Cheap Tokyo Travel

Do you want to once set foot in the beautiful sunrise country or come to the magnificent capital Tokyo? Japan ‘s capital is one of the most expensive cities in the world and certainly the cost of traveling to Tokyo is not low. But not many people know that there is a very “cheap flight” to Tokyo, Focus Asia Travel will tell you about cheap Tokyo travel experiences, free travel places in Tokyo:

Cheap travel to Tokyo: Festivals in Japan

Like in Vietnam, in Japan, festivals are usually taken place around the beginning of the new year when the leaves are sprouting. From March to May is the most ideal time for those who want to see cherry blossoms which is the symbol of Japan. You will be satisfied with hundreds of blooming flowers by sitting under the tree and enjoying the atmosphere of the cherry blossom festival here. There are also many other Japanese festivals held during this period.

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Cherry blossom festival

Cheap Tokyo travel: Emperor Meiji Temple (Meiji Temple)

This is one of the most attractive destinations in Tokyo. The temple was built in the west of Tokyo, and is dedicated to the 122nd Emperor, who carried out the Duy Tan Minh Tri that turned Japan into a mighty empire. Coming here, visitors will feel the fresh, pure air with lush surrounding trees. If you are lucky, you might be able to witness a very unique traditional Shinto ceremony.

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Meiji Temple

Cheap travel to Tokyo: Ginza area

Coming to Japan, probably no tourists want to ignore the subway trains of the capital Tokyo. So there is no reason not to stop at Ginza station and walk around the streets here. This is one of Tokyo’s busiest neighborhoods with famous restaurants, eateries and fashion boutiques. Although the cost of shopping here is quite expensive, you should not ignore it due to the beautiful architecture here. Come here and take a selfie, why not?

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The busy Ginza neighborhood

Cheap travel to Tokyo: Takeshita Dori Street

If you want to find an affordable place to shop, the Takeshita Dori neighborhood is the best choice. The 400m long street is home to a lot of shops that are loved by young people. If you come on the weekends, you also have the opportunity to be cosplayed as favorite characters with impressive outfits.

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Takeshita Dori shopping street

Cheap travel to Tokyo: See the city from the observatory

Perhaps everyone knows that the cities are the most beautiful at night when all the lights are turned on. The whole city is glowing with hundreds of different colors. Of course, the capital Tokyo is no exception, and if you can stand high above to enjoy the atmosphere of the city at night, there is nothing better. However, the capital’s two most famous observatories, the Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Skytree, are both quite expensive, so you can choose for yourself other free observatories but still bring unforgettable experiences. You should to the Tokyo Government Building or at the Bunkyo Civic Center which are all beautiful places to see the city from above.

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Tokyo at night

You see, even in a city with a fairly high standard of living and cost, we can still find beautiful places at a very reasonable cost. So why don’t you carry a backpack and go to Japan right now. Focus Asia Travel always brings you the attractive options at the best cost. We look forward to becoming your companion in your upcoming Japanese travels .