Singapore Changi world’s 5th most luxurious airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport, famous for the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, is ranked the fifth most luxurious airport along with Australia’s Sydney International Airport by travel insurance provider AllClear.

Its list of 20 most luxurious airports is topped by Dubai International Airport followed by London Heathrow in the U.K. and Doha Hamad International Airport in Qatar.

According to the report, what makes the Dubai airport stand out from others is the abundance of luxury hotels in its vicinity: There are over 70 high-end hotels within a three-mile radius.

The details in the design of Changi Airport


To compile the list, the British company analyzed 1,800 airports across the globe based on factors such as the number of designer stores, vicinity to four- and five-star hotels, lounges available to passengers, and ease of finding a champagne bar or caviar house.

Though Changi is acclaimed for the quality of its service and passenger experience, it lacks luxury hotels nearby.

It is famous for its modern amenities and services, duty-free shopping, indoor rainforest, and the waterfall.

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It has automated check-in and entry registration, biometric authentication systems and artificial intelligence to transport luggage.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport ranks seventh in the list.

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