Ba Vi National Park near Hanoi

Ba Vi National Park is one of Vietnam’s most well-known regions of exceptional natural beauty, built on a three-peaked mountain that protrudes steeply from the countryside. The national park is a wonderful place to get away from the capital, with cool fresh mountain air and a magical atmosphere of clouds, jungle, and tropical rainforest. There is also a spa resort at the foot of the mountain that offers a variety of natural therapies in a breathtaking atmosphere.

Dinh Vua, at 1,296 meters, Tan Vien, at 1,226 meters, and Ngoc Hoa, at 1,131 meters, are the three mountain summits. Because of the park’s varying climate, they form a three-humped crest that is mostly covered by clouds at its highest point. Pilgrims and visitors alike normally make the trek to the top of Tan Vien, where an 11th-century holy shrine honors the Mountain God.

This mountain also offers spectacular views of tropical forests and vistas all the way to Hanoi. The fast-flowing Da River runs through one side of the national park, and there are many streams that pass through it as well.

Ba Vi National Park Highlights

Ba Vi National Park, which was founded as a hill station during the French Colonial period, has always been an excellent source of medicinal plants for the Dao ethnic community. Walking and hiking are common activities in this lush tropical foliage area, which has many forest trails and mountain slopes. The key draw is the mosque, but there is also a bird garden and an orchid garden.

It takes about 30 minutes to ascend to the temple, but you will be greeted with panoramic views of the Red River Valley and beyond. The weather is best from April to December when Hanoi can be seen in the distance. Tan Da Spa Resort in the national park provides accommodation where you can enjoy hot pools, mud baths, wet steam baths, and medicinal baths for people, couples, or families. The resort is built in the style of an ancient palace and is reminiscent of the houses that were once located in Vietnam’s northern delta area.

Ba Vi National Park

It takes about two hours to drive to Ba Vi National Park. The trip to the park can be bumpy, and it’s better to avoid the park during the rainy season when roads – particularly hiking trails – can be slippery. The path leading to the summit’s parking lot is steep and narrow, though plans to enlarge it are ongoing.

  • Location: 48 km west of Hanoi