10+ precious images show the beauty of Kitakata city under white snow

White snow covering the trees, mountains, waterfalls, and river banks transforms Kitakata, Fukushima region, into a fantasy realm (Japan).


Kitakata is a city in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. The name originates from its geographical location: “Kita” in Japanese means “north” and “kata” indicates direction. It is located in the north of Aizu-Wakamatsu, northwest of Fukusima. This city has long been recognized as a rice wine (sake) and miso production hub (soybean).


Temperatures in Kitakata have ranged from -5 ° C to 7 ° C in recent days. According to locals, the winter temperature has dropped to around -10 ° C, with a heavy snow cover over the knees in past years, but this year appears to be milder.


Snow in winter in Japan is not uncommon, yet the magnificent beauty beneath the snow nevertheless leaves many travelers with a memorable experience.


The gorgeous mountains and huge woods were flecked with white snow, producing a stunning image that will leave everyone who sees it speechless at first glance.snow-in-kitakata5

Aside from Kitakata, there are still numerous areas in Fukushima province with snow, including Aizuwakamatsu, Date, and Shirakawa.


Although snow covers everywhere, the movement of citizens here has no difficulties.


Even more intriguing are Japan’s mystery temples that have been mulched with white snow. People in this area frequently go to a tiny temple near their homes to worship. They must pass past the front gate before praying and then continually steal a few bells. They must then proceed to the back of the church to pray.


Despite the fact that snow covers everything, you may still go to “no snow” locations, which are farms that cultivate flowers and mushrooms. Many farms on the fringes of the city cultivate unique flower types that are not found elsewhere.


These colorful flowers with fragrant scent will bring you a little warmth in the cold.


Despite the constant cold and snowfall, many travelers find time to appreciate the lovely moments.


Even if there isn’t as much snow in the city this year as there is every year, it’s enough for humans to notice the scenery is more spectacular.


“We are all aware of the double disaster in 2011 when the Fukushima nuclear power manufactory had leaky phenomenon because of earthquake and tsunami. However, the city of Kitakata was completely unaffected by radioactive materials due to 120 km distance and shielded by many large mountain ranges. “This has been proved by many scientific experts in Japan” – as told by Mr. Soji, Head tourism of Kitakata City.

So, Kitakata remains a potentially touristy city and full of promise to give visitors many exciting experiences.