What to eat in Tokyo Japan? — Top 8 Tokyo must try food, best food to eat in Tokyo & best places to eat in Tokyo

I know that not only me, but many other young people travel to Tokyo just to… eat. Tokyo has many historical sites, attractions, and places to visit, but it is the culinary path that always appeals to me! Before every trip, everyone must gather information about how to travel, food, lodging, transportation, and so on… but for me, gathering food information is a must. So, where to eat in Tokyo and what to eat in Tokyo? Let’s take a look at our recommended best eats Tokyo (best Tokyo food blog) and most popular food in Tokyo as well as food must eat in Tokyo with the top 8 best food in Tokyo you must try.

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Japanese cuisine focuses on nutrition and decorations. | best food to eat in tokyo


sushi shop tokyo
Sushi, the most famous food in Japan.


shrimp tempura
Tempura, must eat food in Tokyo and all over Japan.

If in previous articles we shared with you a detailed guide to Japan as well as things to keep in mind before visiting Japan, in this article I will share with you the most worth trying dishes when visiting Tokyo.

Yakitori, popular must try food in Tokyo. | best food to eat in tokyo

But first, if you want to enjoy Tokyo cuisine, you have to go to Japan first. I repeat the things you need to prepare as follows:

What to prepare before visiting Tokyo?

4G Sim Card

Traveling abroad is a must-have 4G SIM Card, it’s easy to get lost if you cannot connect to the internet. The traffic in Japan is the most modern, but for first-time visitors, it is a bit scary ^^. Buy Sim to stay in touch, search information and virtual living.

Pocket WiFi

The solution for a large group of people is to rent a pocket wifi (instead of buying one person for one sim, it is a bit of waste). Unlimited data, high-speed access to meet the demand the needs connect to the internet at affordable price.

How to get around Tokyo by Tokyo Subway Pass?

To get around Tokyo, Japanese people prefer subway trains because they are convenient, fast, and inexpensive. There is no need to debate the modernity of Japan’s train system because it is the best in the world. As a tourist, you must also purchase a train pass (card) because taxis in Japan are extremely expensive.

Not to mention that there are many delicious traditional restaurants, and the best local food in Tokyo can be found at subway stations. I have detailed instructions for how to use the Tokyo Metro Pass (Tokyo Subway Pass) here if you want to know what it’s like.

Klook sells the Tokyo Metro Pass for 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours, depending on your itinerary. This Pass allows you to travel on the subway across 13 lines and 250 stations, and there is no limit to the number of train rides you can take, making it very convenient to get on and off any train you want.

How to travel by JR Pass?

Aside from the subway, there is also the JR Pass. The JR Pass is classified as a holy-type ticket in Japan, only for tourists. If you are planning to visit places all over Japan, you should definitely purchase the JR Pass ALL JAPAN.

Done! It appears to be preparing to travel to Japan. Now, please join me in reviewing the list of must-eat foods in Tokyo and best foods to eat in Tokyo, which is provided below.

Welcoming board visitors to Japan at Narita Airport

Best food to eat in Tokyo: RAMEN

The first is ramen, which is Japan’s national noodle dish. Oh, you want to try it right away, don’t you? Going to Japan and not eating ramen noodles is like visiting Hanoi and not eating Pho!

It is true that because of the reputation of this noodle dish, we have come to enjoy it immediately so that we can return and review it for you! A little history: Ramen noodles were first served at Rairaiken in Asakusa in 1910, and the ramen craze quickly spread throughout Japan. Noodles, fresh vegetables, pork, boiled eggs, and heirloom broth will be included in a bowl of ramen noodles. I despise ramen soup because I spent so much money in Tokyo eating ramen for several days!

