Boracay trip blog — Top things to do in Boracay Island, Philippines

The Philippines is well-known for its beautiful islands, blue sea, and white sand beaches that captivate visitors of all ages. Boracay should be at the top of your list if you plan to spend Tet and Valentine’s Day in this country of 7107 islands.

Boracay was named the world’s most beautiful beach by Focus Asia Travel Magazine in 2012. The island draws people not just because of its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise sea, but also because of its magnificent sunsets. Furthermore, the island’s trendy bars, excellent restaurants, beautiful hotels, and friendly people contribute to everyone’s eagerness to explore the island.

The flight from Hanoi to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, takes 4 hours. There are two ways to go to Boracay from there. You may fly to Kalibo and then take a one-hour bus ride to Caticlan, or you can fly directly to Caticlan before taking the train to Boracay.

Among the exciting activities the island offers, don’t miss out on the following:

Wait for sunrise

sunrise boracay

What could be better than relaxing on beach and waiting for sunrise after a long flight? The sun and the ocean will wipe out all your weariness.

The beaches are always beautiful as locals clean them every morning. People love, save, and develop their beaches substantively.

Immerse yourself in the sea

Boracay has 12 beaches, the most renowned of which is White Beach. Those who enjoy active sports congregate on Bulabog Beach, which is located next to a magnificent coral reef. You don’t have to leave your hotel to find gaming and sports equipment because vendors may deliver them to you. There is a wide range of services and activities available, including beach massages and diving amid the coral reefs, as well as kayaking and paragliding. Friendly tour guides will assist you in selecting activities that you will like.

Traveling via Paraw, a particular sort of boat, is the greatest way to appreciate the island’s beauty. During your journey, stop at Crystal Cove for a swim, dive, or picnic.
Boracay’s most popular pastime is snorkeling. There are separate sections for both novice and experienced divers. The glittering fish and beautiful coral reefs in the pure water will fascinate you.

Enjoy shopping

dmall boracay
D’mall Shopping

Take a stroll around White Beach and pick up some of the island’s characteristic goods, such as pearl sunglasses, model sailboats, watches, and bells. D’Mall is a must-see — a place where you can discover items at various price points, from famous brand name clothing to local food.

Party by night

Boracay is a hive of activity from morning to night. Beach parties are popular with people of all ages. Listen to reggae beats at Boom Boom Bar, get transported by fire dances, and feel the essence of Boracay. If you don’t like loud venues, go to some quiet areas with tunes and shisha.

boracay night party 2

boracay night party 2

boracay night party 2

Further information


The tricycle is the most common mode of transportation. It is both inexpensive and handy. Because English is the second language in the Philippines, you may easily bargain in English.


As a true paradise for holidays, Boracay offers a wide selection of 5 hotels and resorts, as well as traditional wooden house for all your needs. The island includes three stations:

+ Station 1: high-class seafront resorts, peaceful space, fewer bars and shops.

+ Station 2: new affordable hotels and resorts, a lot of bars, food stalls, and hubs of entertainment and night parties.

+ Station 3: fewer bars, peaceful beach cafés, romantic space for couples.