Tourist destinations in Phu Yen

Hon Ro, Dai Lanh lighthouse, Nhan tower, etc are the beautiful landscapes of Phu Yen you should explore this summer. Focus Asia Travel will with you the beautiful tourist spots in Phu Yen that should not be missed

Located in the heart of the most beautiful sea road in Vietnam – South Central Vietnam, Phu Yen is a land specially endowed by its beautiful sea islands and the diversity of lagoons and bays.
Considered as a miniature in Vietnam, Phu Yen has full of landscapes that many places dream of. This fresh islands are not yet affected by tourism.

1. Dai Lanh cape

Beautiful tourist spots in Phu Yen

Being located in Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district, Dai Lanh cape is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Phu Yen. Dai Lanh Cape is also known as Mui Dien which is a very familiar place to many people since it is one of the two earliest sunrise spots in Vietnam.

To get to Mui Dien from Tuy Hoa City, there are usually 2 routes to go. The first section is along National Highway 1A, to Deo Ca, then turn left along the road to Vung Ro port, then follow the main road to reach the lighthouse. Or if you travel from the south, go to Ca Pass, follow the signboard to enter the port. The distance from Deo Ca to Mui Dien (Mui Dai Lanh) is about 10km. The second route is the coastal route Phuoc Tan – Bai Nga, one of the key tourist routes of the province, which has been heavily invested in recent years with the aim of developing long-term tourism.


Tourist destination Phu Yen

Bay – Vung Ro Port

About 10km from Dai Lanh Cape, Vung Ro port is located in Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa district. This is a beautiful small bay surrounded by 3 ranges of Deo Ca, Da Bia and Hon Ba.

In the south of Vung Ro is Ca Pass, bordering the two provinces of Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa. This is one of the most famous and dangerous passes in the Central. Standing from the pass, you can see a part of Vung Ro Bay from Phu Yen and Hon Gom peninsula of Khanh Hoa province.


Beautiful tourist destination in Phu Yen

Dating back to millions of years, this wonder is one of the rare remains in the world of volcanic lava eruptions meeting cold seawater, forming what people still see today: a nest Giant bees by the sea, arranged from thousands of perfectly shaped hexagonal stones- a mark of ancient times that Vietnam is proud of.

Located about 10 minutes walk from Ganh Da Dia is Ganh Den lighthouse. This is a small lighthouse with no special architecture. However, it islocated in a beautiful prime location, which facilitates visitors to navigate the nearby Xuan Dai Bay.


Beautiful tourist destination in Phu Yen

Phu Yen wooden bridge

An indispensable feature when coming to Phu Yen is the wooden bridges. With the characteristics of many small bays scattered along the coast including Dam O Loan, Vung Ro bay, Xuan Dai bay, Cu Mong lagoon, this wooden bridges connects the mainland with snails. It creates a very unique beauty that only Phu Yenhave.

Located in Tuy An district, there is a very special bridge located near the shrine of the white tiger god. The people in the area call it with the name of “Ong Cham Bridge”. It is more than 500m long with a width of only about 1-2m depending on the section with the wooden boarded bridge surface. The walls are bamboo bars tied.

Its main task is the artery road connecting Tuy An district with Cau river town. This is also a shortcut to Ganh Da Dia landscape, so it attracts tourists everyday .

Crossing Tuy An wooden bridge, continuing through the small village roads, visitors will reach the place of Lang Lang Church. The reason for this name is that in the past, there was a large forest around here. Mang Lang Church  is the oldest church in Phu Yen with over 120 years old, and also one of the oldest churches in Vietnam.


Beautiful places in Phu Yen

Peaceful villages

Besides the islands, one more thing that attracts tourists to “the land of Nau” is the peaceful village scenery. It is no coincidence that the movies “I see yellow flowers on the green grass” about the village of Phu Yen make many people be curious about this rustic villages.

Surely many people will be surprised when in the center of a southern central coastal province. You can see the beautiful landscape of the western garden at Song Cau, when along the way to the town.


Beautiful tourist swing point in Phu Yen

Phu Yen beach

Phu Yen is the land of the sea, so the sea in Phu Yen is always the top concern of tourists. Specially, Phu Yen owns many beautiful beaches suitable for all ages including beaches around Tuy Hoa city, Long Thuy beach, Bau beach, Bang beach (next to Ganh Da Dia), Nom beach, etc.

For tourists who prefer the wild, you can visit Mon beach (Mui Dien), Xuan Hai beach (Song Cau town), etc.