Boracay activities — 15 exciting activities to do in Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is known for its white clean beach and straight line of coconut palms, which contribute to the island’s attractiveness. It is also the most romantic island in the Philippines, where many males choose to propose to their girlfriends or spend their honeymoon. Boracay had over 780,000 tourists in 2010. Hundreds of additional flights have been introduced into and out of Kalibo International Airport, the nearest major gateway other than Caticlan. According to a few international tourist websites, Boracay has one of the world’s most stunning beaches. Boracay is undeniably one of the most popular beach locations in the country. Here are the top 15 Boracay activities you should attempt.

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Boracay can captivate every tourist since there are so many appealing activities available, such as adventure sports, water games, and a rich marine ecology perfect for individuals who enjoy diving. If you enjoy partying, come to Boracay, which is known as the most exciting island in the Philippines.

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There are 15 exciting activities to do in Boracay awaiting you when coming to here:

1. Island hopping Boracay

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This is one of the most popular activities on the island of Boracay. Hire a boat for a half-day tour of the island’s beaches, which include Puka Beach, Crocodile Beach, Tambisaan Beach, and Crystal Cove. Most tours include a buffet lunch!

2. Scuba Diving

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Scuba diving is one of the best Boracay activities.

We could attempt diving activities in Boracay because swimming above the surface might be dull for some people and you don’t get to view many fish and coral! Over 15 dive sites surround Boracay seas, including caverns surrounded by a wealth of corals, underwater tunnels, caves, and other intriguing locations. Everything is waiting for your curious presence.

3. Parasailing

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Take a speed boat from the beach and soar high over the island for a spectacular view. Don’t forget to carry a camera because the boat crews are generally adept at photographing overwhelmed (and dizzy) soaring tourists!




4. Paraw sailing

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Paraw sailing is one of the best Boracay activities.

A paraw is an outrigger boat with two sails. Let the wind take you to the best sites and sights around the island. Best done during sunset.

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5. Paddle surfing

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“You don’t have to be a good surfer—at least not yet—to manage a standup paddle board,” says the author. “On a good day, White Beach’s calm and shallow seas make this pastime ideal for novices.”

paddle surfing.

6. Fish Flying

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A fantastic experience, but not for the faint of heart; you’ll be flying in a “big fish” (huge pontoon boat) pushed by another speed boat. It is certainly a pleasurable journey; this game is ideal for everyone who like thrills.

7. Ariel point cliff diving

Ariel point cliff diving cliff-diving-boracay things to do
Cliff diving is one of the best Boracay activities.

This is a popular choice among the daring. Leap over a cliff and create a tremendous splash in the aquamarine sea below! Ariel’s Point features five cliff diving platforms, the tallest of which is 13 meters high. According to its website, “the lower ones are 7 meters, 6 meters, 5 meters, and 3 meters.” “Guests who choose not to leap from any of the platforms can reach the sea through our floating dock.”

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8. Zorb and Zipline

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Ziplining is one of the best Boracay activities.

You get inside a giant bubble, it rolls down a hill with you in it, and you’re taken to a spin. Or, zipline from 80 feet (about 25 meters) above sea level down to the beach.

9. ATV Ride

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Drive to Mt. Luho, the highest point on the island. Expect terrains that aren’t as difficult as those surrounding Mayon Volcano, but if you haven’t attempted this previously, I think now is an excellent time to give it a shot.

10. Mermaid swimming course

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Focus Asia Travel attempted it as one of the activities in Boracay. “The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy provides monofin swimming training with a unique twist—students get to wear mermaid tails as well as monofins.” It appears that each girl’s childhood desire is to be changed into a beautiful mermaid; however, if you do not want to learn to swim mermaid style, you may still rent a colorful fish tail to make the photo unique.

11. Beach sports

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Are you prepared to collect your balls and transport them to Boracay? Whether you enjoy soccer or beach volleyball, the vast bed of sand in Boracay is the ideal playground.

12. Food trip

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Boracay is a foodie’s dream. With so many places to select from in Boracay, it’s easy to get sucked by beachfront displays, the wonderful breakfast buffet by candlelight glistening shoreline with very low rates ranging from US$ 7-10.

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13. Sunset watching

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Sunset in Boracay is one of the most beautiful sunset ever seen Focus Asia Travel, let’s go surfing or lay down white sandy simply to enjoy the scenic beauty here.

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14. Massage

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If you go along the beach and notice numerous locals offering massages, but do not rush to try, go to a professional spa in Boracay and experience complete relaxation without being bothered by visitors or noise when on the beach. Boracay’s prices are quite low, especially if you are a trip or honeymoon lover. Do not miss the massage for couples.

15. Fire dancers, clubs, and parties!

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Boracay offers one thing that most other local beach locations don’t: a party feel! Wait until the sun goes down and the island changes into a massive outdoor club that is loud, bright, and seductive. Get a drink, meet some new people, and dance the night away. If it is not your style, you may enjoy the fire dance to high-quality music in restaurants along the shore.

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Focus Asia Travel had participated in a pub crawl (going bar hopping in one night) with various games to connect with other pub crawl participants; elderly people also like this game. Focus Asia Travel had the finest night of my life, and you can’t overlook Southeast Asia’s best bar crawl.

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Boracay is more than just excellent sand, sunsets, and partying; it is also a timeless array of appealing activities. Come to Boracay once and you will leave with memorable memories.

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