A new research reveals the best time to book a cruise

the best time to book cruise
Cruise ships in Geiranger Fjord, Norway. Image Getty

By booking on the right day of the week, you can save big.

There is no convincing proof that there is more to getting a fantastic cruise bargain than simply hoping for the best. According to a survey, a search engine for cruise discounts (and price reductions), prices are lowest on Thursdays, dropping 17%.

Based on an examination of more than 600,000 cruise price decreases over the previous several years, the data revealed that Thursdays saw more than twice as many price drops than the so-called “slowest” day, Sunday. (Weekends are generally calm, with just a 13.5 percent dip on Saturday and a 7.8 percent drop on Sunday, when many of us finally get around to arranging a vacation.) Meanwhile, Wednesday is the most expensive day of the week to book: 34 percent more price increases occur on hump day than any other day of the week.

“Cruise lines devote enormous energy on revenue optimization. In a statement, Britta Bernhard, creator of cruisewatch.com, stated, “We are leveling the playing field and providing consumers up-to-date technology to make the correct judgments.” “Most individuals are unaware that they may save a significant amount of money by booking at the appropriate time.”