Why does Sun World Danang wonder make young people feverish?

Despite being located near Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Sun World Danang wonder is still very hot. This place has put its name on the map of the golden check-in spots of young people.

With a monumental scale and elaborate construction, it has been checked-in and shared recently. All the most outstanding wonders of the world are gathered here.

Danang World Wonder Park - Statues at the Park

Statues at the Park

Recently, young people have whispered a super unique place in Da Nang  which is called “Danang World Wonder Park” . This park is located on Le Van Duyet Street, Son Tra, Da Nang (near Thuan Phuoc bridge).

World Wonder Park Da Nang - Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

This is a place built to celebrate the Apec event taking place in Da Nang 2017. After being completed and put into use, this place has been loved and visited by young people and tourists everywhere. 

Danang World Wonders Park - Statue of Zeus

Statue of Zeus

Danang World Wonders Park - Statue of Greek gods

Statue of Greek gods

World Wonder Park Da Nang owns many statues and models of wonders both in Vietnam and foreign countries.

Danang World Wonder Park - Egyptian Giza Pyramid

Pyramids of Giza Egypt

Danang World Wonder Park - Sphinx

The models in the park are made mainly of brick material. It is meticulously sculpted to every details by domestic artisans.

Danang World Wonder Park - Arc de Triomphe Gate

Arch of the Arc de Triomphe

There are some famous models such as One Pillar Pagoda, Turtle Tower, Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty

Danang World Wonder Park - miniature Eiffel Tower

Miniature Eiffel Tower

Danang World Wonders Park - Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

After being opened, this park quickly becomes a golden check-in point in Da Nang.

Danang World Wonder Park - Windmills


This place has an area of ​​about 200 m2. In the middle is a model of Turtle Tower.

Danang World Wonder Park - Turtle Tower, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Turtle Tower, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

One Pillar Pagoda and Alexandria lighthouse (one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world) with impressive gold paint.

Danang World Wonders Park - Lighthouse


Many visitors, especially the young, have come to this place to play and keep unique images.

World Wonder Park Da Nang - An impressive gold-plated One Pillar Pagoda

Impressive Gold One Pillar Pagoda

Currently,  Danang’s World Wonder Park is opened for tourism,not just limited to hotel guests as before. Therefore, when traveling to Da Nang city, you can admire the simulations of world wonders and freely record quality images.