Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden

Now, along with the development of society, modern amusement parks are always the first choice of young people and families. That is why zoos like Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden are gradually being forgotten. But through the photo series of young talent Nguyen Ky Anh, we see a very different Zoo and Botanical Garden which is extremely lively and wonderful. 

So what does this 155- year- old zoo have? Let’s explore with Focus Asia Travel through the photo series “Zoo” later!

This spectacular set of photos was taken by photographer Nguyen Ky Anh. This young man has a hobby of shooting lifestyle to save the simple and peaceful things in life

Inspired by a picture of a monkey on Facebook, Ky Anh decided to make a photo of a place that has been attached to his childhood.

The photo was taken on Sunday afternoon for about 3 hours

Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the oldest zoos in the world

It is home to 1,300 animals of 125 species, many of which are rare species listed in the Red Book. It is also home to 2,500 trees with more than 900 species of plants.

Under the camera angle of Ky Anh, all are vivid

Through the photo shoot, Ky Anh wanted to share a very beautiful and ordinary place, with a green and valuable space in Saigon.

Ky Anh also wants to delete the unhappy information about the animal care process here

Demonstrate that in the Zoo and Botanical Garden all animals with great care are healthy

Through this set of photos, we see a Botanical Garden that is both strange and familiar

Over the past 155 years, this place still exists and keeps rare vegetation and animals.

Hopefully, thanks to this set of photos, many visitors choose the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden as their family’s weekend destination