Maybe you go jogging every morning or every evening to relax and work out, but have you ever been on a “trekking” trip? More than any other kind, “trekking” is the most authentic way to see the world around you. This is the first moment of my life. I had a fantastic day trip to Vom Cave. One of the most well-known caves, with a stalactite and massive rock structure. The most appealing aspect of my trip turned out to be the hours of walking needed to enter the cave. Few people are hesitant to walk, but I am not one of them. If you know, when people face problems, both emotional and physical, it becomes really fascinating.

The most important thing you need to train for this trip is “good fitness” in order to complete the challenging journey. A pair of climbing shoes and a backpack are also required. In terms of costume, you just ought to dress appropriately to promote the movement. In addition, you could wear a swimsuit for the afternoon ride to the river gorge.

The bus arrived at approximately 9 a.m., the tour guide briefed everyone on the journey, and everyone was outfitted with gloves and helmets to ensure their safety. Around the same time, the organization packed all drinking water, which everybody would carry in their bag. When it was over, I joined the tour team to begin traveling. First and foremost, we traversed the mountains, both large and small, ascending and descending the slope. You will feel exhausted at first because you haven’t been involved in a long time, but the road isn’t too hard, so you’ll feel more comfortable. I’m sure you’ll get used to walking like this right now. The atmosphere is serene, with stunning mountain landscapes and a deep blue sky overhead. All is very serene. Walking for hours in this manner allows you to sometimes hear melodious music from the birds in the rain. Everyone lingered to observe, but no one could see it because of the thick trees. Fortunately, the route here is not always level, and climbing the slopes of several big rocks can be challenging at times. That is why I can stroll and rest; just like when you face an obstacle, the next thing will be smoother, such as walking in this direction. About the fact that the large stones are far apart, it is fitted with longboards that are very certain.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of “trekking” is making new friends. I just went and met with a variety of visitors who came from various countries so that I could better my English. Furthermore, the tour guide is animated and amusing. A few laughs sprinkled along the trip can keep you entertained and distracted from your exhaustion. The walking journey is very long, so the challenges you must face are unavoidable. The walking journey is very long, so the challenges you must face are unavoidable. People get closer to each other as they go along the difficult journey together.

The porters had packed water and food for those who had climbed all the steep hills, cliffs, and around the Ha Giang gorge. After a brief respite, the tour guide and porter resumed their trek along the stream to the dry cave. All proceeded to the entrance to Vom cave after a very complicated operation. That feeling is incredible because you have just conquered something different by your own efforts and with your feet. At the moment, there is little else to use to express feelings other than “fine.” I felt like I had just gone for a short distance to get there, but it had really taken me several hours to walk, with several hardships and difficulties along the way. When they arrive at their destination, everybody has a happy grin on their mouth. Spending long periods of time walking with a backpack tires your back and shoulders, and your calves shorten. But that’s not a bad thing; choosing to keep adding little by little will help us get stronger with each move. Trekking, it may be said, is a measure of our tolerance and patience. When you cross the line, you will forget about all the difficulties you have faced.

Not content with that, everyone continues to enter the cave in search of a magical beauty deep inside the dry cave. The multicolored jelly system sparkles in the dark like diamonds. Of course, people have some difficulty walking here because the rocks are steep and slippery. All follows the path with a rope to cross the large stones, according to the directions. It’s almost as if you’re hiking and skating in your heels. After a more than 3km hike, the trip to the dry cave came to an end. All returned to the rest stop for lunch and to train for the afternoon trek to visit the river cave. My journey came to an end on such a high note.

I am grateful to Phong Nha Heritage, as well as my companions, especially the tour guide and porter team, for providing me with such an unforgettable experience. So, how are you? Avoid resisting life as it becomes too crowded and tiring to breathe. Going to a faraway, peaceful spot, seek for yourself silence, moments of experience to listen to the spirit. Don’t leave it out. Bring the backpack up and go to Vom cave!