Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Vung Tau

Besides the beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam, in the South, Vung Tau is home to many of the most beautiful beaches. This is an entertainment venue right near Ho Chi Minh City which is very suitable for a short vacation. Let’s follow Focus Asia Travel to find out more information about top 5 most beautiful beaches in Vung Tau right now!

Bai Doi Nhai

Located far from HCMC, Doi Nhai beach is on Route 302 and is a golden destination for backpackers. This is one of the rare beaches in Vung Tau that has not been exploited for tourism. In addition, it is located far away from the residential area. To go to Doi Nhai beach, you go down the road 3.2 then keep running until you meet the sign to turn to Nhai Hill. Go straight ahead and you will see Bai Doi Nhai

beautiful beaches in the city

The sea here is quite cradle because the sand is deposited by the river. In addition, the water is crystal- clear. On a normal day, there are no visitors. Since there are no forms of tourism and business exploitation here, large groups going camping are most suitable. You should also prepare utensils and takeaway foods in advance. 

Suoi O Beach

Suoi O beach also located in Binh Chau Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, about 3km from Binh Chau Market. Suoi O beach impresses tourists with fresh water streams, white sand beach immersed in the blue sea. This is one of the rare saltwater beaches in Vietnam that has fresh water. The special feature of this beach is the two blue waterways that parallel the river and the sea, separated by white sand.

beautiful beaches in Vung Tau

The most exciting experience is to go to the beach, tourists have to wade through the very slowly stream. Also, on the Suoi O beach, tourists can organize camping or homestay to stay overnight, explore the life of a fishing village, and follow the boat of fishermen floating on the sea to admire the beauty of the beach. The next morning tourists will find the fishes caught in the nets, and enjoying fish and squid dishes the fishes with reasonable prices.

Freshwater Pass

It is not a stretch to say that Freshwater Pass is always among the top 10 tourist attractions in Vung Tau with the fascination from the unique landscape. With the alluring beauty of the sea, wave, sand and wind together with a clear division between mountains and the sea, this place looks like a charming and poetic fairy-tale heaven not to be confused with any other great places of Vung Tau.

tourist beaches in Vung Tau

Freshwater Pass tourist area has its own direction, which is to retain the available rustic, idyllic and peaceful features of the sea rather than planning into a monumental resort like the surrounding locations. Coming here, you will be immersed with the wide nature by enjoying the smell of the sea and the sea breeze, all unpleasant emotions will disappear. The sea is too poetic with fine white sand stretching and mix with the waves of the tranquil ocean and rock cliffs undulating on the sea. Certainly, as soon as you set foot of the Pass, you will want to rush quickly to the sea to save the most impressive moments and relaxing feelings in this fairy-tale place.

Long Hai Beach

Just over 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City, traveling to Long Hai is really convenient, you can go by car, motorbike or hydrofoil. If you want to travel by passenger car, you have to buy tickets at Mien Dong bus station and arrive at Long Hai bus station. Or you can move along National Route 1A and National Route 51 by your own car and motorbike. In addition, another option for you is traveling by hydrofoil originating from Saigon port (Ho Chi Minh city) and moving to Long Hai.

Beautiful beach in the city

Long Hai beach, with wild beauty, will be a great place for visitors to sunbathe and go for a stroll in the afternoon. If you do not want to bathe, you can swim in the sea lagoon near the beach, which also makes you feel comfortable as in the sea. Connected to the beach is the Nuoc Ngot Pass (Fresh Water Pass), the other side is the cherry blossom forest. Especially on New Year’s day, cherry blossom bloomed on both sides of the road. From the Nuoc Ngot Pass’s view, where the rocky mountain reaching out the sea, visitors are really surprised by the beautiful picture of nature with the purple color of cherry blossom, the blue of the forest winding to the Long Hai beach. All will give you the feeling of being relaxed, and help you to forget the fatigue of everyday life. Near the beach, you can also go to some popular eateries to enjoy delicious seafood dishes, such as prawns, crabs, grilled squid … at extremely reasonable prices.

Coc lake


beautiful beaches in Vung Tau

Another special feature of Ho Coc is that it is located near Binh Chau Forest Nature Reserve – Phuoc Buu. Because of that, the climate and the atmosphere here has a bit of the sea and has a strange, fresh scent of forest. Plus, Ho Coc’s quiet space is very suitable for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle in life. Surrounding Ho Coc is also a primitive Melaleuca forest on the coast. This Melaleuca forest is checked-in by a lot of young people and couples take wedding photos.