6 Most Attractive Flower Seasons in Vietnam

If Japan has the romantic cherry blossom season that can charm anyone who visit the country at the right time, Vietnam has tons of them, in different locations of the country. If you are a blossom lover, you will sure want to plan a tour around Vietnam at these times of the year to discover 6 most attractive flower seasons in Vietnam.

Now let’s check out our list of the 6 most attractive flower seasons in Vietnam and make a plan to go hunt for the best pictures shall we?

1. Lotus flowers (Hoa sen) in Đồng Tháp Province

Flower sasons in Vietnam
What is more refreshing than going on a boat tour among the green and pink field of flowers like this.

Lotus, Vietnam’s national flower and also a signature flower of this pretty province located in the Mekong Delta region. In Northern Vietnam, lotus flowers only bloom in summer, however, as if nurtured by the rich sediments from the delta, lotus flowers in Dong Thap bloom year-round. Lotus flower ponds are plenty in Dong Thap and the best time to see them is from August to November every year, when local produces are abundant and the scenery also becomes more lively and beautiful. There are tours where you can be on a boat (or ride a boat yourself), go fishing and collect the flowers and seeds with locals to cook delicious and unique delicacies that can only be found in Dong Thap province.   

2. Blackboard Flower (Hoa sữa), Hà Nội

Flower sasons in Vietnam
Blackboard flowers are not only loved because of its pure color, they are also famous for the unforgettable aroma.

Ha Noi is a city of romance, every season Ha Noi has a different type of flower. However, blackboard flower (hoa sữa) is one special flower typical of Ha Noi’s autumn that is mentioned in many poetry and literature works as possessing a smell of love and reminiscence. Therefore, the best time to visit Ha Noi is in September or October, when the tiny blooms of the blackboard trees are starting to appear in every corner of Hanoi’s streets.

3. Wild sunflowers (Hoa dã quỳ), Đà Lạt

Flower sasons in Vietnam
The color of wild sunflowers brighten up a road in Dalat.

Dalat is the city of flowers, thanks to the moderate cool weather here, a wide diversity of flowers thrive in Dalat. Although, every October, visitors eagerly plan their trip here for a very simple yet eye-catching blossom, the wild sunflowers. Comes the season, the flowers are abundant on the two sides of the streets, yearning for the sun and spread their leaves in a welcoming manner. Although the wild sunflowers are not as eye-catching as sunflowers, the myriad of the kind in Dalt makes the city streets look like they are covered in a yellow carpet.  A quick bike ride around the city to see these amazing flowers is a recommend.

4. Buckwheat flowers (Hoa tam giác mạch), Hà Giang

Flower sasons in Vietnam
Up-close to the most beautiful flower in Ha Giang
Flower sasons in Vietnam
Buckwheat flowers

A flower season all young people look forward to, buckwheat flower is a beautiful light purple flower from an important crop in Ha Giang. The beautiful weather and the endless fields of this amazing color of flowers make for a very romantic and comforting setting for anyone who loves nature. The buckwheat flower season is from the end of October to the beginning of November. Buckwheat is a plant that local people in Ha Giang plant to harvest wheat for making cakes, their flowers, on the other hand, is a masterpiece and one of the reasons for a visit to Ha Giang.

5. Peach blossom, Sa Pa

Flower sasons in Vietnam
Peach blossom in Sapa.

Peach blossoms appear at the end of winter and the beginning of spring when the cold winds are gone and the sun starts to shine through. The irresistible beauty of delicate peach flower blooming in Sapa’s cold mountain weather has pushed many adventurers to come to this area for a hike comes the season. And if you’re really lucky, during December to February when the peach flowers bloom, it might even be snowing.   

6. Dragon Flower (Hoa phượng), Hải Phòng.

Flower sasons in Vietnam
Dragon flowers in Hai Phong city.

In Vietnam, dragon flowers are loved and closely connected to the memories of many school students because they start blooming at the beginning of summer (the time of no school and lots of fun!). In Hai Phong particularly, there are thousands of dragon flower trees planted on the two sides of the city’s streets making Hai Phong one of the most colorful cities in summer.