Explore Dalat Forest With Jungle Trekking Tour

When people think of Dalat, they think of the city of flowers. Few people think of Dalat as the best place in Vietnam or Southeast Asia to go bird watching. However, when exploring Dalat’s wonderful green woodland, you can come across a variety of wildlife. When you take a jungle trekking tour to explore Dalat’s scenic mountainous forests, you can also visit the popular Chicken Village and learn about the lives of ethnic minorities.

The highlights of the jungle trekking tour

– Visiting the natural scenery of Tuyen Lam lake

– Admire many rare species of birds and animals.

– Visiting Chicken Village, learn the culture and life of ethnic minorities here.

What will you be experiencing in the jungle trekking tour?

Enjoy the scenery of Tuyen Lam lake

Tuyen Lam lake is the starting point for the jungle trekking tour to explore Dalat forest. With a surface area of 350ha, this is Dalat’s largest freshwater lake, located approximately 6 kilometers south of the city center. It would take approximately one hour to sail on a river longer than one kilometer to explore the Dalat forest. Enjoy the fresh, cool air, blue sky, and romantic landscape of the old pine trees on Tuyen Lam Lake. Visit the villas under the trees and unwind before embarking on your journey.

Tuyen Lam Lake is a freshwater lake in Dalat that is also known as “Nam Thien De Nhat Lake” due to its wild and charming appeal to visitors. The lake is surrounded by lush pine trees, providing a relaxing atmosphere, and you can enjoy the lovely streets. You will engage in outdoor activities around the lake in addition to enjoying the romantic scenery.

Admire the beautiful birds

Dalat in general, and the Langbiang Plateau in particular, are two of the five Birdlife International-designated bird areas in Indochina. Da Lat is surrounded by three main ecosystems: pine woodland, evergreen broadleaf forest, and mixed forest. The weather is pleasant all year, and if you go roaming the jungle with binoculars or telephoto lenses, you will have the chance to admire beautiful birds. If you are excited about traveling or want to see the “timid” animals, this is the tour for you. You will be able to see and discover a host of unusual birds on a jungle trekking trip.

To see the different types of valuable wildlife, you can trek for hours across one of Vietnam’s darkest jungles. Enjoy the glorious sight of the pine forest, then the rolling hills among the vines and broad-leaf trees on the way. The calm but still animated environment, combined with the cool jungle wind, can make you feel as if you’ve awoken in a whole different world from what we’re used to. After the dense jungle area, we arrive at the breathtaking Elephant Mountain before gradually descending the hills along the valley and exiting the park. You’ll see a variety of livestock and minority farms along the way.

Visit the Chicken village and learn about the life of ethnic people living here

After loving the trek and admiring the birds and other valuable animals, don’t miss the chance to appreciate the giant rooster standing in the Chicken Village. The jungle trekking tour will take you to the ethnic minority’s chicken village. The Chicken Village is a small village nestled at the foot of the mighty Elephant Mountain; it is home to over 300 ethnic K’Ho, Chill families. You can also zoom out from the Chickens’ village to see the home, sloping land of Ma ethnic minorities, and transient rows of layers of green mash.

Furthermore, while visiting Chicken Village, you can hear about the ancient brocade weaving of the K’ho ethnic minority, Chill. This is one of the best things to do when visiting the Dalat forest.

Some useful tips for the jungle trekking tour

– Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes when climbing.

– Prepare personal items such as sunscreen or repellent..

Our professional team will help you to have a memorable trekking trip. Come to our the jungle trekking tour, you will be immersed in the wonderful nature of Dalat Forest.