Travel Hoi An at night

It is no coincidence that Hoi An ancient town is known as one of the 20 most beautiful places on the planet at night, and is compared to Venice of Vietnam.

If you haven’t come to Hoi An yet, it is a pity. If you have come to Hoi An, surely your impression of Hoi An comes from the night time.

Let’s follow Focus Asia Travel to travel Hoi An at night and explore its beautiful scenery through this article!

1. Hoi An tourism to see splendid scenery at night

Hoi An tourism at night

If you have seen on the TV series the splendid and beautiful night scenes of Paris, when you come to Hoi An ancient town, you will think that you are coming to the second Paris in Vietnam.

Hoi An is certainly a name that is not too unfamiliar to everyone. However, most of Hoi An tourists only enjoy the beauty of the day and miss the magical night scene of this city.

Night in Hoi An is a combination of a multitude of lights and colors coming from lanterns, flower lanterns on holidays, full moon day and dim yellow lights.

All these small details have created Hoi An with a romantic, delicate but nostalgic beauty like the capital Paris of France.

Where to go and what to do when you have 1 night in Hoi An

Hoi An tourism at night should go where

If you come to Hoi An ancient town during the day, you can freely explore the traditional craft villages, or enjoy specialties. Travel at night Hoi An is a completely different experience.

Not as busy and hustle as the day, discovering Hoi An at night makes people completely relaxed and strangely peaceful. Visitors to Hoi An night will feel the peace and tranquility of their hearts, making you involuntarily forget that this is the busiest tourist city in Vietnam .

Japanese Covered Bridge at night

Hoi An travel at night

For those who want to explore the culture of the night in Hoi An, perhaps the most attractive destination is the Cau Pagoda and the song hut. These are the two indispensable cultural features of Hoi An at night. Thanks to these two places that tourists can better understand the culture of the central region.

If during the day the Japanese Covered Bridge has a traditional ancient feature, when the night falls, with the support of light from the golden lights, this place becomes a romantic place that attracts many couples to take photos.

Same location, but the difference between day and night is huge. Therefore, traveling to  Hoi An at night, Cau pagoda is a place you should not miss.

Checkin with lanterns

explore Hoi An at night

For young people who love taking photos, Bach Dang Street and An Hoi area are two places you should not miss.

Hoi An is famous in the eyes of tourists for its colorful lanterns, when lit up at night, they are much more brilliant.

In An Hoi area, there are from 4 to 6 stores adjacent to each other selling colorful lanterns. You can come here to take shimmering pictures like Phoenix in China. This must be a great experience when visiting Hoi An at Night .

Release flower lights at night

Hoi An tourism at night

Another traditional cultural feature of Hoi An that many people love is the release of flower lights on the Hoai River. Anyone coming to Hoi An wishes to sit on small boats with flower lanterns and send wishes.

If in the old days, Hoi An ancient town only appeared with flower lanterns on the river on the occasion of the full moon or big holidays, visitors to Hoi An nowadays can release flower lanterns on any occasion.

Book a tour of Hoi An by night and explore this wonderful experience …

Small tips for you to have a perfect night in Hoi An

Hoi An tourism at night

Hoi An is the most famous tourist city in our country, attracting millions of domestic and international visitors. So, at any given time, Hoi An is crowded with tourists to visit.

So, to be able to experience Hoi An tourism at night to the fullest and not spend too much time waiting, you should go on weekdays from Monday to Thursday. The number of people here will be less than on the weekend.

Finally, a little advice for young people who love to check in Hoi An at night is to wear bright and colorful outfits to get better photos.