Tonkotsu ramen, one of the most famous foods in Fukuoka, Japan
Tonkotsu ramen, one of the most famous must try food in Tokyo. | best food to eat in tokyo


Tsukemen Ramen hiroshima travel blog (1)
Tsukemen Ramen | best food to eat in tokyo

Ramen noodles have many different types, but there are 5 most popular ones:

  • Shoyu Ramen: Ingredients usually has dried bamboo shoots, green onions, fish cakes, seaweed, boiled eggs. When eating you will smell the blend of light taste of soy and soy sauce (because “Shoyu” means soy sauce in Japanese).
  • Tonkotsu Ramen: Often has pork, pickled red ginger, boiled eggs, onions and some vegetables. Tonkotsu is famous for the broth made from pork bones and fat, so it is quite fat and rich.
  • Shio Ramen: usually have pickled plums or fish ball, boiled eggs and some vegetables. The broth is made from a variety of salts combining chicken bones or pork. It is quite difficult to eat!
  • Miso Ramen: ingredients as well as other types of ramen but the plus point is that there are more corn (I like corn ^^) so the broth is quite sweet, easy to eat, gentle but attractive.
  • Tsukemen Ramen: also known as cold noodles, so this type is popular in the hot season only. According to my taste, the broth of tsukemen ramen has a stronger flavor than the other types of ramen, eating unfamiliar will be easy to reverberant. The difference of this type of ramen is the broth put in a separate cup, when eating, we pick up the noodles, dip in the cup of broth and put it in our mouth (like eating bun cha in Hanoi).
Miso Ramen at Arashi Ramen
Ramen at Menya Shono

Summary as above, if you have enough time, you should try all kinds of ramen to feel the difference and subtle in each bowl of Japanese noodles. As the culinary pride of an entire nation, it’s not like we ate instant noodles at home! I have to admit it’s delicious until to the last drop of broth. One of best eats Tokyo, best food to eat in Tokyo, best local food in Tokyo, definitely have to try!

Shio Ramen


A bowl of ramen will cost between 800 – 1.200 yen depending on the type and store, if you order more topping, the price will be slightly higher.

Where to eat Ramen in Tokyo?

  • Kagari: 4-4-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Here, you will enjoy noodles while listening to classical jazz, super cozy for the stormy days =))
  • Gogyo Ramen: Rojiman Nichi-Azabu building, 1st floor, 1-4-36 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo. This restaurant has high rating in Tokyo. Should try!
    Afuri: 1st floor, building 117, 1-1-7 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. It is said that the ramen broth here is taken from Mount Afuri for cooking.
  • Hakata Ippudo: 1-3-12 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Noodles here are famous for their toughness and has the taste of aromatic cream soup.
  • Ichiran Ramen: This is not a shop, but a chain of ramen shops with the Ichiran brand scattered throughout Japan. Why is it called a private brand? Because it’s not like any noodle shop in Japan. Ichiran ramen specializes in selling noodles to loners and hates communicating with humans (?!?). It only serves ramen belonging to the Tonkotsu type. The way to enjoy noodles here is also super unique.
Ramen at Hakata Ippudo | best local food in tokyo


Ichiran Ramen, lonely noodles in Japan | best local food in tokyo

Read more: Top ramen in Tokyo — Top 6 best ramen restaurants in Tokyo.

Best eats Tokyo: SUSHI

After the popular name Ramen, we have to mention Sushi. This is a extremly famous food in Tokyo and around the world with the main ingredient of rice mixed with vinegar, topping with fresh fish (nigri), rolled with seafood, raw meat and possibly more vegetables, seaweed … Only heard the process of making the mixed rice with vinegar to make sushi is enough to see how meticulous and skillful it is.

Sushi in Tokyo

The types of seafood used to make sushi are usually tuna, salmon, eel, pufferfish, mackerel, shrimp, octopus, sometimes even sea crabs or some other types of snails, abalone… Well, a big plus is that you can use brown rice to make sushi, so it’s extremely healthy for those who want to lose weight.

