The best places to enjoy the ripen terraced rice season in Northwest Vietnam

Y Ty (Lao Cai Province)

y ty in vietnam 2 - Discover The Ripe Terraced Rice Season in Northwest VietnamY Ty, Lao Cai

Y Ty Commune is located to the West of Bat Xat District and just 100km away from the Lao Cai city. This is one of the mountainous areas in Northwest Vietnam, where you can admire the vast and seductive perspective of ripe terraced paddy fields. The scenery of the terraces is essentially mighty, but it is also more grandiose as it is put in the background of white clouds, blue sky, thick jungles, colored houses with the unique design, and the ethnic people in their exquisite costumes. Keep in mind that you should visit there before the Vietnam’s Independence Day (September 2nd) because the locals will start harvesting rice since then.

Cat Cat, Ta Van (Sapa- Lao Cai Province)

sapa in vietnam 1 - Discover The Ripe Terraced Rice Season in Northwest VietnamCharming nature in Sapa, Vietnam

Other exact places you should experience during the ripe terraced rice season in Northwest Vietnam are Cat Cat, Ta Van, and Ta Phin Villages. Emerging in the romantic spectacle of blue sky and white clouds, and green mountains, the terraced paddy fields make us figure out an absolutely ravishing scenic miniature. From the Sapa town, you can rent a motorbike for the trip to those villages, enabling you to enjoy marvelous features of nature as such. The middle of September is the ideal time to go. It is fantastic!

Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai Province)

mu cang chai in vietnam - Discover The Ripe Terraced Rice Season in Northwest VietnamMu Cang Chai is the best place to enjoy the ripe terraced rice season in Northwest Vietnam 

Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai Province is certainly indispensable to your Vietnam adventure tour to uncover the magnificent natural spectacles in which yellow of terraced paddy field is the decisive color. Each time the ripe terraced rice season in Northwest Vietnam is approaching, it is deemed that the whole space is overwhelmed by the immense shining rice terraces. This image will wow anyone who loves the unique and miraculous grace from nature. Compared to the Lao Cai’s rice, the Mu Cang Chai’s will become ripe sooner; then you are advisable to visit there before the middle of September.

Tu Le (Yen Bai Province)

tu le - Discover The Ripe Terraced Rice Season in Northwest VietnamTu Le, Yen Bai

Tu Le – a commune at the hillside Khau Pha belongs to Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province. Standing at the top of some hill, you can get a panoramic view of Tu Le, ranging from steep roads, adjacent wooden roofs, thick jungles, long streams to terraced paddy fields. It is difficult to resist the lush beauty of this mountainous region. Especially, making a trip to Tu Le in the ripe terraced rice season, you will get a chance to immerse yourself into the dazzling landscape of yellow rice fields and especially it is indeed an ideal background making your dreamy shots. Let’s commence the journey to this land at the end of September and the beginning of October as rice will become well ripe during this time.

Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang Province)

Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang - Discover The Ripe Terraced Rice Season in Northwest VietnamHoang Su Phi, Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi is referred to as the last stop for your whole trip around Northwest Vietnam. Here, terraced paddy fields start from Ban Luoc and San Sa Ho Communes of the Nung people, Ban Phung Commune of the La Chi people, Ho Thau, Nam Ty to Thong Nguyen Communes the Red Yao people. When the ripe terraced rice season is coming, it is wonderful to peer down at bright and splendid landscapes of the yellow rice fields for your adventure tour to Vietnam. You will admire the most beautiful scenery after the beginning of October as the rice crop of Hoang Su Phi is normally later than that of other places.