COMO Maalifushi review — The best resort for your perfect vacation in the paradise of Maldives

The COMO Maalifushi brand was well-known and well-liked among high-end clients. This high-end resort chain has lately established itself in both Asia and Europe, primarily with a luxury resort style, an emphasis on health care, and a desire to provide its visitors with a pure sense and tranquility. So, are you planning a trip to the Maldives’ beautiful islands and don’t know where to stay among the luxury resorts? Don’t worry, we’ll recommend one of the top high-end resorts for you to consider. That is Como Maalifushi Maldives resort (como maalifushi Maldives hotel, maalifushi como resort Maldives, Como Maalifushi resort)! Now, let’s check out our Como Maalifushi review from how to get there, how to reserve, how to choose room type (beach suite, or water villa) to find out the answer!

Aerial view

Como Maalifushi review: Overview of Como Maalifushi Maldives

COMO Maalifushi resort, being the only resort in the Thaa Atoll area of the paradise island country of Maldives, fully converges the features for a high-end resort and really the most luxurious. Just by stepping foot in this sanctuary in the center of the enormous ocean, you will feel as if you have entered another planet, entirely private in a wonderful and charming backdrop.

The sea paradise


Very large infinity swimming pool

Perfect place for dining

COMO Maalifushi is a 5-star luxury resort in the Maldives, and guests may be confident in the services they will get at this high-end resort brand of COMO. My time here has been extremely enjoyable, with both the Water Villa and Beach Villa experiences, as well as the super-large swimming pool and round-trip seaplane transport service.



Private cruise tour

Getting from the airport to the Maalifushi COMO Resort Maldives

When flying to Velana International Airport, like with many other high-end resorts offering seaplane transfer service, you will need to check-in the aircraft in advance directly at this airport. After checking in, you will be given your seaplane tickets and driven to the resort lounge at the Seaplane Terminal, which is about a 10-minute drive from Velana.

Maldives seen from the Seaplane
Maldives seen from the Seaplane.

Although COMO Maalifushi’s lounge is smaller than Anantara Kihavah’s since it only serves visitors staying at one resort, Kihavah will welcome more Niyama resort guests. However, it is also large enough to accommodate the daily number of guests at COMO Maalifushi. It also sells food, mostly dry cakes, jams, and chocolate. There is also a view of the parking lot and seaplane takeoff from the lounge.

COMO Maalifushi’s Lounge

COMO Maalifushi review: Check-in and ther first impressions of the room

We arrived to COMO Maalifushi late in the afternoon because there were not many guests arriving at the resort that day with just one seaplane aircraft, which would land approximately 10 minutes by speedboat from the resort. We were greeted cordially by all of the resort’s senior management figures. Benjamin, the Resort Manager, and the leaders of the Front Office and Operations departments all smiled cheerfully to greet us.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries and anecdotes, a butler drove us to the property in a buggy. The check-in process is the same as it is at other 5-star luxury resorts. On the trip to the villas, entertainment zones, swimming pools, and restaurants, the butler also provided a tour of the resort. Once at the property, he also explained the interior design of the rooms, and a pre-planned schedule proposes activities for visitors during my vacation to the island.

The bar


| como maalifushi review


The restaurant overlooking the sea


Spectacular sunset | como maalifushi review

COMO Maalifushi review: The rooms we have experienced at the COMO Maalifushi Maldives

We also have experienced two classes of villas of the resort, namely the Beach Suite and the Water Suite. In terms of basic design, these two types of villas are quite similar, almost 90% similar from the layout, furniture and interior space. Only the landscape is different because one type is on the island and the other on the water. Both have super wide and super nice swimming pools!

COMO Maalifushi Beach Suite

View from the beach in front of my Beach Suite

Stepping into our first villa at COMO Maalifushi, wow, it was huge, very huge. Maybe I haven’t stayed in a resort in the Maldives with the Beach Villa room category for 2 people so large like this. Normally, the Beach Villa in the resorts, the bedroom and the living room are one, but here, they are separately divided into 2 rooms, and both rooms are very large.

Especially the living room, very large and full light with gray tones – bright from wooden background and furniture. Wooden chairs were made of very subtle materials and colors, must say extremely delicate, unlike anywhere else. The mattress placed on the chair seems to resemble the mattress in a bedroom, so it is thick and smooth. The feeling of lying here to reading or watching TV, listening to music is really comfortable.

| como maalifushi beach suite

| como maalifushi beach suite

The resort welcomed us with many surprises. First of all, the welcome amenities included a bottle of wine (we are lazy, so not drink!) and a bottle of orange juice in the ice bucket. A plate of fresh fruit and also a lot of other cool and interesting things. Such as a white steel water bottle printed with COMO logo, welcome cards handwritten by Resort Manager, useful information for visitors.

For my little daughter has a box of crayons and a book Play by COMO – COMO’s own brand with intellectual games for children. Inside are pictures of animals for the baby to paint, draw, logic games and other interesting games.

