Bohol day trip from Cebu — One day in Bohol, a mysterious island of the Philippines

Although the Philippines is endowed with over 7,000 large and small islands, including several paradise islands such as Cebu and Palawan, it is not just known for its gorgeous beaches. But not to the point that this location lacks other vistas that make me appreciate, awe, and astonish after my visit. Bohol is one such destination, offering something unique to those who are simply interested in beach holidays. Bohol provides me with a new and more exciting perspective of the Philippines, one that is somewhat untamed and full of adventure. According to the tour guide, with just around 24% of foreign visitors visiting each year, Bohol is not a popular international destination. After visiting this location, I’m left wondering why, despite the fact that it has gorgeous chocolate-shaped hills, rainforests, rich fauna, thrilling outdoor activities, and premium resorts, and everything else that might make it more popular with tourists. So, what should you do and where should you go to Bohol for one day? Check out my Bohol day trip from Cebu (Bohol day tour from Cebu) to learn about the finest things to do in Bohol and the top things to do in Bohol!

Bohol Island
Bohol Island, the less-known tourist destination of the Philippines.


bohol chocolate-hills
Chocolate hills, the symbol of Bohol. | bohol day trip from cebu


jeepney, Bohol
Jeepney, Bohol

Bohol day trip from Cebu: Getting from Cebu to Bohol Island

When I boarded the quick boat from Cebu to Bohol on a gloomy day, I worried that the experience would be spoilt by the weather. The rain that spread like a spider’s web over the Ocean Jet ferry’s glass pane made me even more concerned. When the boat’s air conditioner was running at maximum capacity, every passenger was snuggled together as if winter had arrived; I only hope the ferry would end soon.

Ferry from Cebu to Bohol

OceanJet Ferry Ticket (One Way/Round Trip) Bohol-Cebu

You may purchase tickets for a variety of ferry companies with varying departure schedules, including Supercat, Ocean Jet, Weesam Express, FastCat, and Starcraft. However, the journey time from Cebu to Bohol remains consistent at about 2 hours. I took the SuperCat boat for the return journey and the Ocean Jet for the departing trip; the service was not noticeably different. The fare from Cebu to Bohol is 25 pesos ($0.4), while the fare from Bohol to Cebu is 20 pesos ($0.4).

Bohol Pier

Below are the best things to do in Bohol, top things to do in bohol to spend one day in Bohol on a Bohol day trip from Cebu.

Best things to do in Bohol: Visit Magnificent of “Chocolate Hills”

bohol chocolate-hills-PHIL0116
Bohol chocolate hills, Philippines

The region is a cluster of closely spaced hills fashioned like Hershey’s Kisses chocolate and is almost an emblem of the island of Bohol. At first, I assumed this was a famous cocoa-growing location, hence the name, but it is actually a mint-growing location, hence the odd form of the hills. It consists of roughly 1,776 hills scattered across an area of 50km2 and rising to a height of around 120m.


You have to traverse 1 city and 4 small villages to reach here from Tagbilaran City Tourist Port; the 40km journey is long, but it is fantastic that you may climb straight on a “chocolate” hill and experience the scenery for yourself.

One day in Bohol: Spotting Tarsier

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The Tarsier is another another Bohol symbol. These small primates can be held in your palm because their eyes are as large as their brains. This species is nocturnal and feeds on insects, so when the tour guide was told that it looked like a newborn monkey, he instantly denied it. Simply said, Tarsier is a member of the primate family. This is practically the only spot in the Philippines where you may observe this species. You may view these tarsiers at a sanctuary near the island’s village of Corella.

Tarsier monkeys
Tarsier Monkey is one of the most unique of Bohol Is. | bohol day trip from cebu

Baclayon Church

This is the island of Bohol’s oldest church. Despite the fact that there are larger and more beautiful churches on the island, Baclayon Church is significant in the island’s Catholic history. The entire structure was constructed without cement, using sand combined with dead coral and egg white. With a 50 peso admission charge, it is advised that you go inside (no photographing area) to tour the museum and observe the old Catholic treasures.

Interior | bohol day trip from cebu

Address: JWF6+4XW, Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines
Architectural style: Neoclassical architecture
Opened: 1727

Bohol day tour from Cebu: Sailing on Loboc River

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We stopped in Loboc for lunch. The most unique experience in this location is eating a buffet on a boat while sailing along the Loboc River. Diners aboard the boat may enjoy live music, and the boat will stop along the river to listen to choirs singing and dancing. This trip will take one hour and will cost between 350 and 450 pesos. The feeling of sailing through the river into this place’s huge trees is similar to sailing on the Amazon River.


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One day in Bohol: Man-made forest of Bilar

Bilar village | one day in bohol

The tour guide stopped by the forest on the way from Chocolate Hills to the hamlet of Carmen to present this man-made forest from the mid-20th century. I was astonished to learn that the Philippine government’s program had recovered approximately 20,000 hectares of forest area here. The rows of huge mahogany trees that shaded the midday heat made me feel like I was strolling through centuries-old woodlands.

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