Tokyo sushi
| food must eat in tokyo


shinjuku,best neighborhoods in tokyo for tourist,best neighbourhoods in tokyo,coolest neighborhoods in tokyo
Paradise sushi at Kizunasushi restaurant

Sushi is a traditional food born in Japan since ancient times. Sushi processing and presentation are so sophisticated that based on that, one can understand the personality and culture of Japanese people as well. The chef who made Sushi is really an artisan. So subtle! Therefore, if you have the opportunity to go to Japan, you must try to eat authentic Sushi here, because many sushi shops in your country do not show all the beauty hidden in Sushi.

Depending on the way of presentation, Sushi is divided into many different types, sometimes just eating without asking, I cannot remember all the names of sushi. I was impressed with some types of sushi such as nigiri sushi (nigirizushi), rolled sushi (makizushi), wrapped sushi (oshisushi), cone-shaped sushi (temaki).

You will see firsthand the “artisan” making Sushi and present it on the table.


sushi shop, Tokyo
An art work


Sushi is usually sold in portions/plates at prices of 100 yen or more depending on the type of Sushi and the shop you choose (usually you have to eat a few dishes to be enough, hehe). Or more common is conveyor belt Sushi.

Where to eat Sushi in Tokyo?

Sushi Sora

Here are some affordable sushi restaurants in Tokyo you can try:

  • Ganso Zushi (Address: 2 Chome-8-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan): Conveyor belt sushi, affordable price so you can freely to eat without fear of burning your wallet, English menu for tourists.
  • Genki Sushi (Address: 24-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan): This place is very popular with foreign tourists.
  • Uobei (Address: 2-29-11 Dogenzaka | 1f, Shibuya 150-0043, Tokyo Prefecture): There is no conveyor-style here, but the diners want to eat what kind of sushi they will click on the electronic board to choose, then the chef will process and serve, ensuring sushi is always fresh and delicious.
sushi, Tsukiji, tokyo, japan
Numerous tourists queuing to enjoy sushi at the outside of Tsukiji Market.

If you are a lover of Sushi, then try to learn how to make it, come back to Vietnam and cook in the kitchen to satisfy your taste. Klook has offers a tour of shopping and learn how to make sushi, taught by true artisans. Maybe you can make delicious too when you come back to the country to open Sushi shop, haha.

Food must try in Tokyo: TEMPURA

Those who love fried food have to must eat Tempura when they coming to Tokyo. This is a famous dish in Japan including vegetables (eggplant, bell peppers, potatoes, green pepper, bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes, shiitake mushrooms …), seafood is battered and deep fried in oil that make a crunchy and fragrant dish all over your nose! Online community review that Tempura is a true harmony between Chinese origin, European taste and Japanese artistic creation.

Tempura (including eel spine kara-age) – Kawatatsu, Kyoto
Tempura (including eel spine kara-age).

The most popular dipping sauce with Tempura is diluted soy sauce, which can be added with fine chopped white radish or chopped ginger to enhance flavor. Usually, when fried tempura is finished, it must be eaten immediately, because if it is left to cool for a long time, it will be no longer crispy and less delicious.

Vegtables tempura | most popular food in tokyo
| best local food in tokyo

Price, where to eat Tempura?

Tempura is often served with other dishes such as cold noodles, rice balls, hot noodles or regular mixed rice. So if you go to Japanese restaurants, you will easily see Tempura. Price is not too expensive, popular, delicious, cheap and carefree. No need to bother.

fukuoka tempura
| best local food in tokyo

But there are also some restaurants specializing in Tempura like:

  • Tsunahachi Restaurant: 3-31-8, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
  • Tempura Kondo: 5-5-13 Ginza Sakaguchi Bldg. 9F, Chuo 104-0061 Tokyo.
  • Tempura Tendon Tenya: Shinjuku Central Building B1-26-2, 1-25-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

What to eat in Tokyo Japan: DORAYAKI

Dorayaki | best local food in tokyo

Dorayaki is a snack in Japan. A traditional cake, the shape is similar to dumplings with two flat crust made from flour, spread with honey, and baked, the inside usually is filled with red bean paste. But today, there are many more types of filling such as chocolate, bananas … for diners to choose.

