What is Trekking? Distinguishing Hiking and Trekking?


What is Trekking? this is an outdoor leisure activities or outdoor activities (Outdoor Recreation Outdoor Activity or) where people go trekking (or called  trekkers ) have trips  hiking ,  trekking  for days (Multi- day hiking) to suburban, non-urban areas, mostly to hilly and mountainous areas with rugged, jagged terrain. Trekking here is different from trekking which means “to migrate”. Many trekkers also participate in longer journeys, traversing many regions of the world, they see trekking as a way to travel from one location to another.

Activities trekking is not the same as compared with other forms of travel by a number of reasons. Weather conditions and topography affect the trekker ‘s travel plan more than traveling by other means such as motorbikes or motorbikes. When trekking , you can get close-up views.

What is Trekking?  Distinguishing Hiking and Trekking?

What is Trekking? Distinguishing Hiking and Trekking?


Many trekkers move to areas that are largely isolated from the outside world, and they have vastly different picnic experiences than those who travel in groups, to famous locations, already filled with people. next. This allows the trekker to interact with the exciting natural world. You can go trekking anywhere. In the world, there are some areas that are particularly attractive to trekkers such as the Himalayas in Asia , the Andes in South America, in Vietnam such as Sapa , Ha Giang … Trekking trips can be organized by function in poorly frequented areas, on any continent.

The length of each trip is long or short as determined by the participants, which can range from a few days to a year. How risky the trip is will be decided by the participants. Because of the free nature of trekking and the variety of places to go trekking , this activity attracts a large number of participants.


Trekking facilities will help the trekker enjoy the trip in a more enjoyable way. The first is a fitting picnic backpack. For those who go trekking for a long time , they need to carry all their equipment with them. A sturdy picnic backpack can help you comfortably carry anywhere from 9 to 19kg of clothes and trekking equipment.

What is Trekking?  Distinguishing Hiking and Trekking?

Another item to consider for quality is  the  hiking boots, which will help you a lot, deciding whether you can enjoy the ride or suffer pain. .

Life-saving equipment, survival tools such as warm clothing, medical first aid kit, an emergency food and water supply are also essential to the trekker.


From the perspective of physical movement alone, there shouldn’t be any difference between hiking and trekking, however, as a whole, these two activities have notable differences. Both hiking and trekking are hiking, trekking, and forest trekking, however hikes are largely available on trails or paved trails and trails have been done, while trekking is done on. More terrain surfaces, more adventure and challenges. You can hiking or trekking on short distances, for a day or two, or on long distances for days, weeks or even months, however day-to-day tasks and related activities are different. together.

What is Trekking?  Distinguishing Hiking and Trekking?

The biggest difference between hiking and trekking is intensity . Hiking is an activity that typically has easy to moderate mobility, although some argue that hiking is as strenuous as trekking. However, when trekking, trekkers often walk on more diverse terrain, they can walk on an existing trail, then can go forest, walk on roads that have never been explored. Trekker often have to use maps and navigation and navigation skills to find their way, they must have first aid kit and survival skills prepared before the trip. Meanwhile, hikers (hiking hikers) are usually loyal to the existing trails, and do not move into areas with unclear terrain.

The equipment to carry for hiking and trekking can also vary widely depending on the activity. Trekker often need equipment that is durable, they often need the skills necessary to find or build a place to rest, shelter. Both hiker and trekker need a sturdy backpack, water retention, health to be able to move throughout the distance they have outlined …