The toiletries in the bathroom are also worth a note and experience. From soap, shower gel, and shampoo all are labeled COMO Shambala brand – The famous brand of health care, spa, wellness of COMO. The scent of these items are also unique, it makes me feel lighter, refreshed and healthier.

| como maalifushi beach suite

COMO Maalifushi Water Suite

The Water Suite class is almost similar to the Beach Suite in terms of decoration and interior. In terms of spaciousness, Beach Suite’s living room seems a little bit larger. Another difference in the interior space is that the sofa has additional colorful pillows, which are more eye-catching.

| como maalifushi maldives

The Water Suite’s swimming pool is also L shaped like the Beach Suite, and both have a small pavilion at a corner. At first I didn’t pay much attention to the bed here, but when I approached and lay on it, I realized how smooth and refreshing it was. At sunset, our whole family lying on this bed heard the waves of the ocean, extremely cool even though it was sunny outside, how wonderful.

| como maalifushi maldives

COMO Maalifushi Water Villa

COMO Maalifushi has two main array of Water Villas located quite close to each other. One for Water Suites and another one for ​​Water Villas. The Water Villa class is slightly larger than the Water Suite. In particular, the resort also offers the types of 2, 3 and 4 super-wide bedrooms for those who travel with a large family. But note that the prices of 2, 3, 4 bedroom categories will be much more expensive than choosing 2 villas, 3 villas or 4 with 1 bedroom in one villa.

Water villas

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COMO maalifushi review: Restaurants and dining in COMO Maalifushi Resort

The resort has 3 main restaurants, in which Madi restaurant specializing in serving breakfast and dinner. Pizza Cabana restaurant is good for lunch and one special restaurant is Tai, which specializes in Japanese cuisine. For me, Tai is the best, both in terms of the food and the atmosphere to enjoy.

The breakfasts served in Madi are quite simple, with a selection of dishes available. Especially in the low season when the resort does not welcome many guests, you have a better option that is order for your own breakfast. Like at Anantara Kihavah, on the breakfast menu includes A La Carte dishes that you just need to sit at the table and order.

Breakfast at Madi Restaurant:

Space in Madi filled with sun and sea breeze:

| hotel como maalifushi maldives

Dinner in Madi with fragrant lamb dish:

We often have dinner at Madi and Tai, and have lunch at Cabana. But the biggest impression to me was probably the dinners at Tai Restaurant. The space around is immense sea and sky, because Tai is a floating restaurant. There is both outdoor and indoor dining area. After dining, you can sit in chairs on a wooden floor, where there is no distance between people and the sea.

Dinner at Tai Restaurant:

| hotel como maalifushi maldives


| como maalifushi review

The food in Tai was so delicious. We call both sushi and sashimi which are signature dishes of Japan, in addition to order some other dishes, fried rice is also very good. If you have children, don’t forget to order fried rice for them. Eating here has $75 food credit for each person, we eat to the fullest and only pay the extra charge of about $20-30 for my whole family. Another cool thing in Tai is that they have a place for feeding baby sharks, if you interested in, you can pick up the bait that the resort is prepared to drop down to watch the fish feeding.

COMO Maalifushi review: Fun activities while stay at the Hotel COMO Maalifushi Maldives

What is particularly prominent of COMO Maalifushi? It’s definitely COMO Shambala and Play by COMO.

Spa at COMO Shambala

COMO Shambala is a brand of health care and spa of COMO. I experienced a 1 hour full body massage at Over Water Spa. This is a Spa area with 8 water villas, where guests can come to relax and choose the suitable treatment for themselves.

| como maalifushi review

First you will be greeted at the lobby, filling in some information about your body and health. After that, you will go to the dressing room, clean your body if necessary because there is a hot water pool for bathing and relaxation. The staff will lead you to a waterfront villa in the Spa area and do the registered treatment.

The treatments here will be exercised by specialized staff, along with COMO Shambala branded items such as essential oils, aromatic oils with characteristic scents. Only one thing is when doing the massage therapy and you have to face down, unfortunately COMO does not have a transparent glass on the floor to see the sea below.

Children’s play area Play by COMO

In addition to COMO Shambala, those who traveling whith their family can experience at Play by COMO. It is a kid club area with many interesting activities and games, kids will surely love it. Right outside this kid club area is a quite large football field, enough to run and dance here all day.

Football field next to Play by COMO

Snorkeling at COMO Maalifushi

Sea water in COMO Maalifushi is super clear, especially in the Water Villa area. I love to walk around the Water Villa to see the marine life here, where the seawater is like sparkling crystals and clearly see small rocks, or colorful fish. Sometimes you can even see octopus wandering around.


In addition, for those who are passionate about diving to watching coral, you can go to the Sport Center located at the end of the island, passing the Madi restaurant. The resort will let you borrow Snorkeling equipment for free, and go straight to the nearby jetty to snorkeling. The staff will show you which area can best see the best coral.


COMO Maalifushi review: Quality of service at COMO Maalifushi Maldives

The most impressive thing for me at COMO Maalifushi, apart from the absolute tranquility is that the staff are extremely friendly with my kid. With each meal, we weren’t spent much time to look after the baby, because the friends at the restaurant are always coming and asking and having fun with her. One day my baby was given the drawings and crayons, the other day there was a new kind of toy that she always enjoyed.

Aerial view of COMO Maalifushi

Most of us go to the Maldives and are always looking for the most beautiful resorts, with the best things, with the most beautiful virtual live photo spots. But there is a luxury 5-star resort in the Maldives, COMO Maalifushi, which is also very beautiful, virtual life is also very great, but moreover, it is a resort that is really suitable for a “resort” trip. No noise, not many guests, what you feel is outstanding here, it is an amazing peace.

| como maalifushi review

If you are looking for peace in Maldives paradise, you definitely come and experience at COMO Maalifushi. The resort does not have too many guests, especially the majority guests are Westerners, often staying long. So there is no noise that you often see in Asians. All have the same hobby of relaxation, peace and enjoying precious time without having to worry about anything but enjoying the sun, wind, sand and blue sea in COMO Maalifushi paradise.

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