Van Thanh flower village

Referring to Dalat, people often think of a city of love, dream and especially “City of flowers”. With the terrain located on a high area, the climate is cool all year round which is very suitable for the living conditions of flowers. So this place is considered as the “cradle” that provides fresh flowers for the whole country and it is impossible not to mention the city’s largest flower village – Van Thanh Flower Village.

Laverder flower garden in Van Thanh flower village (Photo: Collectibles)

Introduction to Van Thanh flower village, Da Lat

Van Thanh Flower Village is considered as the largest flower village in  Dalat, about 3 km west of the city center. Although it was formed after two flower villages of Thai Phien and Ha Dong, Van Thanh flower village still rises to become the most famous flower village in Dalat and has its own special features. 40 years ago, people from Ha Nam migrated to Da Lat to live, set up a business and established the present Van Thanh flower village. Although the terrain is unfavorable, the hills are steep and the fields are terraced, Van Thanh flower village is still one of the biggest sources of fresh flowers in the city, especially roses.

Where is Van Thanh flower village?

Address of Van Thanh flower village : Ward 5, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province.

Ticket price to visit Van Thanh flower village

The ticket price is free. If you follow the tour programs of Dalat you will be able to visit the beautiful flower gardens.

To travel to Van Thanh Flower Village, you can follow the road map to enter Da Lat flower village below.

                                           Map of the entrance to Van Thanh Flower Village, Dalat

What is Van Thanh flower village sightseeing?

Roses are always the characteristic of Van Thanh flower village (Photo: Collectibles)

The Van Thanh rose includes a variety of wild roses. Currently, the garden has more flowers apart from roses such as Dutch red rose, Italian red rose, European gerbera. The flower village now has a rich variety of roses in both color and scent such as: pink lotus, pink, velvet, pink, red, white, yellow, pink …

Van Thanh flower village with all kinds of colorful roses (Photo: Collectibles)

Tourists visiting Van Thanh flower village without seeing all the roses here is a pity because Van Thanh roses will conquer and attract your eyes. You can come here to enjoy flowers or buy a few roses as a gift for your loved one when you return home.

Besides, the flower village is also famous for many other types of flowers such as Chrysanthemum, Ly flower, Dong Tien flower, Cam Chuong flower … In the past, people used to grow roses of the same old variety but today almost all households change their appearance for higher profits.

Yellow Chrysanthemum (Photo: Collectibles)

Gerbera flower (Photo: Collectibles)

Not only caring and cultivating flowers in the usual way, the people of Van Thanh have also actively researched and applied advanced science and technology to hybridize and create many new flowers. Products of Van Thanh flower village have extremely good sales output, because they sign many contracts to supply fresh flowers directly to flower shops in other provinces.

Besides flower growing is considered as their profession, the people here also do it due to their passion. Following in the footsteps of previous generations, the locals have been improving and creating the latest and most beautiful products to help Dalat ‘s flowers become famous both domestically and internationally.

The garden is planted with many advanced technologies in the greenhouse (Photo: Collectibles)

Enjoy a panoramic view of the garden at night (Photo: Collectibles)

When visiting the Van Thanh flower village, you can see the fresh flowers on the trees, without painting or colorful. Come here, you can both relax, enjoy the beautiful colors of the flowers, chat, feel the hospitable human love of the people here. Surely you will not want to leave.