Sharing motorbike rental tip in Dalat

Experience of cheap motorbike rental in Da Lat – I just finished the trip to Dalat with friends and learned one thing: “come to Dalat without renting a motorbike to explore and experience. The solution is a huge shortcoming ”. I can’t forget the feeling of the crowd running on the two-way road is pine trees. An open air cannot be found in the crowded city.

Therefore, I had to sit down and write this article right away to share with you – those who are about to come to Da Lat city all have experience of motorbike rental in Da Lat  as well as reputable car rental addresses. , Cheap.

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The experience of renting a motorbike in Da Lat is beautiful and high quality

Dalat travel experience by motorbike

Discovering Da Lat by motorbike is an unforgettable experience
Dalat is famous for many beautiful tourist destinations , flower gardens, green fruits, farms, and tea hills on a steep terrain. Tourist attractions in Da Lat are quite far apart. So taking a taxi is an unfeasible solution for students with limited budget.

In addition, the bus system of Da Lat was not exploited much, so it took a long time to get a trip. You will lose a lot of time waiting, so in the experience of Focus Asia Travel , you should not choose this transport.

Instead,  renting a cheap motorbike in Da Lat  will help you be more convenient and proactive in traveling. Not only that, but also save a lot of costs for the trip.

Procedures for motorbike rental when traveling to Da Lat

Experience in renting a motorbike in Da Lat

Rent a motorbike in Da Lat

All you need to do is to prepare your ID card, passport, vehicle with your name, driver’s license to rent. The people of Dalat are quite friendly and hospitable, so there is almost no need to pay a car rental deposit like other places.

If you have a family member to sponsor you when you rent a car, the procedure will be easier. If you go looking for a car rental address and you see signs that say: “Motobike for rent”, or “Motorcycle rental”, go to ask.

If you do not know where to get the car, you can call the car rental owner they will take it to where you want to pick it up. However, in this case you need to incur an additional travel expense. For convenience of travel, you should prepare a tourist guide map of Dalat , to explore tourist attractions in Dalat.

According to  experience in  renting a motorbike in Da Lat , before renting a car, you should ask carefully about the rental time. Usually, the rental period is from 8 to 12 hours per day, depending on demand. It is best to ask the owner carefully about the pick-up and return time to avoid overtime.

!!! Experience when renting a motorbike in Dalat is safe

Experience in renting a motorbike in Da Lat

Not only need to grasp the necessary procedures, but you should not ignore the following notes:

– When renting, remember to check the vehicle applications such as front and rear brakes, lights, horn and neck lock, ask for the tenant’s mobile number to ask for them when needed …

– Remember to carefully observe the damage if there is on the car and only let the lessor know in advance. Choosing the next generation car will be more secure when using.

– Should rent gas-saving digital cars like Honda wave, easy to use but suitable for climbing as much as Da Lat. Have some fun with the service owner who says try to organize yourself a good car.

– Follow the traffic laws and pay attention to signs of forbidden roads that you are not familiar with.

– Motorbike rental in Dalat is very suitable for you to travel, go to Golden Valley, Valley of Love, Cu Lan village, Ma Rung Lu Quan, Bao Dai palaces, waterfalls …

– Rental cars often run out of gas, so make sure to ask the nearest gas station to refuel!

Pocket 5 cheapest motorbike rental locations in Dalat

Dalat has many famous landmarks that urge young people to visit and travel. However, if you go to the suburbs, you will have to rent a motorbike or car. Renting a motorbike will be much more feasible. Both cost-saving and convenient, and suitable for the mountainous terrain of this place. Here is a list of 5 cheap Da Lat motorbike rental locations that you can trust.

1. Motorbike rental Happy Day Dalat 

  • Pick up the car early in the morning without surcharge, right at Da Lat market
  • Car delivery to take place
  • New car, good quality, 24/24, rent for many days – booking a lot of cars will have a good price, keep the car overnight)
  • The procedure is quick, the car is delivered quickly
  • Time to return the car at 11:00 pm, it’s a bit late.

Address:   127 Phan Boi Chau, Ward 1, Da Lat, Lam Dong

Call quickly, have a car right now: 02633 904 904

Alte i car v à  baits ng gi á :

Vehicle number: Honda wave alpha new, yamaha sirius: 80,000 VND / day

New model number cars: Honda wave a 2014, rsx, rs, s 110cc 2014, Yamaha sirius 2014: VND 100,000 / day

Electronic fuel injection cars: Honda future Fi, Yamaha Jupiter Fi, Suzuki viva Fi: 135,000 VND / day

Scooters: Yamaha Nouvo rc, Mio – Atila, Click, Hayate: 100,000 VND / day

New women’s scooters: Honda vision Fi, Sym Alizabeth, Yamaha luvias, Cuxi Fi: 130,000 VND / day

New male scooters: Honda air blade Fi 2012, Lead Fi, Yamaha nouvo 4 lx, Nouvo 5 sx Fi: 150,000 VND / day

Scooters: Air Blade 2014 125, and Lead 2014 125: 180,000 VND / day

High-end scooters: Honda SH Fi and Vespa Piaggio Fi: 350,000 VND / day

4-stroke sport clutch: Yamaha exciter rc 2014, Exciter gp, Rider 150, Suzuki axelo, 2014 automatic clutch Exciter: 200,000 VND / day

Two-stroke sport bicycles: Suzuki rgv, rgx, satria, stinger, nova dash: 300,000 VND / day

These are quality and cheap price Dalat motorbike rental shops Hope to be helpful for young people to travel to Da Lat. When you go to the car rental shops, you only need to have ID card, driver’s license, passport to rent a car!

