, but there are different Terminals and 2-3km away from each other. That day, because we go to the wrong terminal, later we have to take a taxi to go to another terminal to get to Coron of Cebu Airline, the total taxi cost was 420 pesos. The flight was delayed by 30 minutes, so it was after 2 pm, we arrive in Coron.

Map of Coron | 3 days in coron


| coron itinerary 3 days

The view of the Coron Islands from above is stunning, with tiny islands and white sand beaches floating in the center of the blue ocean. Coron not only possesses the sea, but also the green mountains, which are incredibly magnificent. We apologize to everyone who fell asleep on the plane at that time.

coron palawan-philippines3

We reserve a room at the Sea Horse Guesthouse in Coron. This hotel has a Korean owner and is located right in the center, making it very handy for traveling and eating. Overall, I found this hotel to be modest yet clean, with a large and attractive decor that is also quite handy. The staff is also incredibly welcome, pleasant, and eager. Breakfast here, on the other hand, is usually bread, an egg omelette, butter, jam, and half a banana, eating bored all the time. There was also rice, but it wasn’t to our liking. The hotel provides an airport shuttle service at a fee of 150 pesos per person/way.

Sea Horse Guesthouse | coron itinerary 3 days

After checking in, we decided to rent a Tricycle as the main means of transportation here. For a fee of 500 pesos, it will takes you to Lobster King restaurant (Address: 5 Coron – Busuanga Rd, Coron Town Proper, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines / Hours: 10AM–10PM; Sunday: Closed) for lunch, then to Mount Tapyas and finally to the Hot Springs. Lobster King is a good place to eat with fresh seafood and the price is not too expensive. The total cost for lunch is 2.690 pesos with 6 lobsters (400gr/lobster), 4 steamed crabs, stir-fried mixed vegetables and drinking water. After lunch, we continued our journey to conquer Mount Tapyas. On the top of the mountain, there is a huge CORON word that reminds me of Holywood’s summit, from here, you can look down the whole island. To conquer it, you must pass more than 800 stairs. The group of 4 people, there are 3 people give up halfway.

| 3 days in coron


Lobsters at Lobster King | coron itinerary 3 days

After a short ascent, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the mountains emerging from the center of the blue sea, which is both lovely and overwhelming. However, if you want a great perspective, remember to queue to reach a high ledge; from there, you may shoot without being trapped in the branches.

| coron itinerary 3 days


| what to do in coron for 3 days


| 3 days in coron

After that, we returned to the hotel to grab their swimwear before heading to the Hot Springs to rest. Admission costs 200 pesos per person. To reach here, you must cross a little dark road, but the car is rushing quickly, and there are very few automobiles on the route. Initially, the entire group believed we had been abducted; thankfully, there were many others around when we arrived. Finally, after a long day of playing, relaxing in the pool and getting bathed in hot springs, I felt incredibly rejuvenated and full of energy.

night life coron-palawan-philippines
Hot Springs | coron itinerary 3 days

Returning the hotel was also 9 pm, after bathing, we went right to the Coron market to book tours for tomorrow. The tour of DCC DIVING CENTER CORON TOUR AGENCY (Address: Coron – Busuanga Rd, Coron Town Proper, Coron, Palawan, Philippines/Hours: 7:30AM–9PM/Phone: +63 908 600 0400), which directly opposite the market. At that time, it was almost 10 pm, fortunately they still worked and received the tour. The tour here includes tour A, B, C, D, we choose DCC tour with 990 pesos/person, plus a mask rental fee of 150 pesos/person. After booking the tour, we continue wanderingn to find a cafe. But the evening here is quite boring because there are not many places to play. Finally, we find Coffee Kong near the hotel. The cafe also has Saigon cafe, drinks are also acceptable. The cost of 4 cups is 440 pesos.

Tour services

Coron itinerary 3 days: Day 3

The next morning, we begin our trip of Coron Island. Because a boat can only carry a maximum of five people, and our party has four, it is advantageous for the entire boat to be ours, and the time is entirely up to us; nothing could be better. The excursion takes you to six different locations: Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Twin Peaks, Skeleton Wreck (Japanese sunken ship), and CYC Beach (990 pesos/person + 150 pesos for masks).

Coron’s snorkeling and diving are second only to the Maldives in terms of popularity due to the beautiful landscape and clear water that allows visitors to view the bottom. Coron’s various coral reefs and vegetation also contribute to its popularity among tourists, particularly those interested in diving and snorkeling.

| coron itinerary 3 days


| coron itinerary 3 days


| coron itinerary 3 days

| coron itinerary 3 days
Skeleton Wreck | coron 3 day itinerary

coral in coron island-philippines1

coral in coron island-philippines
| coron 3 day itinerary


Coron snorkeling | coron 3 day itinerary


Twin lagoon
coron palawan-philippines4
| coron 3 day itinerary


CYC beach


Kayangan lake

Coron 3 day itinerary: Day 4

The next day, we board the Tour Dexplore Bulog Dos Island, Lusong Coral Garden, and dive at the Lusong Gunboat shipwreck, which is stationed in Coron Bay, but we avoid Pass Island since it looks like CYC beach. Mr.Pi and Mr.Im were the boatmen, Mr.Pi fed fish with snacks to encourage more fish so we could observe closer, this guy was still single, extremely friendly, and eager. We were taken to the most magnificent coral regions thanks to Mr. Pi. Mr. Im was keeping the work of cooking while we were playing; today there is additional bacon and grilled fish, but it is still really good.

Bulog Dos Island | coron itinerary 3 days


Coron island hopping tour
Lusong Gunboat


Lusong Coral Garden


Coron food | coron 3 day itinerary

Ending the trip very happy and meaningful, we returned to Hanoi. Happy traveling!