Price, where to eat Dorayaki?

Does Dorayaki and Doraemon look the same? Keke, that’s because this Dorayaki cake appeared in the hit manga when Doraemon ate and enjoyed it. If you are a fan of machine cat, you should try it! A cake is about 205 yen.

| best food to eat in tokyo

Dorayaki is considered one of the best street food in Tokyo. So you do not take too much time to hunt it. Walking around the street, you will see hot dorayaki stalls on the spot, or will be in supermarkets or convenience stores.

Strawberry ice-cream Dorayaki at Arashiyama store | best food to eat in tokyo

Best local food in Tokyo: UDON

Aside from the holy ramen mentioned in the preceding section, Udon noodles are a well-known dish in Japan. As I previously stated, the land of the rising sun is the birthplace of noodle dishes, so don’t be surprised if I suggest you go eat noodles (of course, it’s more delicious and worth the money of three thousand and a half VND instant noodles in our country). Every bowl of noodles in Japan contains a whole background of elitism, which is the crystallization of the Japanese ingenious hands, creativity, and meticulousness.

One of the types of udon noodles in Japan | best food to eat in tokyo

Udon is made from flour, and its most notable feature is its extremely thick noodles. The noodles are as big as a chopstick in many places where Udon is prepared authentically. However, I later learned that, depending on the location and the weather, people varied the size of different noodles to suit. For example, in the hot season, noodles are thin, whereas in the cold season, larger noodles are preferred. There are two ways to eat udon noodles: hot or cold, but I think hot noodles are more delicious.

Kake-udon at Haneda Airport | best food to eat in tokyo

What’s hot about Udon?

The popular Udon noodles you should try are:

  • Kake-udon: Kake means “pouring up”, which means that when you eat this type of noodle, the broth will fill the bowl of noodles and… that’s it, nothing more ^^. Please be hard to ask, you might add pinch of scallions sprinkle on top for coloring! It sounds bland, but you should also try to taste the flavor of the broth, unlike boiling water for instant noodles, haha.
  • Kitsune-udon: Kitsune means “fox”. It sounds like strange but actually eats noodles with a piece of tofu, haha ​​:)) Locals say that the fox likes to eat tofu, so named as it?! Sounds relevant, LOL.
  • Tempura-udon: Served udon noodles with Tempura. As for this type of udon, I find it more delicious to eat cold noodles, the broth contains in a separate small cup, sprinkle onions, squeeze lemon, mix with the broth and enjoy. The tempura is crispy and fragrant, the broth is rich blends with the sour taste of lemon. Oh my God, I want to salivate now!
  • There is also Goto-udon: This type of vegetarian udon noodles, often used by monks and vegetarians. If you come to Japan on the full moon day, Goto-udon is the perfect choice for you.
Kitsune-udon at Tsurutontan Roppongi | food must try in tokyo


Tempura-udon can be eaten with salad and Miso soup too | food must try in tokyo


Goto-udon is simple with eggs, onions and sesame but still strangely delicious | food must try in tokyo

Besides the types of noodles I’ve just mentioned, there are over a dozen different types of Udon in Japan, if you stay in Japan for a long time, slowly enjoy them. Price of a bowl of Udon noodles is also softer than Ramen, from 500 yen so the effect to battle the hunger is quite high if you “suddenly out of money” in Japan!

Where to eat Udon in Tokyo?

Omen restaurant
| food must try in tokyo

Traveling in Tokyo, you can easily eat Udon noodles in restaurants that are well reviewed by international tourists such as: Mentsu-dan (this restaurant has all kinds of Udon and the chefs will cook udon right in front of your eyes), Kagawa Ippuku (specializing in Udon beef noodles and curry udon, highly recommended !!!), Mogami Rakunoen (Udon noodles in this restaurant make the noodles similar to Pho noodles, eat to remember the taste of the hometown :D).

