What is special about the flower season in Dalat?

Da Lat is the ideal destination for flower lovers. This dreamy city is surrounded by flowers all year round. Let’s follow Focus Asia Travel to find out what is special about the flower season in Dalat right now!

Sunflower field

The flower field belongs to the TH True Milk company campus. This flower field is located on a hill in Tu Tra commune, Don Duong district, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province. Here you can immerse yourself in flower forest. 

Sunflower field - Dalat flower season

Besides sunflowers, flower field also has streets filled with flowers Da Quy and disguises. The blooming time is around November, December, March and April each year. You should come in winter to fully enjoy the most beautiful sunflower forest here.

You should take photos of flowers blooming in the morning or afternoon to get the most beautiful and brilliant photos. The air here is cold in the morning. Currently, the field is opened for visitors to take pictures.

Anemone flower

Referring to Dalat tourism, this is definitely the flower that people are most welcomed at the end of the year. Unlike a strong scent like rose or chrysanthemum, the anemone flower has a distinct scent of a wild which is extremely special.

Wildflowers season in Dalat

Normally, October every year is the moment when Da Lat is filled with the yellow color of wild flowers. For the best check-in photos, you should go hunting wildflowers at around 9am onwards because this is the time when the sun makes the wildflowers shine and sparkle more than ever.

Dalat flower season - Wildflowers cover both sides of the road

Wildflowers covered both sides of the road

The most beautiful streets to see the flower season in Dalat :

  • Lien Khuong Expressway – Prenn Pass
  • The road from Van Thanh flower village
  • Ta Nung Pass
  • D’ran town – Don Duong …

The season of wild flowers in Dalat

Snow plowing season in Da Lat

If you plan to travel to Dalat in November, do not miss the beautiful rose grass (snow) hills ! Wild anemones are just weeds but they become an indispensable color of Dalat .

Dalat flower season - Snowy hills in Da Lat

Snow grass hill in Dalat

To hunt for the best images, you have to get up at 5 a.m then start moving to snowy areas. Remember to get up early before the sun is high!

Dalat flower season - Snowy hills in Da Lat

Snow grass hill in Dalat

Beautiful snowy field is located on the bank of Golden Stream. It is located in Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province, about 20km from Da Lat city. You will have to go through the difficult red dirt trail but the results of this hard work will be extremely sweet!

The triangular flower season in Da Lat

There is no need to dig up far away Ha Giang. Right in Da Lat, you can see the beautiful field of triangular flowers! From October to November, people start to grow flowers again to make food for cows. So you can take the opportunity to immediately hunt for taking pictures.

Dalat flower season - flowers triangular circuit

In Dalat, you can see the triangular flowers at the following places:

  • Dalat Milk is more than 35km from Da Lat city.
Dalat flower season - Triangular flowers in Dalat Milk
  • The foot of Ta Nung Pass is about 18km from Da Lat city.
Dalat flower season - Field of triangular flowers at the foot of Ta Nung Pass

Are you ready to go to Da Lat to enjoy the beauty of the year-end flower season?