Overwhelmed by the tallest sitting Buddha statue in Binh Phuoc at Quoc Van Thanh Pagoda

Join Compass Vietnam Travelers to explore the Temple of the National Buddha, known as the pagoda with the tallest sitting Buddha statue in Binh Phuoc, featuring a unique architecture, both ancient and strange highlights.

Buddha Quoc Van Thanh Pagoda has located only 100km from Saigon, designed by Nam Cuong Architecture company with the original idea from the current owner of the temple. The model of pagoda construction is the intersection point of Buddhism in the South and the North, the connection point between Vietnamese Buddhist architecture and Japanese culture. Temple of the Buddha Quoc Van ThanhPicture of the largest sitting Buddha statue in Binh Phuoc. Photo: Screenshot Youtube

Unique Architecture of the National Buddha Temple of Van Thanh

Unique architectural features of the Buddha Quoc Van Thanh starting from the temple gate is the three-door gate, 5-door design and two outer doors are fake doors. In the front, there are two statues of guarding the gate guard that increase the solemnity of the temple gate. The temple gate consists of 3 paths with a large middle door and two small doors of equal size.

In the middle entrance is built high over the other two aisles, the wall of the gate is brick and covered with white paint and sculptures of elaborate, sophisticated patterns, the high and wide forehead, so that the upper part stands out. Soft embossed letter projection.Gate of the Buddhist Temple of Van ThanhImpressed with the Gate of the Buddhist Temple of the National City of Van Thanh. Photo: Architecture Nam Cuong

The image of two dragon-chained-crescent moon attached to the projection book represents the spirit of the spirit to worship the gods. The large yellow text “Quoc Van Thanh Buddha” on the letterhead helps Buddhists recognize the name of the pagoda when coming to burn incense to worship. On the front of the gate, each walkway has a dragon head carved and embossed with sophisticated stones showing strength and authority. The patterned motifs attached on the gate are also extremely delicate, bearing the imprint of the ancient temple architecture in Vietnamese culture.

Gate of the Buddhist Temple of Van Thanh. Photo: Architecture Nam CuongThe temple roof is also extremely delicate. Photo: Architecture Nam Cuong

The roof gate of Buddha Quoc Van Thanh Pagoda is designed in a Japanese style, the roof is vertical, then gradually and curves at the top with a moderate curvature and no dragon pattern on the roof like Vietnamese temple architecture In the south, the roof of the pagoda is also quite wide and slopes down so that rainwater can be easily drained, and does not cause heavy stress on the roof of the pagoda.

Temple Tower of the Buddha Quoc Van Thanh consists of 3 very massive towers. The body of the temple tower is built in a square shape. Design of the pagoda tower has the largest body on the first floor, the higher it gets, the smaller the tower body. The tower rises high and features intricate carvings.

Temple of the Buddha Quoc Van Thanh

The pagoda in the design of the pagoda has the tallest seated Buddha statue in Binh Phuoc like a lotus flower, with the roof of the pagoda being blooming flowers brilliantly in the sun. Surrounding the temple tower is a spacious, airy and tranquil space, a space filled with greenery of plants and flowers.

Specifically, this temple located in Cha La Lake (Son Nhi Dam) Chon Thanh, Binh Long, Binh Phuoc is one of the spiritual spots in Binh Phuoc that is both unique and sacred for Tet 2021. There is also a temple extremely famous is Duc Hanh Pagoda – holds 2 records in Vietnam.Temple of the Buddha Quoc Van Thanh in Binh PhuocOverview of the largest sitting Buddha statue in Binh Phuoc. Photo: Screenshot Youtube

This is a new destination for Tet 2021 for those who love purity, spirituality and explore Buddhism, moreover, the temple also has many unique photo check-in corners, such as the high sitting Buddha statue. giant lying in the middle of a vast green nature. The tallest new sitting Buddha statue in Binh Phuoc, previously held the highest record in Southeast Asia with the afternoon shift of 73 meters.

The statue facing Cha Pagoda, in a population of up to 12 hectares, is a destination for tourists from all over the world to visit Tet, especially in the Southeast. The temple was built in about 2 years by a Buddhist voluntarily built on the floor of 5,600 m2, and by 2020, the temple inaugurated. Currently, there are still a few items under construction to go into the final stage, but visitors can still visit the pagoda, visit and pray.

In addition to the seated Buddha statue, the temple also has a 30-meter-high statue of Maitreya Buddha weighing up to 1 ton and placed on a 15-meter high concrete roof.

Traveling to Binh Phuoc on the occasion of Tet 2021 , visitors can also visit the peaceful and green eco-tourism area famous for its gardens and sweet fruit trees.