In addition, for cheaper, you should go to the convenience stores along the streets, here also selling Udon noodles at very affordable price.

Sanuki Udon japan (1)
The ingredients of a bowl of sanuki udon noodles may vary depending on your taste. | food must try in tokyo

Udon noodles are also purchased by tourists as Japanese gifts for their family and friends as well, because of their affordable price but rich with traditional flavors. If you are thinking about what to buy, you can consider this item.

Tokyo must try food: YAKITORI

If you hear “yaki”, you know that this dish will be grilled ^^. Japanese dishes often use ingredients such as pork or seafood, vegetables, so yakitori should also be grilled pork, right ?! It’s wrong, this is grilled chicken!

yakitori, japan
| tokyo must try food

This is a light advertisement that no one going to Tokyo miss this dish, because it’s so delicious! How should I say it, it’s so delicious that if you tasted once, you would miss it for a lifetime <3 <3 <3.

yakitori, japan
| tokyo must try food

What’s hot about Yakitori?

Each golden brown chicken skewer is beautifully grilled, and the fragrant aroma from being carefully marinated by salt and traditional sauce “tare” stormed into the nose, ecstatic how many hungry stomachs. Say a little, the sauce is made from a proportional mixture of soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and sake (it sounds intoxicating, hihi), so every piece of chicken has a salty, strange sweet taste. Some places even spread honey on the grill to make it even more tasty, so delectable!

Yakitori dipping with special sauce | tokyo must try food

When ordering a portion of Yakitori, you will have 2 options: served with salt or dip in sauce. This depends on the taste of the diners and what parts of the chicken are grilled! Thighs, skin, wings, cartilage, gizzard … are enough for you to choose. So if you are eating this dish for the first time in Japan, you should ask the staff for advice on how to eat ^^.

The big advantage of Yakitori is that, despite being so famous and delicious, the price is very reasonable, making it popular among both tourists and Japanese locals. This dish is served almost everywhere, from high-end restaurants to popular eateries. And, for the most part, it is easy to find and enjoy along the streets. As a result, Yakitori has become synonymous with Japanese street food. In the evening, you can go for a walk and try some skewers while sipping a little sake. 1 skewer costs approximately 298 yen. It will be much more expensive if you eat in restaurants in the style of a combo with other dishes (but if you are “rich kids,” I won’t stop =]]).

Yakitori – grilled chicken skewers, specialty in Japan | tokyo must try food

Where to eat Yakitori in Tokyo?

If you visit Tokyo, don’t forget to pay a visit to Isehiro (Address: 1 Chome-5-4 Kyobashi, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0031, Japan). This is Tokyo’s oldest and best Yakitori restaurant, having opened nearly a century ago. The shop is in the heart of Tokyo, only a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Station. While dining here, you will hear many anecdotes about Japan’s history throughout the ages. The shop is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. for dinner (except Sunday) (Surprise :v).

Street food in Ginza, paradise of food. | tokyo must try food

In addition, if you like street food, you should visit the Ginza in the evening, drop by Yakitori Alley located right under the JR train station running along Harumi – Dori. This is a gathering place for a series of small kiosks that sell Yakitori, just like the craft villages in our country. Here, sells grilled chicken skewers at very affordable prices, actually this place sells anything cheap! People often gather to eat barbeque and drink in the evening.

yakitori, japan
Yakitori, grilled chicken skewers. | must eat food in tokyo

Must eat food in Tokyo: TONKATSU

This is fried pork. Pork is evenly sliced, is battered and deep fried, when eating crispy, crunchy, sounds is awesome ^^.

What is hot about Tonkatsu?

