Top 3 most beautiful Dalat Hydrangea flower garden

Da Lat is truly a precious gem of Vietnam because it possesses a unique beauty making visitors sobbing in their hearts. The things that nature bestowed on Da Lat were not only a romantic and lyrical scene but also a colorful flower garden. Especially, the field of hydrangeas has captivated tourists today. Focus Asia Travel will introduce the top 3 most beautiful Da Lat hydrangea gardens that will make you ecstatic.

Introduction to hydrangeas

It is also called “Cam Tu Cau flower” which has many small fragile petals, arranged together into a round flower. One of the beauties that make this flower so special is its ability to constantly change color. The colors of the flowers change from white to blue, pink to purple. 


The pink color of flowers is the message of sincere feelings, romance, love and marriage. The color system is an expression of forgiveness and the white hydrangeas represent purity of grace and elegance. When the flowers bloom, the purple color system reveals the rich feelings. The blue color of a hydrangea represents hope and luck. 

This wonderful flower has to be grown in cool weather and Dalat is the perfect place to do that.

What month do Da Lat hydrangeas bloom?

Hydrangeas can bloom in all seasons of the year. However, to be able to take pictures of the most blooming flowers, you can go to Da Lat around April, May or November, December. These are the 2 best times to see the beauty of this flower.

3 places to own the most beautiful Da Lat hydrangea garden

 Cam Tu Flower Garden- Xuan Tho Bridge

Da Lat hydrangea garden

In the East of Dalat, along NH20 toward Trai Mat, you will be able to easily find this field of flowers. The entrance fee is just 15.000 VND. It is no exaggeration to say that this place owns the most beautiful hydrangeas due to the fresh climate as well as favorable natural conditions. Visitors here can enjoy the peaceful space of the landscape and take photos of this wonderful field of flowers.

Lac Duong hydrangea field

Lac Duong hydrangea field

According to the review of the Dalat hydrangea garden, the Lac Duong hydrangea garden is not as large as the Trai Mat flower garden but it is extremely beautiful. If you have the opportunity to go somewhere in the suburbs towards Than Tho Lake, Dalat , you should visit the hydrangea garden of Dalat Lac Duong. In addition, because it is far from the center, you can feel the peace of Dalat style. 

Da Lat hydrangea flower garden in Dat Set tunnel

When visiting Tuyen Lam Lake and nearby places, you can visit the Cam Tu Cau flower garden in Dat Set village. You have buy the entrance ticket to the clay tunnel (40.000 VND / adult, 20.000 VND / child) to visit this flower garden.

Field of clay tunnel hydrangeas

Clay tunnel is a famous sightseeing spot of Dalat. Located on the premises of this resort, there is also a garden of hydrangeas. Although the area is small, the hydrangeas here bloom very big and beautiful. While visiting the unique clay sculptures, you can check-in with the beautiful hydrangea garden.

Note when visiting Dalat hydrangea garden

  • Inside the flower gardens, there are often trails for tourists to travel. You should follow these roads to avoid damaging the flowers.
  • The rainy season to the flower garden is quite slippery, so choose appropriate sandals or shoes and move carefully.
  • Do not arbitrarily cut flowers, if you want to buy, please contact the garden owner.
  • Keep order, visit civilized and do not litter.

Here are the top 3 famous Dalat hydrangea gardens. If you intend to travel to Dalat to visit such places, please contact Focus Asia Travel right now!!