Viewing Nha Trang city from Co Tien mountain

Nha Trang attracts visitors not only for its paradise beaches but also beautiful mountains like a fairyland, including Co Tien mountain. It has become a super hot place because of its unique charming landscapes. In this article, Focus Asia Travel will introduce you to some interesting things about this special mountain !!!

Location of Co Tien mountain 

Co Tien Mountain is located in the center of Nha Trang city to the Northwest. From the center of Nha Trang, you go straight through Hon Chong. Then turn right to the small road surrounding the mountain, just drive along the road, you will see a small water on the side of the road. 

Tien Nha Trang Mountain

Outstanding characteristics of Co Tien mountain

The charming natural landscape will make your heart melt

Tien Nha Trang Mountain

The first thing that appears in front of your eyes is the majestic and poetic natural scenery of Co Tien mountain. From a distance, the high mountain stands as a barrier to block the wind and storm for the coastal city. In this mountain cluster, three linked peaks look like a woman lying with her hair down, face up in the sky. The scenery is poetic and the air is fresh and cool.

The ancient tales are handed down until now

Do you know why Co Tien is like a girl with her face facing the sky? That stems from an ancient story. There was an army stationed in a barracks. The commander had to regularly lead his troops to battle everywhere and leave his young wife at the camp. Until one day, the commander marched out as usual. Taking advantage of this situation, the soldiers ravished the commander’s wife.

Nha Trang mountain

In order to preserve her morality, the wife committed suicide and she lay on the mountain, which later turned into a three-mountain range bearing her shape. From then, this mountain’s name is Co Tien to pay respect to that virtuous woman.

Fairy Mountain

Unique experience on the mountain Co Tien Nha Trang

From the foot of the mountain, you should bring a backpack with a few packets of food and definitely at least 5 liters of water because you will not encounter any streams along the way. Also, do not forget to bring personal items to keep you healthy. If your health is good, it only takes you 40 minutes if you keep going. But there will also be people who have two hours to devote to reaching the top.

tourist destination in Nha Trang

When climbing to the top, you will completely forget the fatigue due to being overwhelmed by the natural surroundings. One side is a lot of identical mountains and the other side is the deep blue sea, the countless buildings and houses on the mainland. The mountain top is flat so you can easily go camping on Co Tien Mountain. Surely this place will create unforgettable memories in your life.

 camping fairy mountain

Here are some interesting things about Co Tien mountain  that we would like to introduce to you. If you intend to travel Nha Trang, please contact Focus Asia Travel immediately!