Tonkatsu – fried pork can be served with many other dishes | must eat food in tokyo

Tonkatsu with chopped cabbage and miso soup was my meal. Actually, I admire the deep-frying technique of Japanese food because, even though the batter is covered in fried gold, the inside is still very fresh and not burnt. This Tonkatsu, in particular, requires that the core of the meat remain pink after frying, rather than white or black, due to the infamous failure :v.

Tonkatsu served with Udon noodles are also great. | must eat food in tokyo
A delicious tonkatsu is pink inside like this. | must eat food in tokyo

Where to eat Tonkatsu in Tokyo?

Here are the top Tonkatsu restaurants in Tokyo for you refer to:

Happy Tonkatsu at Hinata | must eat food in tokyo
  • Hinata: 2 Chome-13-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku City, Tokyo. Pork here is scrumptious so it’s a bit expensive. I haven’t tried this place yet, but listening to the rumor about eating Tonkatsu in Hinata is the utmost happiness ?! So curious = ’=
  • Marugo: 1-8-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. This restaurant is famous for its delicious sauce, dip a sliced of fried pork in the sauce and then take a bite, you feel satisfy immediately! Plus point: get 1 bowl of rice for free.
  • Uchida: 1-7-14 Higashi Shin-Koiwa, Katsushika, Katsushika City, Tokyo. Tonkatsu here is 3 times thicker than normal, suitable for devotees who “don’t eat it, eat once and eat until satisfy!”
tonkatsu japan
The tonkatsu with crispy outer skin and soft sweet meat inside. | must try food in tokyo

In fact, Tonkatsu is a very popular dish in Japan, so it can be served with rice. No need to wriggle around the narrow alley you alsp can take the subway to the stations to find shops that sell this dish right away. A good tip for you is that if you eat in the station area, the price will be cheaper than restaurants or shops along the streets.

Coming to Tokyo remember to drink Sake

japanese wines
| must try food in tokyo

Remember this! If you eat, you have to drink, not to mention choosing the right drink will help the dish reach the peak of the flavor. And sake is the most traditional Japanese alcohol that matches the most delicious dishes. Ramen noodles, Udon noodles, Tempura, Yakitoki skewers or what the hell, just eat a chopstick and take a sip of sake is the best.

What is delicious Sake?

Sashimi with some sake makes it more delicious | must try food in tokyo

Sake is an alcoholic drink, made from rice and water, was born in the ancient times and has never been lost at all (because it’s delicious, not in Japan because it is too much of a drunkard :)). Drinking alcohol helps the mood relax, lightheaded in emotion and especially when the alcohol drops run, the body warms there so it is extremely suitable to drink in the cold winter. Those who like cold, let drink cold, those who like hot drink, drink hot, any type of sake is still delicious and round in the tongue, absorbed in the throat.

Sake in Japan has many flavors, many types, you can choose whatever you like | must try food in tokyo

Rest assured, sake will only help you enjoy food for better, not throw you away, unless you drink too much. Going to Tokyo to play but lying down all day is a waste of money! So, drink and enjoy to know the taste is okay, just be happy, don’t be too happy, LOL. It is best not to take a large sip like drinking Vietnamese alcohol and then wheeze to fire the fire, very poor, huhu!

Sake and Onigiri | must try food in tokyo

Where to drink Sake in Tokyo?

If you want to spend an evening to sipping sake with your friends, I recommend that you visit the pubs. As pubs, but there is always good traditional Japanese food to enjoy with sake, affordable, there is also a good viewing spot if you hard to finding, freely drinking and sightseeing of the city. For example:

  • DEN Rokuen-Tei: 8th Floor, PARCO 1, 15-1, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. With city view at night and with English speaking staff.
  • Kaikaya: 23-7 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. This restaurant sells wine and seafood dishes. Try eating raw seafood and drinking wine to look like the locals ^^
  • Sumibi Kushiyaki shogun: 2nd floor, Wako building, 2-6-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. This restaurant specializes in Yakitori (grilled chicken), very good and is served with typical sake.