Motorbike rental in Da Lat

Rent a motorbike in Da Lat

2. Cheap motorbike rental to receive the car in the early morning no surcharge

Go a just  72 Nguyen Van Troi Street   , Ward 1, Dist. Da Lat

Die n dab i: 02633 596 596

Baits ng gi á  c á c alte i vehicles:

Baits ng gi á :

Genuine new digital car: Honda wave alpha – yamaha sirius, Taurus – suzuki smash revo, viva Fi: 100,000 VND / day

Car: Honda future – Yamaha Jupiter – Exciter with automatic clutch: 130,000 VND / day

Genuine female scooters: Honda vision Fi, Click – Atila 2016: 130,000 VND / day

Genuine male scooters: Honda air blade fi – Lead – Bcx – vespa – Yamaha nouvo fi 5, 6: 150,000 VND / day

4-stroke sport clutch:  Yamaha exciter – suzuki raider – rake – CBR, Gl: 200,000 VND / day

For  rent Da Strange motorcycle t  vehicles sport clutch 2 is: Suzuki RGV – RGX – Satria – Stinger – nova dash: 220.000d / day.

Accessories  easier for staff n  i k è m:  helmets and tourist map

3.  Rent a motorbike from Dalat to deliver the car to take place – next to Phuong Trang 

Address: next to Phuong Trang Bus Station

Phone:  02633 575 575

Baits ng gi á  c á c alte i vehicles:

Vehicle number Wave Honda RS, Wave S 110, Yamaha Sirius: 70,000 VND / day

Scooters: Nouvo RC, Hayate, Attila Victoria, Click: 90,000 VND / day

New generation scooters:  Nouvo LX, Luvias, Attila Elizabeth, Vision: 120,000 VND / day

Motorcycles:  Nouvo SX, Air Blade froze i 2012 Lead  paralyzed i 2012: 130,000 VND / person à y

Motorcycles: 2015 Air Blade, 2015 Lead life: 160,000 VND / day

Motor vehicles such as: Exciter, Raider: 170,000 VND / day

Come to Nhu Ha, you can borrow and return the car at any time you want

 4.  Rent a motorbike from Da La near Thanh Buoi bus station  

Go a only :  Near the bus station Thanh Buoi, P1, Dalat

Die n dab i:  02633 575 575  

Baits ng gi á  collection ê  car:

Vehicle number Honda wave alpha – Yamaha sirius: 70,000 VND / day

Genuine new digital car: Honda rsx, rs, s 110cc, future, jupiter, sirius: 90,000 VND / day

New electronic fuel injection car: Future 125 Fi, Jupiter Fi, suzuki viva Fi: 130,000 VND / day

Scooter type: Yamaha nouvo rc – Suzuki hayate: 90,000 VND / day

New generation scooters for women: Alizabeth – Honda vision – Yamaha luvias – Yamaha nouvo 4: 120,000 VND / day

Scooter for men: Honda air blade 2012 – Yamaha nouvo 5 Fi: 130,000 VND / day

Scooters Air Blade 125 and Lead 125: 160,000 VND / day

The types of bicycles such as: Exciter 135 and Suzuki Raider 150: 170,000 VND / day

Accessories  easier for staff n  i k è m:  Tourist map, helmet.

The store will deliver free cars to visitors.

It can be said that Minh Khang and Nhu Ha are the two cheapest motorbike rental locations in Dalat .

5. Rent motorcycle  Da  Strange t good motorbike hotel – Mr Din

Go a just  78 Ly Tu Trong, P2, TP. Da Lat

Die n dab i: 02633 986 987 

Experience in cheap motorbike rental in Da Lat

Motorcycle rental Mr Din

Vehicle numbers: Honda wave alpha, Honda wave S, Yamaha Sirius, Yamaha Jupiter: 80,000 VND / day

Scooters: Yamaha Nouvo 3, Honda Click, Suzuki Hayate: 100,000 VND / day

Scooters: Honda Vision, Yamaha Nouvo 4, Yamaha Luvias, Honda Air blade, Sym Elizabeth: 130,000 VND / day

Scooters: Honda Lead, Honda Air Blade Fi, Yamaha Nouvo 5: 150,000 VND / day

Scooter: Honda Air Blade: 180,000 VND / day

Hand truck: Exciter: 170,000 VND / day

If you do not move to Da Lat by motorbike, rent yourself a motorbike to explore Dalat. Let’s go and explore every corner, every street or every beautiful alley here. Focus Asia Travel wishes you a very enjoyable experience.