The Bene Hotel Bali review — A 4-star modern hotel in Kuta, Bali you should stay

Hello everyone! So far, I’ve only had a chance to assess the hotel where I stayed in the Kuta region during my vacation to Bali. It’s The Bene Hotel, a 4-star hotel in the neighborhood. This hotel is not distant from the Kuta beach (very convenient to walk to the sea). In brief, Kuta in Bali is a lively neighborhood near the sea that attracts a large number of western tourists. This area is densely packed with hotels and resorts. So, you’re planning a vacation to Bali and don’t know where to stay? Let us look at a modern 4-star hotel in the Kuta district of Bali that we highly recommend: The Bene Hotel Kuta Bali (the Bene Hotel Bali, The Bene Hotel Kuta by astadala, the bene hotel in Bali). Now, let’s read our The Bene Hotel Kuta review (the Bene Hotel Bali reviews)!

Shimmering at night

The hotel also offers floating breakfast service, a specialty of Balinese people.
An spa therapy

Because of the region’s proximity to the beach, hotel costs in this area are typically fairly expensive. Furthermore, because many Western visitors visit here, the majority of hotels are built in a modern Western design, rather than the traditional nature-friendly resorts of Bali. One of them is the Bene Hotel Bali.

When it comes to picking a hotel location, looking for a hotel, and looking at photographs, there is nothing exceptional about The Bene when compared to the 4-star hotels I have ever encountered in Vietnam. Not to mention, on a blogger’s vlog, I saw her complimenting The Bene a lot, yet the photos in this tape do not appear nice. As a result, I don’t expect it to be a surprise. But, when I came, I was extremely shocked since the impression in the images and in reality are completely different!

In actuality, The Bene Hotel is incredibly clean, spacious, and contemporary. You can view some of my actual photographs. Regarding the image in the article, I use the rest of the photographs on my phone and other booking sites because the photos shot with the camera were destroyed when the memory card was misplaced (see temporarily).

| the bene hotel kuta by astadala

The room is very clean, modern and spacious.

Overview The Bene Hotel Kuta by Astadala (The Bene Hotel Bali)

  • Hotel: 4-star hotel
  • Location: Kuta area
  • Address: Jl. Benesari, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia.
    Welcome amenities: Welcome drinks, cooling towels.
  • FREE bottled mineral water.
  • FREE WiFi.
  • Check-in time: From 3 PM, and check-out time is until 12 PM.
  • Booking: The room rates from $25.99. You can check rates, reviews and book on or

Review the room of The Bene Hotel in Bali (The Bene Hotel Kuta)

That day, I checked-in quite late when coming from Ubud. While waiting for check-in, the receptionist brings a glass of welcome drink. In the meantime, I take advantage of looking around: the reception area facing the breakfast restaurant area and adjacent to the swimming pool. The space is very large and modern. Guests here are mainly old Western guests, in the right type of vacation, enjoying old age.

The magnetic key card for my room.

After checking my booking again, they also reconfirmed that the floating breakfast service I had booked in advance and informed that breakfast would be available tomorrow at 7:00 am. After checking-in, I was led up to the room and gave a magnetic card to access the room.

The room is clean and spacious. The interior is decorated in a simple but very delicate and luxurious way. Especially, the room uses yellow lights, creating a very cozy feeling. After spent a few days to stay a nature-friendly resort, when I came here and entered this room, I felt cozy and safe. For me, traveling alone, the feeling of “being safe” is still first.

| the bene hotel bali

| the bene hotel bali


The room type I booked call the Deluxe Room

The room is equipped with a separate wardrobe, separate shoe closet, mini safe. There are both Japanese-style bath robes and fashion slippers.

In addition, the bathroom is also very spacious and clean. There is a standing bathroom with a transparent door that separates the bathroom from the hand sink area. There are towels, face towels, toiletries, and hairdryer available.

| the bene hotel bali

The hotel corridoor is clean and comfortable with tables and chairs to sit and rest, chat, admire the morning (or night) if you want.

The other rooms

| the bene hotel kuta review

The room next to the swimming pool | the bene hotel kuta review


| the bene hotel kuta bali


| the bene hotel kuta bali

Go green and save our planet

The unique thing about this hotel in particular, and many other locations in Bali in general, is the spirit of preserving a green and beautiful environment by conserving all resources for the planet. Especially at The Bene Hotel, each room will have a card like this, with the following content:

You make the difference:

  • Not put this card on your bed, means: “Don’t exchange the linen”.
  • Put this card on the bed, means: “Please exchange the linen”.
  • Hanging up your towel, means: “I will use it again”.
  • A towel on the floor, means: “Please exchange”

The swimming pool of The Bene Hotel Kuta

The swimming pool at the Bene Hotel Bali is fairly large, attractive, and quite pleasant to swim few loops in the morning. On both sides of the pool, there are two rows of seats for sunbathing or reading a book. You should go here early in the morning to experience the magnificent area with blue water, peaceful surroundings, and a nice wind approaching. This is a calm sensation for which nothing can be substituted.

Floating Breakfast – Enjoy a “floating breakfast” in the middle of the pool

A Balinese invention is the floating breakfast in the pool. This exquisite delight for tourists is claimed to have helped the Balinese earn a lot of money. This is because they are interested in the hobby of photographing tourists’ virtual living and lavish experiences.

The hotel also offers floating breakfast service, a specialty of Balinese people.

To enjoy the Floating Breakfast at The Bene Hotel Kuta or other hotels/resorts, you must to make a reservation so that the hotel staff can prepare. Breakfast generally begins about 7 a.m., after they are finished cooking.

In overall, I am extremely pleased with all of The Bene’s services. However, because this hotel is contemporary, the floating breakfast is not as gorgeous and mystical as it is in Ubud’s deep forest resorts!

Close-up of a dish among floating breakfast dishes.

Furthermore, people who wish to take virtual photographs with the Floating Breakfast should first study the image and color of the tray in order to prepare appropriate clothes with the contrast color of the tray. My food tray is red, and I’m wearing a black and white checkered bikini, so they don’t go well together. Later, I’ll write a review of Floating Breakfast.

The Bene Hotel Bali: The spa

The Bene also provides spa services in the traditional Balinese way. More information and rates for spa packages may be obtained from the hotel.

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| the bene hotel kuta


| the bene hotel kuta

Some more images from the reception and restaurant area

The front desk | the bene hotel kuta


The restaurant next to the pool | the bene hotel in bali


| the bene hotel kuta
The bar | the bene hotel kuta


| the bene hotel in bali

Above are some of my reviews of the 4-star hotel The Bene Hotel Kuta for you refer to. Personally, I am very satisfied with my experience here. Hopefully today’s article has provided useful information for you to choose a great place to stay in your Bali trip. Happy traveling!