Where to travel in February?

In February, in addition to tourist attractions such as pagoda in Ninh Binh or Vinpearl Land – Nha Trang, you can stay at 4 places suggested below during your travel in the next February.

Hunting Clouds

February tourism

if you want to have interesting cloud hunting experience with beautiful clouds, Y Ty will be a destination that you should not miss. This place is most beautiful in February when the clouds start to dissolve, bringing gentle rays of sunlight through the trees, creating a very beautiful space. This place is also a very familiar check-in place for the visitors and the owner of millions of photos with a beautiful and impressive background.

Visit Moc Chau White Plum Blossom

February tourism

Moc Chau is a highland land that is always famous for its simple flower colors such as triangles, cauliflower, yellow cabbage, plum blossoms and the “charming curves” of the mountains and hills. Especially, February is the season of plum blossoms blooming in Moc Chau sky, adding the tenderness of plum blossoms and the remaining cauliflower gardens, which makes the whole Moc Chau land be as beautiful as the heaven. Along with the glittering dew drops of the weather bestowed on them, the thin plum petals are even more attractive and prominent by the pristine white color.

The most beautiful places to see plum blossoms in Moc Chau are: Phieng Canh, Long Luong, Ba Khe, Thong Cuong, Pa Phach, Tan Lap, Ang village … In which, the area of ​​Ban Ang pine forest and the way to the door Long Sap Gate is the place with the most plum blossoms.

Da Lat is shaded by cherry blossom

February tourism

The time of February is when Da Lat is filled with cherry blossoms. You can admire cherry blossoms in streets such as Tran Hung Dao, Suoi Vang, Trai Mat, .. or the banks of Xuan Huong Lake, the valleys behind the city. February is also the time when Da Lat weather is quite mild and the cool fresh air is very suitable for sightseeing and experience.

Not only cherry apricot, in this February spring tour in Da Lat, you will also encounter many colorful flowers such as purple mimosa, yellow mimosa, bananas, butterfly petals, etc. You should prepare one camera to capture extremely impressive moments in this dreamy city.

Vinh Hy – Yellow Sunlit Blue Sea

February tourism

Vinh Hy Bay – Ninh Thuan is a beautiful and sunny blue sea that you should not miss in this February tour. New year is also the time for you to find more attractive places. Being considered as the painted place at the end of Ninh Thuan, Vinh Hy Bay is surrounded by sea and vast mountain forests which is still pristine and attractive with a “curve” embracing the blue sea.

This place has a poetic and peaceful scenery and is also an ideal place for visitors to explore the pristine beauty. Vinh Hy seawater is always clear. From above, it seems be a dark blue reflected sky. Coming to Vinh Hy, you can also visit the ripe vineyards of Ninh Thuan, or save a lovely moment for yourself with herds of sheep on the romantic green meadow.