Top 5 most beautiful churches in Dalat you should know

The church is not only a symbol of religion or a place of worship, it is also a place to visit and satisfy visitors’ passion for architecture. Have you ever had the opportunity to come to Da Lat and visit Dalat churches? In this article, Focus Asia Travel would like to introduce the Top 5 most beautiful churches in Dalat. Let’s explore with us now!

Cathedral – Con Ga Church

The Cathedral Church is often called “Con Ga Church” (because on the bell tower there is a lightning rod cast in the shape of a chicken). The Cathedral was constructed in 1931 and completed in 1942 with the title of Saint Nicola Bari. However, later it was changed to the title Mary Mother of God.

The architectural shape is designed symmetrically in the classic way which is 65m long, 14m wide, and 47m high.


The classic beauty of the Cathedral!

Although the location of Cathedral does not look directly at Xuan Huong Lake, you can easily see it at any position below the lake bank due to its special height.

The main door of the church is directed towards Lang Biang Mountain. The attic section is arranged with 70 stained glass panels (made from France), depicting evangelical scenes and portraits of saints, making the cathedral more majestic and magical. On the wall, there are reliefs of 1 x 0.8m in size made by sculptor Xuan Thi. The church campus has a closed fence.

This is a beautiful and valuable architectural work. Furthermore, this is also the place to regularly organize moral activities of Dalat diocese.

The interior architecture of the Church!

Address: 15  Tran Phu, Ward 4, Dalat, Lam Dong

Domaine de Marie Church

Coming to Dalat, besides familiar places such as Xuan Huong Lake, Love valley, Prenn waterfall, visitors definitely cannot ignore Domaine De Marie Church – Notre Dame Territory is on Ngo Quyen Street, just 1km southwest of Dalat city center.

The design of Domaine De Marie Church has inspiration from European architecture in the seventeenth century combined with some Vietnamese folk architecture, which makes it to be more unique than any other church in Dalat.


The unique architectural beauty of the church thanks to cultural interaction!

Currently, this place is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Da Lat. If you are planning to travel to Dalat, remember not to miss this unique architecture.

This is also considered as the ideal check-in place!

Address: 1 Ngo Quyen, Ward 6, Dalat, Lam Dong

Du Sinh Church

Surely the name of this ancient church has made many visitors curious. A lot of people think that “Du Sinh” refers to the origin of the residents here, because they are like the nomads. Others think that  “Du Sinh” refers to the faithful of Christ about their earthly pilgrimage.


Du Sinh Church!

Du Sinh Church is nestled on a hill on Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street of Ngan Hoa city. This ancient church was inaugurated by Priest Thien Phong Buu Duong for parishioners who migrated from the North from 1955 to Christmas 1957. When inaugurated, only the bell tower was completed in 1962.

A sermon in a church!

The church is preserved and kept until today and it has become one of the ideal destinations in Dalat.

Address: 12B Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Ward 5, Dalat, Lam Dong

Thanh Tam Church

Thanh Tam Church is a member of the Parish Chiefs of Da Lat, which is handed over to the Fathers of the Congregation for the Mission of Saint Vinh Son to look after.


Thanh Tam Church!

In addition, this is also the main house of the Vinh Son Missionary Congregation (Vietnam Vicariate). With modern European-style architecture, it is considered a great architecture without defects. If you have the opportunity to travel to Dalat, do not forget to visit Thanh Tam Church  !


European-style modern church!

Address: 40 Tran Phu, 4, Dalat, Lam Dong

Protestant Church

Da Lat is a place that anyone who sets foot once does not want to leave. That is why this place is given many names: the city of flowers, a dream city, the land of fog or the land of love, etc. 

Da Lat is also famous for churches including  the Protestant Church. As a famous tourist destination for architecture and landscape, the Protestant Church attracts a large number of tourists when traveling in the dreamy city.

Beautiful churches in Dalat

A small corner of the Protestant church!

The Protestant Church is located on a hill with a peaceful and poetic setting. With a design in the style of European churches, the church has a double roof in an isosceles triangle and two crosses representing faith attached to the roof. When you come here to visit, you can not only admire the beauty of architecture and nature but also feel extremely peaceful.

Address: Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 1, Dalat city, Lam Dong

Above are the Top 5 most beautiful churches in Dalat that FocusAsia Travel introduces. The above churches have beautiful and impressive architecture, don’t they? Don’t forget to visit when possible!