7 most expensive Grand Presidential Chambers in the world

1. President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

President Wilson, Geneva-swiss-most expensive room-president room
Photo: President Wilson Hotel

This President’s Chamber is the most expensive in the world, costing USD 81,000 a night and hosting many celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Rihanna.

President Wilson, Geneva-swiss-most expensive room-president chamber
Photo: President Wilson Hotel

This area has 12 bedrooms, spread over 1,600 square meters, luxury furniture, a gym, a Jacuzzi bathtub, and a Steinway piano.

2. Raj Palace, Jaipur, India

The-Raj-Palace-Idia-most price-president chamber
Photo: Raj Palace

When reserving President’s Chamber, visitors will have two alternatives for around 53,550 USD per night: Shahi Mahal or Maharaja’s Pavillion. To begin, Maharaja’s Pavillion is a four-story residence with four bedrooms. The most prominent feature of the President’s chamber is crimson velvet-plated furniture with gold-plated ornamental patterns.

3. St. Regis, New York, USA

St. Regis-hotel-new York-america-most expensive room-president room
Photo: St. Regis New York

Located in the center of Manhattan, the President’s Chamber of St. Regis hotel is located on the 16th floor and has panoramic windows overlooking Central Park.

St. Regis-hotel-new York-america-most expensive room-president chamber
Photo: St. Regis New York

The room is a combination of 3 bedrooms, multiple balconies, a wood-paneled library, kitchen, bathroom, luxury spa, and Jacuzzi bathtub. The cost is 35,000 USD per night.

4. Principe di Savoia Hotel, Milan, Italy

Principe di Savoia-hotel-Milan- Italy-most luxury-president chamber
Photo: Principe di Savoia

The President’s chamber is 500 square meters in size and is located on the hotel’s 10th level. This location has hosted numerous celebrities, leaders of state, and members of royalty such as Queen Elizabeth and George Clooney. There are three bedrooms, a pool, a sauna room, and a Turkish bathtub in the area. The guest room has a marble heater and valuable pieces of art, while the dining area is furnished in an aristocratic style.

5. Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, USA

Beverly_Hills-Living-Room-america-most expensive room-president chamber
Photo: Beverly Hills Hotel

Many Hollywood celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and the Duke of Windsor, have been here. The furniture is entirely constructed of oak, and it is the focal point of the room’s beauty and refinement. A night’s stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel costs $17,000.

6. Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo, Japan

tokyo-suite-presidential-suite-bathroom-most expensive room
Photo: Mandarin Oriental

The President’s Chamber of the Mandarin Hotel is located on the 36th floor, which includes a large bedroom and advanced wood-paneled dining table for 8 people.

Mandarin Oriental-Tokyo-japan-most expensive-luxury-president chamber
Photo: Mandarin Oriental

The most outstanding bathroom facilities, however, are stunning with white marble tiles. There is a Jacuzzi bathtub next to the window with a view of the entire city. The room costs $13,355 per night.

7. Four Seasons Hualalai Resort, Hawaii, America

Four Seasons Hualalai-Hawaii-america-most expensive room-president chamber2
Photo: Four Seasons Hualalai

The President’s Chamber with 3 bedrooms, each room has 3 corners ocean view, creating a feeling of relaxation and harmony with nature. The room rate at the Four Seasons is 13,355 USD per night.